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Hmph Meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwizy

When will my mommise learn, I give her a present,,- heheheheheh

April 4th 2006 10:04 am
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Sometimes I think my mommsie needs to get with the program... we had a bad weather day yesterday and her was BORED, NOT SAFE FOR CATS WHEN SHE IS BORED. She looked at me and said "lets clean" I think oh no,,, she will move everything, clean my fur off everything, scrub and make the house smell like flowers(not harmful to me) and that nasty bleach she uses... my cat life will be upside down and I will not get a cat nappy, cause I will have to drag all my stuff back where it should be .We worked very hard, then mommsie sat down and said ,OH BLUIE ISN'T THIS NICE, NO FUR ALL OVER AND IT SMELLS SO GOOD. SPUTTER, SPUTTER, NOT THINK SO, I WANT IT TO SMELL LIKE ME, I LIKE MY FUR ALL OVER.... YOU NEED TO GO BACK TO HUMAN RETRAINING SCHOOL... I sit and think ,,, think'''''''' think''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' light bulb flash,, oh,yes good idea..I go down to the back bedroom where my litter is,jump in the dish and start to scratch it up a little... then I sit and try very hard, NOW I TRY HARDER, THIS NOT AN EASY TASK,, OK,,,, YAHOOOOOOOOOOO, HOW YOU LIKE THAT MOMMY, HOUSIE SMELL LIKE ME NOW.. pick my ears of and listen, BLUIE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE, WHAT IS THAT AWFUL SMELL... YOU HAVE NOT SMELLED THAT BAD SINCE YOU WERE A KITTEN,, EUEIUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU....BLUIE,I pranced in the living room and look at her and think, how you like that? betters than flowers and bleach hehehehehhehehe Bluie


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