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My Special Day!

May 5th 2006 8:17 pm
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I've been so busy today with all the celebrations!

First of all, the Cinco de Mayo party was a big hit. Lots of my friends stopped by for chips, salsa and meowgaritas!

And then ~ drumroll, please ~ ta da da da ~ I was named Cat of the Week by all my friends in the Kitties Club! Woo Hoo! What a great honor. And my friend, Phoebe, gave me a rosette. It doesn't get any better than that.

Oh, wait a minute, yes it does! Tomorrow is the Kentucky Derby.

Hat change, please. . . . . . .


Hola Gatos y Gatas!

May 4th 2006 8:08 am
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Hoy es el Cinco de Mayo!

Calvin just came up to me speaking in Spanish! What a dweeb!

I don't speak Spanish. I know a few words ~ enough to get directions to the bathroom!

So, today is Cinco de Mayo. What's in it for me? And don't tell me another milk ring. If I see another one of those stupid toys littering the kitchen, I will scream!

I think I'll contact my fashion photographer to see if we could do some Mexican photos. You know, a frilly skirt perhaps, or a mantilla.

Wait a minute, Calvin - tomorrow is Friday! He really is a dweeb!

Off to makeup. . . . . .


Trixie's Cat

May 3rd 2006 7:17 am
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Wow, Trixie, my weather pixie, must have a couple of cats. Yesterday there was a dark chocolate cat named Chips, and today there is a gray cat that looks like me. Pretty cool!

Autumn was crying today about her weather pixie's pet. Sunnie is her weather pixie and she has a dog. But yesterday a cat showed up with Sunnie - tee hee hee! Cats rule!! Autumn is tired of having so many cats around.

Back to my weather cats. I just met the gray cat - her name is Ahoy.

That's why I like Trixie so much - she names her cats for cookies. So far I've met Chips and Ahoy. I wonder if they want to join my Cookie & Candy Cats group?

Mmmmmm, I'm getting hungry. . . . .


Glitzy Pixies

May 2nd 2006 1:14 pm
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I'm always trying to improve my site and make it special for all my visitors ~ I do have visitors, don't I Mawmee?

Today is all about glitz and pixies!

I have my very own weather pixie! Not that I go outside much, but I do like to know what those poor strays are having to put up with. I was in their shoes one time in my life. Not real shoes, of course - tee hee hee!

So my little weather pixie - I like to call her Trixie the Pixie - has a cat that usually sits next to her. But I noticed earlier today when it was a little cool out, the cat went inside. Smart cat!

Apparently Trixie will wear different clothing depending upon the temperature. I hope she has a cute bathing suit. There is nothing worse than an ugly one!

I haven't named that cat yet. I'll report on that when I make up my mind!

And you will also notice that my name is now all glitzy and sparkles. Every girl should have her name in lights, don't you think?

Now, about that cat's name. . . . . .


Good Lookin'!

May 1st 2006 1:36 pm
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My fashion photographer showed up today with a new prop ~ a black boa!

I decided to play along with her and pose for some new glamour shots for my site. After all, I can have 50 pictures, and I think I want 50!

Of course, there wasn't a bad picture in the bunch, except maybe one or two where my eye goobie showed.

WHERE IS THE MAKE-UP GAL? Isn't she supposed to check out my eye goobies and chin acne before I go to the photo shoot?

Gotta do everything myself around here. . . . . .


Lookin' Good!

April 29th 2006 8:27 am
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I have to brag about all the improvements to my site! Of course, my siblings have done stuff too, but it isn't nearly as coordinated as mine.

First of all, I have a new background - pawprints that match the beautiful smokey gray color of my fur.

Then you'll notice my cursor is a cookie - how appropriate since I am named after a cookie, and I have a group called the Cookie & Candy Cats!

Music ~ do you hear it? If you didn't recognize the tune, it is the Pink Panther. I chose that because I am the stealth cat, always sneaking up on my enemies ~ that would be Calvin and Violet!

A clock - don't you want to know what time it is in my world? I decided on a digital clock because it is more sophisticated and technologically advanced than those clocks on Calvin and Violet's site.

Yea - I saw the slideshow on Calvin's site. I don't know why he seems to be the favorite around here. I can sleep in cute positions too.

I want a slideshow. . . . . .


Throwing Up For a Reason

April 27th 2006 7:51 pm
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Here are my reasons for throwing up today and why it wasn't Calvin (it usually is):

1. It was in my room ~ of course, on carpet! I'm not about to throw up on a bare floor. How uncivilized!

2. I came downstairs for my morning snack and I smelled something that didn't in any way resemble the blue can of food that I insist on eating.

3. I found out it was a "free" can of food when another purchase was made.

4. I am not about to eat anything that is "free"! Do I look like a cat that wants to be used as an experiment? That is enough reason right there for throwing up!

5. I was bored.

6. I wanted attention.

Wonder what I can do tomorrow. . . . . .


Eeeewwwww ~ Nasty!

April 26th 2006 5:20 pm
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Violet just came inside and started telling Calvin and me about the big mole that got trapped and killed in the backyard.

Calvin was sniffing Violet's paws like there was mole-juice on them - ugh! How gross is that anyway? I don't want to have anything to do with moles or their disgusting juice!

Violet calls it "cat caviar". I guess some unsophisticated former stray would think that is "good eats", but I'll take Fancy Feast anyday ~ just not the red can, please. And it must be refrigerated - we've been over this before!

Violet and Calvin are huddled together talking about the "big catch" of the day. They are the most obnoxious cats! Why can't I live with some other feminine, prissy cats? We could spend all day talking about our beauty and how to make others appreciate us.

Where's my mirror. . . . . .


All By Myself!

April 23rd 2006 5:15 pm
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Weekends are pretty good around here because if I'm lucky, Mawmee and Daddy will go work outside and they'll take Violet and Autumn with them.

That leaves me with the big blonde boy (aka Calvin) to beat up and boss around!

Today he went whining and crying because he wanted to go outside like everyone else.

YIPPPEEEE ~ they took him outside. Now, if they would just lose him in the woods, life would be perfect! I'm sure they'll hold on tight to him because he couldn't survive 5 minutes on his own.

Ahhhhhhhh. . . . . . . peace and quiet! I finally have the house to myself.

I think I'll check out Calvin's food bowl first. That was boring ~ he has the same stuff I have in my bowl.

I think I'll play with those milk rings. I don't like to be seen playing in public ~ it ruins my prissy reputation.

I think I'll go sleep on Autumn's bed. P-U - they've got to give that dog a bath!

Being by myself isn't all it's cracked up to be.

MAWMEE ~ I wanna go outside too. . . . . .


Pretty in Pink!

April 21st 2006 7:20 pm
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Why, yes, Mawmee, I'd love to get dressed up for the Go Pink stroll!

Finally, I am getting a little respect and admiration for being the only female cat in the house, and the most beautiful.

I was a little surprised myself that I would enjoy wearing a crown, but then again, I am the princess! Wait a minute, I am the queen, and I shall be treated royally!

Where are those two hand servants of mine?

Oh Calvin, Oh Violet. . . . . . .

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