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Tagged? Ok I'll play! puuuur

The ME ME Game

May 23rd 2007 6:32 am
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MeMe Game

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write about themselves (the seven random facts) as well as the rules in their diary. You need to select seven cats to tag and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment (via p-mail) telling them that they've been tagged and that they need to read your diary for more information.

1. I'm basically a very quiet kitty.
2. My sister is always bothering me
3. Food is the number one thing in my life next to sleeping.
4. I don't like people and am still getting use to my family.
5. I love to roll in the dirt! It's really cool.
6. My brother Bear invited me to move in when I was a baby.
7. I love catching and eating birds and chippies! They are better than chicken!

Kitties to Tag
1. Popeye
2. Huggybear
3. Greedy
4. Luke
5. Elvis
6. Beans
7. Sissy


Am I an ankle biter? Sorta

January 5th 2007 4:38 pm
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Well, I belong to the Black and White Ankle biters club. They have one rule, you have to be an ankle biter. I don't actually bite ankels but I do get mom a lot when she can't do anything.

A little over a year ago, mom found a growth on my tummy and raced to the vet to have it removed. They didn't know what it was but they cut my tummy up and took this thing out. 3 months later it came back. So back to the vet we went. They cut this thing out and did lab tests and the test came back and the vet didn't know what it was. 4 months later, it came back again. This time the vet sent mommie and me to a "specialist" who took it out again, (ouch my poor tummy) and gave me all these yuckie meds that I was spitting out at mom and he put a feeding tub in me so she could give me the meds. Then changed them to other pills, which by Sept. of 06 the lumps were finally gone. Well I finally got to go outside and play after being locked up in the house for 6 months and it was sooooo good to get in the yard and roll around. When I got outside, my furr on my tummy was almost all grown back.

(now for the fun part)

When someone picks me up I kinda try to run for two reasons, it still is tender on my tummy and I don't want any more pills. (I think I'm an elephant, I haven't forgotten yet) But mom loves to check my tummy to see if there is anything else there besides me. So when she gets in the bath tub at night, I bust the door wide open so I can slowly stroll in and I give her the look like, don't hit me, I did't mean to open the door that far, and she gets up and closes it. Then I stand next to the tub with my tail held high and tight so when I'm standing with my back to her, and she's reading, my tail knocks what ever she is reading into the tub. She usually is fast and catches it before it hits the water. But then she starts to scratch me. All over. I try to purr but because of all the surgery's I think they messed up my purr spot, I make little noises but mom can feel when I'm purring plus I smile alot. She will be in the tub, scratching and rubbing me and I lay down on the bath mat, get in a ball and burry my face in the mat, at the same time I hold it with my front paws while bunny thumping it all the time while mom is scratching and haveing a good old time, then when she least expects it, BAHM!!!! I roll over and grab her hand and usually get her with all four paws and my teeth. She kinda goes uuuuuuuu, ouchie!!!!! and then I jump up and head for the door. Or sometimes I will just sit there out of her reach and look at her to see if she's gonna get up and get me cause I made her bleed. If I make her bleed, she shows me, and I go over, with head down, ears down and eyes looking up and give her a baby sandpaper kiss on her boboo. But she never comes after me.

So I guess I'm an ankle biter only I bite the front ankles! Well mom has four paws too, she just doesn't walk on the front ones as much.

She's a good mom, she lets me beat her up nightly. I think she feels bad that I had my tummy cut open so many times. I wish she would just stop feeling it. Heck I will let her know if it comes back, I wouldn't stop licking it the first time.

Anyhow, that's my story of being a member of the ankel bitters club. If you think you are an ankle biter, pmail me and I will send you an invite to the group. We do have fun. And now I can play all day long now that I'm not sick any more.
(just wish we knew how to get rid of the "Not that Dr. again" title on all the postings. One day we will get it.
Purrrsss and headbutts. Gray


Free at Last!!

