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Hmph Meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwizy

March 30,2006, the attack of the Lady Bug

March 30th 2006 5:16 am
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Mommsy went to the green house early, so I got bored and decided to go hunting around the house. This time of the year the ole chamber flys start crawling in the window and the spiders come out.. I love chasing them and if I can catch one ,I EAT it.... unless mommsie sees and she take it away. her not want me to eat it.... so I snorted under the bed,, snorted some of my dustbunnie hair balls around,, mommise clean them up later when she get out the old wind machine that could suck up a mouse and spit it out..
I see a tiny orange thingie moving a round, one of my ladybugs... hah, mine now,, I try to squash it with my big paw, but it too little ,it gets in the fur of my paws, I can't shake the silly thing loose,,, so finally I snort it off.. it starts to run, I cover it pick up my foot gone, where did it go,? I not see it.. guess I go sit in the sun on the step and wait for mom,, she leave door open now so I can sit on the stepthat goes down stairs and I can lay in the sun comes through the glass door.. I can see something hanging in my face, I swat at it, but nothing, maybe I seeing things.. no,it moving,,, it is that buggy on my eyebrow whisker, I shake my head, I rub my eyes with my paws, I roll over and kick at my face, I kick hard, can't reach my face.. I rub my face on the floor, I look crosseyed, nope it is still there, here comes mommsie,, she look at me and laugh.. Bluie, what did you do have your eyebrow pierced, what is that orange ball on the end of it. she starts laughing hard, IT IS NOT FUNNY MOMMY,,, GET IT, her sit down and finally pick it off.. a lady bug,, so she take and it let it go outdoors.. that was mine, I wanted to eat it.. her go back outside, I find another one, it on my paw, I runs runs like the wind to the water dish and stick my paw in it, ah hah, got yah, it is swimming in circles, how funny is that .... I slapped it, down it goes, up it comes,, I having so much fun, water all over,, BLUIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, OH NO, HERE COMES MOMMSIE,, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE IN THAT WATER, OH, BLUIE ,DO NOT KILL LADY BUG SHE IS GOOD.. "NO SHE NOT, I EAT HER NOW.. HURRY FOR MOMMSIE GET HIM OH HAIRBALLS SHE GOT HIM... going to take a nap Bluie


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