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Totally Black

My lady and her 2 sisters are in the doghouse!

March 27th 2006 9:22 am
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I don’t know what got into Sugar today, but she, Rascal and Cinnamon tried to dig their way out of the back yard. Our back yard is specially fenced so we cats can’t get out and this is good because it allows us to have a nice yard to play in when we would normally be strictly indoor cats.
Dad was not too happy with them because it took a lot of work repairing the damage they did to the ground under the fence. It was a fairly large hole, almost big enough for Cinnamon to get under.

I saw Spice try and almost get stuck, he was pretty slick though, no one knew he tried so he didn’t get a bath. The ladies, however, did. First my lady Sugar who, being white, looked the dirtiest. She cried piteously and I anxiously watched and cried with her. Baths are so traumatizing to cats and Sugar is 14, just 2 months younger than I am so she was very distressed. Then came Cinnamon. She yowled in anger and fought to get away. No good, she got her bath with a minimal amount of splashing, but Rascal, now, was another story. I have never seen a cat fight like she did. She screamed, scratched and bit.
Both Mom and my secretary are nursing scratches and bite marks. She managed to thoroughly drench Mom, my secretary and the kitchen. She was definitely infuriated by the whole bath scenario.

After Sugar was rubbed dry with a towel she set about licking the remaining water from her fur. I helped as much as possible, she seemed to appreciate the extra tongue and purrs. When Cinnamon‘s bath was over, she first chased Pumpkin around the house for laughing at her then rolled around on the carpet like a dog, getting wet fur and water everywhere. Rascal’s bath was the coup de gra, she had the whole house in an up roar. When her bath was done, she dashed over to Pumpkin and knocked the snot out of him. Then she headed toward me, I must admit, I ran. After all, I saw what she did to Mom and my secretary, not to mention Pumpkin!


My first entry

March 19th 2006 7:27 am
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I'm 15 years old and I'm totally black. I was found by my Mommy's granddaughter when I was only 7 weeks old. My Mommy and Daddy didn't know how I would get along with their elder lady cat Camellia, who was known for her fiery temper and jealousy. They need not have worried, Camellia and I became close friends.

I dearly loved Camellia and when she died of cancer, I was devastated. My Mommy and Daddy found and adopted a young female kitty named Sugar to be my companion and helped me through this grief stricken period. I knew the day my parents brought her home that she was mine! My love for Sugar has grown over the years and even though I still miss Camellia, I know I still have Sugar to comfort me.

I am happy, spoiled and very much in my comfort zone. Now I have my own web page! Life doesn't get much better than this!

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