December 18th 2006 5:59 pm
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Wow! Mom said she isn't going to check for bumbs on my tummy any more. She said that it's been three months since she shoved that yuckie medicine down my throat and since I saw the doctor last and she doesn't find any lumps at all.

She's been doing the dance of Joy all day. After my regular doctor cut me open two times and it grew back, then they sent me to this other guy and he charged over $2,000. and I spent soooooo many times taking a ride that took 1 and a half hours to the office and then back, from Feb. until Sept. this year, and mom is now really sure I'm alll better.

The best part is the doctor wasn't promising anything. When he took my stiches and feeding tube and big cone of silence collar off, the lumps started to come back but he did a quick change on medicine and made me take it until I started spitting it in mom's face and that killed everything that was there. And I didn't need radiation! That's cause it was a bactieral infection and nothing normal was killing it.

So, mom sent one of the pic's of me with my santa hat on to the doctor to thank him for keeping me alive. Mom said that Puddie sent me here when I was a baby baby so that mom would take care of me when I got sick last year. If it wasn't for mom and Puddie, I wouldn't be seeing christmas this year and I wouldn't have had a great secret santa party over the weekend with all my goodies.

I'm happy mom's happy, and now I can go back to going out and I can't wait for the snow to come. I missed it last year because of all the surgeries. But I'm not going to miss it any more.

Thanks mom, for caring so much. You are a purrrrrrr-fect mommie. Even Rascal is being nicer to me and not chasing me around as much as she did. But I'm chasing Bear around more now, cause he taught me how to stand up to Rascal and I've been waiting for the chance to prove myself to him. They have been great teachers and I meow them daily.

So Bring on the Meowy Christmas and the Snowy Mew Year!! I'm Ready to Rock and Roll!!

MEOW!! purrrrrr


I Think I"m Better!!! MEOW!!

November 4th 2006 6:09 am
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Hi Everyone,

Well It's been a long time since mom posted. She gets so worried about me. After another year of surgery, which most of the serious stuff was this year, I think I'm better. I have been off my meds since Sept. 6th 06 and when I went to that guy he said, well, we have done all we can, let her do her stuff and call me in 3 months and let me know.

Well I think mom's jumping the gun but at the same time I think she's hopeing this is the end and that's why she's writing again. But she keeps rubbing my tummy, legs and sides looking for???? what ever she kept feeling before I got sick. Dad says I'm getting fat fat! I just give him the kitty look and he says, What? you are! So mom picked me up the other day and I tried to get away thinking she was going to shove something down my throat again but we went for a walk and then she put me on the bathroom sink. She came out saying that I didn't gain any weight but she gained 5 lbs. Good for her! now she is ready for the winter!!! (meow) Mom didn't like that and dad just giggled. But he insists that I gained the weight. I guess I told them, it wasn't me! My fur is just thicker for the winter, at least I know how to get ready for the winter without adding pounds to my puddie shape!

So, mom thinks I'm ok, I guess she will call the doctor in a few weeks or else she will just keep feeling my tummy for lumps. The dr. said there was no signs of the scars even from the surgery! Boy those meds are really good, they made the scars go away too. This is good cause I can't have lines all over me from missing fur, it's just so not pretty if you know what I mean.

Well, I'm off to catch more birdies, it's been fun this last week, I have been bringing mom a birdy a day, cause it keeps the vet away! So I have to go get a prize so they think of other things besides taking me for a ride.

Have a great weekend and puuurrrr-fect turkey day! I can't wait!
Meow's and purrs,


Another Dr. call?

June 9th 2006 5:12 am
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Well, here I am, and mom told me that she found a new spot on me. This is really crazy cause I don't want to go in the car for a ride and I don't want that Dr. to slice me open. But mom has been combing and scratching me, puuurrrr, boy do I love that, and that's when she found it. I kind of was trying to hide it from her, but she's slick, she's been checking me for-ever I think. She came home from work with a bag the other day, she is now messing with something and BAHM! shoving something down my throat!

