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Hmph Meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwizy

I showed them I did , I did

September 12th 2007 10:39 am
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c;;c; Well I was hiding under the bed about a half an hour before the time for my vet appt. It only takes mom 5 min to get there. :?:?:?I heard her mumbling , Bluie come out here , I am not going under the bed after you... :-Oshe not to bright, not coming out.. so I listen and I hear her take my carrier out doors and the door shut. mew, where her go, her not come back, then I here her moving her garden tools around ,::ohow dare she, she cannot work in the garden with out me. I race to the door, meowwwwwwwwwww, meowwwwwwwwwwww, hey, you for got me , I help garden remember.."The door open and she pick me up and hug me close.. ;);)then I think her wink,, well now that is ambushing me, for sure.. ::ocan I have her arrested.. she put me in the car and I howl, meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, meowwwwwwwwwwww, she say, now be quiet, you ok.. I thumb on the carrier door. hmph not open.. we stop and her come and gets me and the carrier out and in to the vet we go.. I meowing all the way in.. we get in there and she set me down and next to me is another kitty in her carrier.. I stare at her, then meow at her, finally she go to the back of her carrier.. now that is better cause I am boss, I am alpha.. get your little bum in the back of your carrier.. I never take my eyes off the exam room. they call for the other kitty and in she goes.. I watching and listening.. all of a sudden I hear the most PITIFUL MEOWWW I EVER HEARD AND HER DO OVER AND OVER AGAIN.. my eyes got bigger than saucer, I look at mom, oh, on, mom, take me home.. out come tech Bluie room three. I race to the back of my carrier and the kitty is still HOWLING. HER SOUND LIKE A COUGAR CAT... mommy sit me on the floor and Dr K came in.. her say they were drawing blood from the other kitty, (whisper-I think they are draining her dry) we will shut the door so Bluie not hear it so well. HEAR IT, ;I CAN HEAR HER WITH ALL THE DOOR SHUTS.. Dr. K , lets have a look, mom puts me on the table.. I nice at first, her look at the spot and then they check me all over to make sure I not have buggies.. (really a lady not have bugs) then mom say something about a clip and my back toenails...OK THAT DOES IT, WE ARE ALL DONE. I LAY MY EARS BACK AND START TO GROWL..mommie say now Bluie be nice.. YOU BE NICE ,YOU THINK I STUPID, NOT SHAVING MY BUM , NO WAY,, AND I USE THOSE BACK TOENAILS FOR CLIMBING.. THEY STAY AND MY FUR.. Dr.K say I have allergies.. my records show every time since I first came I have problems in Sept and Oct.. so I have to take predizone every day for a week and then every other day for a few days. along with the cream.. she say it is healing. but I dig it open again.. she say I need not scratch or her put a cone on my head.I NOT A CONE HEAD... then she call Kelly the tech, bring me in a big towel and the clippers.. I need your help.. I start to back up and lay my ears back.. mom stops me and says now be good. She come in with the towel and I lay my ears back and start to growl LOUDLY. mommy turns me around with my back to them and next thing I know I am wrapped like a mummy in a red towel with just my "you know what sticking out.. I let out a HOWLLLLLLLLLLL, first they clip my back toenails.. and then , my brain went into over drive, they pick my tail up over my back. I shifted gears into reverse and tried to back out of the towel.. not work. then I shifted gears in to rotate and roll over.. nope.. that ole Dr. K had a good hold on me, the I started to shake my head like a rabid dog, Dr K said run her head , Pat, well moms start to rub my head through the towel and I sat still then , I head the hum of the shaver monster start, up went my tail again and off went my fur.. they finally let me up and took off the towel... I sat there with my eyes rolling around in my head. my now I must have made at least a thousand stress crystals.. I lay my ears back and glared at them.. they just kept on talking about not using cortisone only as a last resort as not good for "heavy"cats can bring on Diabetes.. so we try predizone for now... I laid my ears tight to my head and waited. Dr K move her hand to have one more look at my spot and SMACK FASTER THAN A SPEEDING BULLET I SMACK HER A GOOD ONE ON HER HAND.. SHE THOUGHT A BEE BIT HER, I JUST SAT BACK AND SMILED.. mommie say bad girlie.. that not nice. Dr K say she is just being a cat, mommy say no more like a brat... I showed them..

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