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Good bye, Catster!

July 10th 2016 1:17 pm
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We have all known for a long time that Catster has been going away, so the official announcement last week was sad, but not shocking. Mom has been going thru my diary and is crying again. Thank you, Laura and Nan, for helping Mom save my pages and my siblings. She has gotten really bad at advanced computer stuff since I came to the Bridge.

Caster was a HUGE part of our lives and we will always miss it. It definitely was a "you had to be there" kind of experience. Nobody who wasn't could possibly understand. We have made many life long friends and love all of them. Mom also realized she likes some cats WAY better than a lot of people. MOL!

Thank you Catster. Thank you for supporting Mom when I had to leave, and for loving the new babies too. Thank you for removing the fear of social networking. And most of all, thank you for the fun. It's been great!


Sorrow and Joy

April 10th 2013 7:36 pm
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Last week, my long-time and precious girlfriend Chrissy Whitesocks arrived at The Bridge. She was a quiet but beloved star of the group Olde Furts, and the welcome she received was awe inspiring! Calvin was there, of course, waving the huge WELCOME CATSTERS sign. He gave her her Heart Basket, which was overflowing with hearts of all the many Olde Furts she had treated with such kindness and love all these years. It was like a meeting of OF stars! Scooter, Sissy, Simon, Isaac, Alex and Annie, Cybil...they ALL were there! It was AMAZING!

I was there, of course, and got to meet her in purrson for the first time. OMC, she is more beautiful than I could have ever imagined! I got the biggest hug ever (Except from my Mom!) and we talked and talked. She was sad to have left her Mommy, so we sprinkled angel dust on her to help her understand that I was taking care of Chrissy now.

When we were in your world, Chrissy was the best girlfriend a mancat could ever have! She knew I was a hopeless flirt, but she wasn't jealous, because she knew that my heart belonged to her forever. SHe was always there for me, and now I have her with me forever, until out Moms join us!

So this has been a sad and joyful time. Sad because we know that it breaks the hearts of all the Moms when one of us Olde Furts has to leave them. But joyful, because we know that Chrissy's Mom knows that I will take care of her forever. We send our love to all of our beloved friends still with their Moms. Don't worry about us! We're all together, and we'll see you later (not sooner)!


Thank you, friends!

February 3rd 2013 6:40 pm
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I want to thank all of you who took the time to remember my Bridge Day. It is hard for my Mom to believe I have been gone two whole years. But her life is so different, that at times it seems longer. She doesn't travel anymore for work and has been in the same job for 2 years.

For the first time in her life she has more than one kitty. Helen and Roger are great, but I knew she needed a kitty who would adore her like I did, so I sent her Stewie. He's a prize! I did good with that one! But she adores little Roger very much, and she and Helen are FINALLY bonding. They're all a good family!

THank you again for remembering me and sending support and love to my Mom. I still love her and watch over her from up here, along with so many of my Olde Furt friends. But my girlfriend Chrissy Whitesocks is still hanging in there and recently turned 21! She's sure making me proud!


Thank you!

April 2nd 2012 5:32 pm
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It was my birthday 4 days ago. A lot of you sent nice Facebook greetings to my Mom, and put prezzies on my page. I even got some paw mail. It made my Mom feel really good, because she remembers me real well, and she is glad you guys do too.

This weekend she went to PetSmart. There were dogs and cats there for adoption. She saw one big grey boy and found herself with tears in her eyes for the first time in a long time. I don't think she'll ever get over me.

I had a great birthday with my pals up here: Calvin and Dude and Rufus and Scooter and the newly arrived Miss Sissy were all there. We all went bowling after dinner. It was a blast! These guys know how to PAR-TEE!

Thank you all for helping my Mom over the hard days that she has to live without me. We love you all very much.


I'm exhausted!

May 1st 2011 6:35 pm
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As many of you know, I have been having a hard time learning to fly. I have made so many crash landings that I was assigned a guard so I wouldn't get hurt.

But it wasn't entirely my fault, because I have been VERY busy watching out for my Mom. She has been so sad and she even felt guilty for a while. (That was dumb! No Mom could ever have taken better care of their furkid than she did of me.)

But I also have been trying HARD to help find my successor for Mom. She needs a kitty to make her happy. So I have been looking ALL over Texas for kittens. I've looked at shelters and pet stores and a sanctuary. But there weren't any PERFECT kitties for Mom.

Two weeks ago, she was at the local shelter and a little girl kitty claimed her lap. She was not interested in a girl kitty, but this girl was very sweet and had a really strong purrer. But Mom said no, she wanted orange boys.

So Mom came back the next Saturday and that same kitty claimed her lap again. There were also some orange boys, but they weren't ready to be adopted yet. Last Wednesday, Mom left work early to race to the shelter and get that girl kitty and one of the orange boys.

But the shelter worker, a lady named Susan, said: "We just got a litter of orange boys in!". Those orange boys were all still in a cage with their bio-Mom. Mom looked at all four of them, and they were identical! But she really liked one better than the others. So she told the worker she wanted that one and they put a blue necklace on him.

Mom worried about bringing a 7 month old girl kitty and the baby boy into the house together. She thought they might not get along, but she said she would pick them up on Saturday and keep them in separate rooms. When she got there, the kitten was in a bed with the girl kitty!

