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April 16th 2006 2:04 pm
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Mommy took four new photos of me last night and just uploaded them today! I'm such a good-looking guy and so photogenic too!

HAPPY EASTER FROM ME! I know Bailey said it yesterday. He thinks he's the Easter bunny because he can hop down the stairs and his hair is silky and fluffy. Oh well. Mommy also wanted to do another photo shoot of Cammie and she wasn't around. As for Merlin, she tried to get his picture and he keeps moving. She uploaded one for him which was done a couple of weeks ago. He's trying to get Bail's tail!

Not much else going on now. I'm tired and so is Mommy.




April 15th 2006 8:27 am
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I'm having another attack of the "I can't stop purring" syndrome. I just love my Mommy and am sitting in her lap and purring while I dictate this. Between dictation I rub my cold wet nose all over her left arm. The more she pets me the louder I purr. I CAN'T STOP PURRING! I'm a very affectionate cat who is a lap sitter, a compulsive purrer and licker and wet nose kisser. Face it, I can't stop purring!

Must go, now Mommy says, she's hungry and has to wrap up the diary for now.

PURRRRRR to all today.



April 14th 2006 7:32 pm
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Mommy teasingly asked me if I wanted to work in her office to help her with the mail. My part of the job would be licking the envelopes since I love to do it anyway. She's right. I just love the taste of the glue they put on those envelopes. When she catches me doing this, she takes the envelope away. What I got is technically called pica . . . eating and licking stuff that isn't food. I also will lick photographs so Mommy hides them in picture frames or in boxes or albums so I can't get at them. Yes, I'm a problem boy even if I'm the King of the House! I got my faults.

Also, I thought I might share my favorite part of a movie that was out not too long ago. "Forrest Gump" (the DVD version). "I'm talking about the extra part where the ping pong ball fills the whole screen and bounces a few times. Mommy played that and I wanted to chase it. Believe me it had me hypnotized!

Well, I'm a little on the sleepy side. Nap time again. Breeeeeep, bruuup to all!!



April 11th 2006 7:34 pm
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It's late in the evening and I got my gray and white toy mouse in my mouth and carried it upstairs to Mommy's computer room door (which was closed because she doesn't want Merlin chewing on computer cords). I meowed loudly and she let me in. I dropped the mouse at her feet and she threw it and said, "go get it." "Yeh right!" I thought. I just brought the mouse to her so she would let me inside. I'm tired and I told to Mommy get off the computer so we all can go to bed.

Bail and Merlin are jumping around outside the door having their last game before bedtime. I'm on my fuzzy pink blanket grooming myself before bed.

Got to go now, breeeeeeep again to all!!!



April 10th 2006 6:36 pm
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Today is the day for purring. I'm really in a purring mood and keep jumping on Mommy's lap and purring and kneading. She tells me I need a trim. She says I have prickly paws. I don't know what's gotten into me today . . . . I'm just a happy cat and can't stop purring. I even gave little Merlin a lick on the top of his head. I just jumped down from Mommy's lap and decided to groom myself a little bit on my back. After I did that I looked back at Mommy and let out another "Brreeeeee mauw, mauw, burrrrrrrr, mauwrrrrrrrrr" and looked at her and purred like crazy again. I can't help it.

I also feel good because the rain we had the other day washed away the pollen. I didn't sneeze at all tonight at all. That's good enough reason also to keep purring.

Well, I must go now, it's getting bedtime. "Breeeeeep" to all.



April 7th 2006 6:00 pm
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It's springtime and that's when I start sneezing. It was really bad last year and Mommy had to take me to the vet for some meds. I HATE TAKING PILLS! They upset my tummy and make me space-out. The vet wasn't very sure what it was, but Mommy believes I am alergic to pollen in flowers because in August she had some flowers in the house and I sneezed a lot. She got rid of them, and it helped a little, but there were plenty flowers outside and the pollen always blows in through the open windows.

Anyway, I'm not a happy boy from April through September. I hope this year won't be as bad. Also, last year I was in mourning because my best buddy Bentley passed away in May. I still miss him. I don't care what people think , us cats do miss our fellow cat buddies when they pass on. I miss Jasmine Bibette aka Beeta as she was mostly called. I miss Max, but I only got to know him for a month and he was pretty sick then. Yes, cats do grieve and miss their buddies.

