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Courtesy Toot - The Song!

October 8th 2009 2:38 pm
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That Dude K. can whip out a song faster than any angel I know! Look at this pawsome song - all about courtesy tooting!

Courtesy toot, courtesy toot
We’re all tootin at da bridge
Calvin’s given us a brand new word
So we’re tootin here by da ‘fridge

Courtesy toot courtesy toot
Everyone’s tootin fur one another
Neighbors, friends, passers by
Mom, dad, sis and brother

Courtesy toot, courtesy toot
Kittehs fat, kittehs fluffy, kittehs small
There be so many kitteh’s here tootin now
Da lines be clear down da hall

Courtesy toot, courtesy toot
Look right, look left, look right
So much tootin goin on right now
We canna tell day from night

Courtesy toot, courtesy toot
Phew…now da bridge be stinkin
All us kittehs courtesy tootin
But one had beans I’m thinkin

Courtesy toot, courtesy toot
This fartin be totally ravin
Thanks goez out to my pal
Who sometimes be called CLAVIN

Courtesy toot, courtesy toot,
Calvin’s vet gave him good mews
I’ll still keep purrin him eatz his foodz
So him can toots along twos

Courtesy toot courtesy toot
I’m done tootin for now
I’s glad you got good mews my friend
Peace out, KNEAD on and how

I'm loving this song, Dude K.!

Purred by: Alfie - DB #37a - Dearly Loved (Catster Member)

October 8th 2009 at 3:35 pm

Another 'pearler' from Dude K. Mum's laughed so much she spillt her tea all down her!!
Love you Calvin!
Purred by: Nuk

October 8th 2009 at 9:31 pm

Eat your food and TOOT you dude - A kingly tooter you be !
Purred by: Riley

October 9th 2009 at 1:51 am

Beans, beans the magical fruit
the more you eat
the more you toot,

the more you toot
the better you feel
eat your beans
at every meal



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