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Totally White


February 14th 2007 11:44 am
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Sugar has passed away this Valentines day! About 4 days ago, Sugar had an episode and was rushed to the emergency vet. The emergency vet was not very encouraging, he told Mommy that she had a cancerous mass in her lungs. He told her to take Sugar to her regular vet on the following morning. When Mommy and Daddy took her in the vet said that sometimes diabetic kitties had problems and this was not unexpected. He told Mommy and Daddy that Sugar didn't have very long. 4 days is not very long. Today February 14th, 2007 Sugar passed away. We are all in mourning and miss her terribly.


Baths really suck eggs!

March 27th 2006 9:25 am
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Oh the indignities of it all! I was just minding my own business, tunneling out of the back yard and wouldn’t you know? Mom and Dad made such a big to do about it. Dad was mad. He yelled and came running from the house. He hauled me, Rascal and Cinnamon into the house calling Mom and mom’s daughter to come and get us. Then he ran out and filled in our tunnel. He even put big old concrete blocks in it and pounded some sticks in to keep us cats from moving the blocks, like we could! Mom and her daughter gave me, Rascal and Cinnamon baths!

I was bathed first. I cried and cried but that didn’t stop the bath. Then out of the water into a big bath towel, I still cried and my boyfriend Pepper cried with me. He helped me lick my fur into place. It was an over all disaster! All because of my tunnel.
It was my idea and as a result Rascal and Cinnamon aren’t talking to me. They blame me for their baths. I wasn’t trying to escape or anything like that, I just wanted to let the little stray kitty Dad’s been feeding in. You’d think Dad would be appreciative about the new entrance instead of yelling his head off about it. Spice even tried the tunnel but he’s just too big and almost got wedged under the fence.

What really irks me is, Spice didn’t get a bath. He should have been punished along with the three of us. Pepper says the baths weren’t punishment, we got bathed because we were dirty. I find this hard to believe! Cats are capable of cleaning themselves! And why wasn’t Spice bathed? He was dirty too! Like I said “Injustice!” “Not fair!” and “Spice is a CHEAT!”


My first entry

March 19th 2006 7:51 am
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Well! Isn't this something to think about? I have never heard of anyone giving a furry person a web page let alone a diary. This is really very nice!

What to write? Hmmmmm let's see.

I came to live with my Mommy and Daddy when I was about 9 months old. I had been abandoned when I was just a kitten. I was traumatized by the abandonment and still have trouble riding in a car, even though I know my parents won't toss me out of the vehicle and leave me, I still cry when we have to go anywhere.
I was adopted as a consolation to Pepper, a strikingly handsome black cat that was grieving over the loss of his first love, Camellia. I don’t feel like a substitute for Camellia because Pepper and I are very close to the same age and Camellia was more of a mother figure for him.
I am getting up in years, 14 to be exact. I have problems with arthritis and the sun is ruining the tips of my ears. Even though I am not as spry as I once was, I am still the queen of our household. We now have a total of 7 furry persons living together along with 3 humans.
A few months ago we discovered that I have diabetus. If I had some doubts as to whether my Mommy and Daddy love me, those doubts are gone now! they took me to our family vet and had him check me out. When he said Diabetus, they were sad but not because I cost them so much money, they were worried about me and didn't bat an eye as they wrote the check. I take insulin now, twice a day, and it is the same insulin that Auntie takes for her diabetus. I have gained weight and now am back to being Pepper's pretty little princess. I have a good home and I am very happy.
My Mommy and Daddy are usually pushovers when it comes to furry people and I usually get my way in all things. Life is good!

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