So Mom now has TWO kitties! The girl is named Helen and the little orange boy is Roger. Getting them to lay in the same bed together was a stroke of genius on my part, don't you think? BOY, am I a tired angel.

But you know, my flying was better today. I think I had the weight of the world on my shoulders, and now I can fly free! Welcome home, Helen and Roger! You have the best Mom in the whole world. I know, because she was MY Mom!



April 4th 2011 4:08 pm
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Hi, gang! I've been here at the Bridge for 2 months now. Calvin helped me carry my heart basket that first day because it was SO full of hearts, I couldn't carry it by myself. Calvin is VERY strong, because he waves that billboard sized CATSTER sign when ever one of us gets here.

For my birthday last week, I had about 10 dates for breakfast, brunch, lunch, midafternoon snacks, dinner, and about 5 parties! These angels know how to PAR-TEE!!! And my blood sugar didn't go up, even a LITTLE!! And, of course, the day ended with a HUGE bowling party. I had never bowled before, and I wasn't very good, but it was a blast!

But I'm kind of embarrassed to report something else to you. I am having a hard time with flying. I can coast pretty well, but take-offs and landings almost always involve a crash. I stopped by the Brusselball Spa last week and crashed thru the roof! I'm so bad at it, that I have been assigned a guard to keep me safe. *blushes deeply*

I'm gonna keep trying, but as yet, I cannot sneak by and sprinkle angel dust on you, 'cause I'm likely to fall on you and kill you!

*attempts to sneak away in embarrassment, crashes, and is gently helped into the air by his guard*


Guess what??

February 24th 2011 5:02 pm
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I'm in Texas! Well, not really me, but what was left over of my earth suit. You don't need an earth suit at the Bridge, so Mom had my earth suit creamed. I think it's kind of like creamed corn or creamed chicken, only you can't eat it.

Anyway, when Mom got home, there was a box on the front step, and it came from the Memfish vet. And she opened it up and there was a blue velvet bag. The bag was embroidered: "Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge".

Inside the bag was a wooden box. It's real heavy and Mom thinks it's oak or something. And it has a picture frame attached to it so Mom can put my picture on it. I don't think she's gonna use a picture of me creamed, tho.

So, I'm FINALLY back with Mom, where I belong. Creamed or not. So NOW, the search can begin for a new kitty for Mom, because I'm here to direct the search!


Thank you, Catster!

February 2nd 2011 7:37 pm
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Thank you Catster, for making me a Daily Diary Pick today. It brightened Mom's day a little to know that more people would read her 'thank you"'for all the kindness sent to me in the past week.

This has been a very hard week for Mom, and today was the start of her second week without me. She misses me more than anyone could ever know.

She is busy with trying to find a new place to live, but everywhere she goes, they ask is she has a pet, and she gets very sad having to say "No". But she also says that she WILL have a cat again. I'm glad of that!

Mom is also very glad that she knows so many cats and their people. All the cat Moms have been so kind to Mom that she can't be too sad, or she'd feel guilty.

Please forgive my Mom for her weakness/sadness. I was a BIG part of her life and she still misses me very much and cries without warning. She knows in her head that she'll get better eventually, but her heart is still broken.

So again, we thank you and tell you we love you.


Mom is overwhelmed

January 27th 2011 6:27 am
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Mom is amazed and overwhelmed by all the love and notes and gifties I have received. It warms her heart to know I was as loved by all of you as I was by her. It also makes her cry. A LOT!

She is reading every message and looking at every gift. Then she noticed that some sweet kit made a picture of me that is being posted all over. I hope you will tag them for Mom so she doesn't miss any.

(Ironically, the picture that was used was taken in Oklahoma, where I ALMOST died last year.) I have had a good year with Mom. I rallied in Oklahoma, due to the Okie vet, and then I spent a month in our old house before we came to Memphis.

Life in Memphis was good. The house was small, but I had the outdoor kitties to watch and Mom gave me so much love and attention and care, that it was a good place to spend my last 10 months.

My vet in Memphis was great and she was very sad to see me go. But I just could not make it to Texas, and Mom is glad she didn't make me go in the car, only to have me die on the way, or as soon as I got there. And Mom saved me from what surely would have been a horrible death of suffering and pain.

We love you and appreciate all your kindness, more than you can ever know. Forever.


I had to go...

January 26th 2011 8:50 am
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Last night, I let Mom know in innumerable ways that I was very sick and that I wanted to be free. I sat on her lap and purred for her. She noticed a great many new-ro-log-i-cal signs on me that were not there the day before.

Mom texted the v*e*t that it was time. We spent a quiet evening and night together and she thought, maybe when we woke up, I would be better, like I was a year ago today. But I was not better, and in fact, I was worse.

So Mom took me to see the vet and she showed the vet the pictures and video she took of me last night. It was very clear that something bad was wrong in my brain.

So Mom and the vet helped me cross The Bridge, one year and one hour after I was originally scheduled. Mom cried a LOT! She got my fur wet, but I didn't mind.

You all have been a joy and a pleasure in Mom's life and mine. Thank you for your friendship and all the love you have shown me. I'll still be touching base with you, but right now, I have to go 'cause my great friend Calvin is waiting for me!

I love you!

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