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Hmph Meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwizy

Mousie Slayer, Bluie has been dubbed..

September 10th 2007 6:35 am
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Bluie , here, what an excited weekend.. mom and dad went to the river as usual, even with the report of lots of rain.. so here I am again by myself.
Well , now there is only so much a cat can do by themselves , except, EXPLORE. which I think I was checked every nook and cranny out this summer. For the past month I have been trying to find a source of a noise that is really grating on my cat nerves, or yes we have them... mine really show up if mom gets the brush out.. hmph. anyway back to the noise..
It sounds like little feety running here and there in moms laundry room.. I race down cause I am hearing it again..
When I get to the bottom step I tippy toe, one paw at a time. The noise of little feety have now gone to dads work bench and I can hear it chewing on something,This makes my hair and cotton fur stand on end.. I take point like a doggie.. I not move a muscle and point my copper eyes in the direction of the work bench. With out moving a hair I move my head into position to get a good look. I am a statue by this time, not even breathing that you can notice..I adjust my telescopic eyes and orbit my eyeballs around in search of the noise.. as I focus in I SEE IT, it is HUGEMONGUS FOR SURE, a real cat killer if it could get me or mom and dad. It had round ears on it head, huge's brown eyes, teeth as big as a alligator, a skiing long tail, brown and it was TOUCHING MY DADDYS TOOLS..
My heart pounding, I knew I had to put on end to this gigantic creature of the night.. I must save my humans housie.. with my eyeballs still focus on the critter, I begin to move slowly towards it.. my paws started to sweat , it was huge and I would have to jump on its back to kill it.. I move one paw at a time, stopping each time so it not notice me , I look like our floor .. as I get closer , I can smell him.. oh no, my nose might twitch.. I try not to smell..but my nose, twitchy, oh, no, KAAAAAAAAAAACHOOOOOOOOO, huge sneeze.. critter springs in the air like a coil spring and lands on the floor.. Cats whiskers.. it stays still and does not move. but I know he alive, he huge ribs are moving so I continue my approach... he sneaks back up on the tool bench.. I creep over and get on dads chair and watch this stupid hugemongus think snorting all over my daddy's tool. I gather up all my courage and spring in the air and land on top of him.. now what I do. if I move he get away and then he eat me.. carefully I squiggle back and see his bum and tail.I take his tail in my mouth and jump with him to the floor, He squealing and wiggles.. hard to keep hold of him.. (ps if mom knew I had a mouise in my mouth, she would have a fit) I put him on the floor and place my paw on him. ok, now I have someone to play with.. well, he not very cooperative , he keeps trying to get away.. off he goes, smack, On his tail again , I picks him up and carry him around.. not a friendly critter, well, he tries to rung so I bite him and shake him.. now maybe her play,, hmph, grrrrrrrrrrrrr, meow, I slap him he not moving.. I think he is in mousie heaven,, I walk off so proud. I slew me a huge huge mousie,,
Mommy and Daddy come home and I so cited, they followed me.. Daddy pet my head, said what a good girl.. you caught a little field mouise.. "What you mean little, he huge, yes he is.. Daddy put in on a shovel and took him out. One thing I learn the last time I got a mouse is do not try to eat it or my Mother has a seizure and washes my mouthie out and takes it away..
So then later that night, a kitty fairy god mommy dubbed me Azruine(Bluie ) the mousie slayer,, hard work time for a cat nap zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Bluie

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