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Hmph Meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwizy

witchy cast a spell on me and sent to grandchildren to spend- the weekend

April 24th 2006 9:51 am
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I sleeping nice and sunning myself watching the birdies and squirrels out the window.. when what comes in the drive way, mommsie human daughter Stacy and the "boys" from hell..Parker not to bad, but Peyton, run for cover.
I not get to excited until I saw "THE OVERNIGHT BAG' oh ,no, catwhiskers. one of them is staying ,,let it be Parker, cat prayers, on my knees(not easy) let it be Parker.. getting ready to go, whew, it is Parker.. not so bad.. so far so good.. but mommsie to busy for me.. gives all her time to the rug rat... he is 8 he can do things himself.. geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewhiazzzzzzzzzzzzzzy,, mommsie I here, I try to trip her, oooooooooooooops, she made it,, eyes in my head getting very big, tail standing on end.. wait a minute, hand coming down, I luv you Bluie, I just pet you.. I trys to back up quick, I a priness ,you not pet me... mewooooooooooooooow, he got me.. go to bed, get up excited he go home.. here come Stacy,, there she go but she forgot something,, OH HEART BE STILL, NO NOISE, SHE LEFT PEYTON THIS TIME, WHAT YOU MEAN IT IS HIS TURN. HE NOT NEED A TURNY.. sneaking across the floor , laying very l0w. he not see me.. the spawn of the devil, has been left here to torment me.. mommsie says Now Peyton, don't bother Bluie, you know since you swatted at her she gets nervous around you. LIke he really cares.. I won't grandma... COME NEAR ME, I SWAT YOU THIS TIME, HE IS SIX YEARS OLD. AND MOMMY GAVE HIM TIME OUT AND A LECTURE WHEN HE SWATTED ME BUT HE STILL GIVES ME THE EVIL EYE.
I resting on my bed in puter room ,here he comes. legs flying everywhere,like a jumbo jet, hi, Bluie, can I pet you.. NO NO MOMMSIE TOLD YOU NO, he getting near, oooooooooooooops tripped over his own feet... crash, almost got me.. grammy says, you ok, he says yes, Bluie tripped me, I WHAT ,YOU LITTLE MUNCHKIN, I WILL SHOW YOU..
I go back to my hammock in the window and lay and waited. Peyton playing trucks,, he comes near me pushing his truck, his head is right at paw level. swat, swat, hehehehehehehe, gramma Bluie swatting at me. Mommsie come and look and I give a sweet face , not me mommsie,, her goes, here come Peyton again.. swat, cuff.hheheheheehheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,, gramma,,, BLUIE, YOU BE GOOD... maybe think about it.. Bluieeeeeeeeeeeeee


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