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Brother's Big Day

April 8th 2006 7:02 am
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Yes, we've heard all about Calvin winning Catster's Diary of the Day. Who hasn't heard about it?

He is such a pest ~ he is making Mawmee take everything off the mantle so he can put his award there for everyone to see. I tried to tell him that there is no trophy, but he just won't listen to me. He says "What do you know, you've never won an award from Catster"!

I'll show him ~ I'll win Cat of the Day, or better yet, Cat of the Week!

He may be Mawmee's Pulitzer Prize, but I'm her Academy Award, whatever that means. . . . .


The Forbidden Zone!

April 7th 2006 7:47 pm
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We're not usually allowed in the lower level of the house because there is a leather sofa down there. Cat claws and leather sofas apparently don't go together according to our Mawmee. Of course, that makes me want to go down there even more!

Well, twice this week, we've been taken against our will down to that lower level. Something about tornados coming and we need to be safe. I don't like thunder and lightening, but I dislike being forced to go somewhere I don't want to go.

I only want to go down there when I am told I can't go down there ~ how hard is that for a human to understand??

Of course, Calvin just starts eating and then falls asleep on the "forbidden sofa". He thinks he is special because he doesn't have claws.

I'm glad when the all clear sounds, so I can get back upstairs where I belong.

Then I can try to sneak down to the forbidden level with the forbidden sofa when no one is looking, or when our Daddy forgets to close the door.

It's all makes sense in my mind. . . . .


Tacky Acne

April 6th 2006 12:32 pm
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Some of the most delicate, beautiful cats have it. I'm talking acne - chin acne. I know it's hard to believe a prissy cat like myself would have such a disgusting problem, but all teenagers go through it!

Do I like the treatment - jeebers, no! I'm very smart and the minute I see my Mawmee with her hands behind her back, I take off running.

Today I was sleeping on my window perch and didn't hear her come in the room. Before I knew it, the chinny chin chin was getting cleaned - UGH, ICK, SPLEEK, PITOUIE ~ WRIGGLE, WAGGLE, TWIST & TURN.

Ahhhhh. . . . . she's finished. OH NO - not the eye boogers too??? Geesh - what does a cat have to do to be left alone?

I am proud that I'm the only acne cat in the house ~ after all, it is an attention-getter! And I do deserve all the attention. . . . .

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