Well, that's about it. Igot to go now as it's my nap time. Brrreeeep to all!



April 6th 2006 6:39 pm
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Thank you Caster for the email birthday card. I am thrilled and I really enjoyed it. Mommy gave me a present and guess what it was. WHIPPED CREAM! I ate it so fast that I got it all over my chin. Was I a sight! I immediately went to my water dish to rinse it off.

When I got done I hopped back on Mommy's lap and dictated some more. I really don't have much to say tonight, just cat language: Purrrrrrr, purrrr. I'm really happy after I have my whipped cream.

Let's see . . . my brothers are downsstairs playing in the cat tree and Cammie's outside. She's weird . . . she'd rather be outside than deal with me. I'm just trying to be sociable! Chasing girls is what boys do! Jasmine Bibette hated it when I chased her too. Bentley and I had a thing where he would stalk her and I would chase her back upstairs if she came downstairs. I was only being her personal trainer. Face it, the girl needed to drop some weight. She was 17 lbs.

But anyway, I liked Jasmine Bibette and I do miss her. She was beautiful. She was afraid of me just like Cammie is. I also like Cammie too. Cammie and I sit on the back stoop lots of times early in the a.m. before Mommy goes to work. We have an understanding here . . . the back stoop is hers and I don't bother her on her turf.

Ooops, I guess I'm do have something to say . . . I'm just rambling on here. I'm a senior kitty talking about girls. Cammie is really a grandma kitty. She's almost 15! Anyhow, I guess I'll be going now. I hopped off Mommy's lap and jumped onto the bed in the computer room. I just love that cozy pink blanket. Night, night, breeeeeep to all!



April 4th 2006 7:11 pm
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I'm very tired today and not into dictating much. I'll say my little bit right now. Mommy has some music playing while she's typing this and Merlin just wondered in. She picked him up and brought him to me. I gave him a big slurp on top of the head. He obviously didn't like getting slobbered by my wet drooly tongue! He took off. Bail is just roaming around and I think he's tired too. Just a lazy night it is. Well, I'm going to turn in. Breeeeeeeep to all!



March 30th 2006 6:45 pm
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I am very honored to be one of the Diary Picks of the Day. Thank you Catster! My mommy, when she got the email,was crying with joy. I never saw her so happy in a long time.

I know I am the coolest cat in the household and I flaunt it. Why not?

After I dictated this to mommy, I jumped up on her bed in the computer room and tried to sleep while my nutty brothers played tag around the bedspread. While they shook and rocked the bed, they cooed to each other. Do they think they're pigeons or tribbles. Yeh, "Trouble with Tribbles". Bailey looks like one too. A big hairy mass of fur that trills all the time. Little Merlin is a bundle of energy, always running and trilling and pouncing on Bailey's tail or back. Thank God it's not my back or tail! Just now, they woke me up from a half sleep more with more of their noise and antics. There was a loud thud and that got Mommy's attention too. She turned around and told them to simmer down. COME ON PUNKS, LET ME SLEEP!! Will I get to sleep tonight? I sure hope so. I'll dream of more whipped cream as I didn't have any last night.


Bail and I Meet Merlin our New Brother

March 27th 2006 5:45 pm
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Yes, today was the day. Mommy opened the door and let Bail and I in to see Merlin. I'm sitting on mommy's lap at this moment and telling her what to type. Kak, Kak, Mrauw, Mrauw, Breep! (Maine Coon spoken here). She had to tell me to get down because I was drooling all over her. Yes, I know I'm the most affectionate cat in the household. Anyway, back to Merlin. Yes, he's cute and he's a black smoke with some tabby stripes too. He also looks like his hair is spiked all over including his tail. What a wild looking young boy! I guess this is what young Maine Coon mix kitties look like. I can't remember my hair ever being that spiked though! I was very gentle with Merlin. I didn't even hiss at him until he bopped me in the britches, but I only hissed once and he arched his back and fluffed his tail and backed off and went after Bail. He and Bail get along pretty good because they both are young. It's okay for me. This way Bail won't be trying to play all the time when I want to sleep. Well, bye for now.

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