She keeps talking saying this will help and should kill what ever I have and maybe if I keep my toes crossed I won't have to get cut open again. I don't like that feeling. I don't understand why humans want drugs, it's very alarming to no have control of your head like that.

Anyhow, mom and the Dr. seem to think if I take these two things I won't have to stay inside, won't have to wear those weird collars that I can't see around and mom said no feeding tube, I think that's where they were giving me the stuff before cause I kept spitting it in her face when she gave it to me. That was fun, I was foaming at the mouth!!! and they just cleaned me up afterwards.

I guess I will take this stuff, if it makes me feel better so I don't have to get locked up in the house cause it's summer for heavens sake and I missed out on the snow this year so I will take it so I can keep playing outside.

In the meantime, I will put more info on this as I have time, there's just not enough hours in a day to write all the time as I have so much time I need for playing outside, playing inside, eating, drinking and just having to nap most of the time. What's a kitty to do! Too bad there aren't more hours in a day so I can get more sleepin time in, that would make life puuuuurrrrrr-fect.

I better go now before mom catches me. I'll be back.


Not the Dr. again!! Please!!!!

June 2nd 2006 4:38 pm
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This is my first time meowing and hopefully mom won't catch me. I just have to vent. When I showed up at this house 3 yrs ago, all was great, I met big brother Bear who protected me from the crazy big sister Rascal. Mom didn't know I was a gril (hehe) I fooled her. But after being here and being very loved and happy I got a bug bite or something. Mom didn't like it and it got big, it wasn't bothering me at all. But you know mom's, she just had to take me to the DR. Boy that was enough to make me run away right there! So I go to this Dr. and they poked me in this spot and made me take stuff and sent me home. Good, I don't like this trip thing. They put you in a box with a cage and holes in it you know. That wasn't any fun either.

Now if that wasn't bad enough, two days later, they took me back to this human. And the worse part was they left me!!!! Mom left me!!! How could she! I thought she loved me, why would she leave me in this noisy place? I was not very happy at all. These humans weren't nice, they wouldn't feed me and I was getting hungry.

The next day they took me out of this cage and I thought I was gonna get food when BHAM! I was feeling yuckie and hurtin a whole lot and now I wasn't hungry. Everything looked weird. Then there was MOM!!!! YEAH!!! She came to take me away!!!

But I was in a lot of pain, mom says I had some kind of bacterial infection and this Dr. cut it out of my tummy. Well that's all well and good as long as I don't have to go back. So mom takes me home and locks me in a room. I didn't care really, I hurt too much to care but she fed me and that was good.

Anyhow, some time went by and mom put me in this box again and took me back to the Dr. and they poked around and pulled on my tummy. Mom said they took stitches out and I could go out and play outside again in a week or so. Oh Boy!!! Can't wait to go outside again.

A few months pass and I was being cute and rolling around in the bathroom one night and don't you know Mom found another lump. I forgot it was there and she found it and yep back to this human I went. So mom left me the day after Santa came. I was there for only one day again and home again, this time with this plastic thing around my neck, I was really haveing a hard time eating now.

Time passed slowly, I had this dumb thing on for a long time, mom says over a month, they never took those stiches out, I didn't know why, I just wanted to go out but my tummy was leaking this whole time. So in Feb. the Dr. sent me and mom to a "specialist". I didn't like the sound of that and mom complained that he was over an hr. away. So off we went. Mom left me again. You would think I was getting use to this but NOT! And this guy found another growth starting. So this time I have this big plastic thing around my neck with a tube in my throat. Mom squirts something yuckie in it and I want to go out. Instead they put me in this big cage in the middle of the floor and I get to watch Bear and Rascal and they won't let me out to walk into walls. So to make an already long story longer, I spend about a month in this cage and many trips to the Dr. I think this guy figured it out. I have been outside since the end of April and no new lumps, mom checks! But I have to see this guy again next month. With luck I won't ever have to go there again. Mom really loves me, if I wasn't here, I'm sure these things would have taken me away a long time ago. I'm a lucky girl. Puuuuurrrr

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