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Hmph Meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwizy

mommie the Dr Doolittle of Upper New York

January 29th 2007 8:16 am
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Mom get up early every morning and try to get outside as early as possible to feed our feral whom,She call Bo Jangles..
He started appearing about 3 months ago , getting his breakfast from our compost pile which he shares with the birds and bunnies..
mom started setting him out his own food to help him in his trek for survival. I think he is a boy but I am not sure..but the wood in our woodpile smells like it.
One day she was walking down our hill and came to the old bus that dad has to store things in,she walked up to the back window because she thought she saw something move in it. She peered inside and there sitting on top of some of Dads gear was Bo Jangles, a beautiful tabby with a white chest an white boots on the from paws..She did not move and watched him. He did not move a muscle hoping she would not see him.. the very slowly he jumped down in slow motion and walked off in slow motion. So this is where he stays.. he lays in the sun coming through the windows and he is safe She busied herself putting in a single condo and a warm fleece bed up high near a window so he could get lots of sun and heat. Then she put some food and water dishes down for him so he would not have to come up to the woodshed to eat in bad weather. A few weeks later Dad saw where I guest was staying..Mom was afraid he would yell but he did not. He did say that feeding him near where he sleeps was not good, the smell of the food would attract his predators Mom had not thought of this.. so she started feeding him in our woodshed again and made a place he could sleep in if it was to bad to get back to the bus..
He will sit and watch me but does not allow me close. He is very wise and knows what a live trap is.. some days I watch him from my window as he eats and then cleans himself and when it is warm , roll in the dirt in the sun. Sometimes he just sits and watches our house Mom believe he remembers when he had a warm home and a family, but now he does not trust humans.
They have a ritual every morning, and I try to get outside early as he comes early to avoid being out in the day time when predators could get him. He has many natural predators here, fox, coyotes,hawks, owls, eagles,dogs etc.
As mom goes out the door she start to call kitty ,kitty, because mom have discovered he will show up almost in five minutes after she call him..she go out and give him some wet and dry food.. always some very good wet food and she gives him kitten dry food as it gives him more calories to help him stay warm .This morning she called and she called it the Dr. Doolittle affect not only did he appear but her birds all showed up and about 4 bunnies... all looking and waiting for their breakfast. The bunnies in the compost pile, the birds at the feeders and Bo Jangles at his feeding station..She can not explain the joy in her heart and soul to see this. This is what life is all about and as she turned to walk in the house, there I was looking at her through the glass in the door. Yes, this is what life is all about .Bluie


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