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From The Eyes of a Princess

On Again, Off Again

February 2nd 2008 5:10 am
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Back in December before Christmas, mom noticed I was having problems urinating. When I tried, there was some blood in whatever small sample I provided. So, mom took me to the vet and left me there for the day. They x-rayed me and said that I didn't have anything abnormal on the x-ray. They couldn't take any urine because my bladder was supposedly empty. So, they sent me home with 7.5 days of Clavamox (liquid antibiotic).

Well I finished the antibiotics and about 4 days later, I had the same problem and symptoms as before. Mom noticed that on a Saturday night but had to wait until Monday to call the vet. They told her to give me 3 drops of Metacam that day, followed with a single drop of Metacam for 7 more days. That seemed to work but that was short lived.

About 4-5 days later, the same problem. That was another Saturday evening that mom noticed my situation. So, she decided to do the Metacam drops again. Mom thought that maybe both the previous attempts weren't long enough and decided to keep giving me the drops for maybe 2 weeks this time.

Well, about 10 days after she started this attempt, my problems happened again. She noticed it this last Wednesday night. The vet lady is off on Thursdays so mom had to wait until yesterday to call. Mom was told by the vet tech that she was going to be referred to the Louisianna Referral Service. The vet would copy my folder and mom would have to come pick it up. The vet would call the Referral Service and let them know what was going on. Mom would have to call the Referral Service to make an appointment. The vet called it Sterile Sistitus (not sure of the spelling). They said that there's no one here that could help. Mom was confused. Nothing has been done with me, but they were automatically going to refer me to LA. Mom explained that she can't take the time off of work, can't afford the gas it would take to get me there, and wouldn't be able to afford the costs of that vet too. Of course you know this wouldn't be a one time trip. They never are.

The vet tech said that they've done all they could. So, mom restated the events...
- x-ray only
- 7 days worth of antibiotics when anyone that knows anything about antibiotics knows that they don't even begin to work until at least day 3. If there's blood in my sample, it could be an infection, and 7 days total of antibiotics probably isn't long enough
- 7 days worth of Metacam which probably wasn't long enough either
- no urinalyis
- no other testing
- never saw the actual vet. Only saw the vet tech the only time I was brought in

So mom sarcastically said to the vet tech again "so you've done all that you can do?". Mom is seriously losing all respect for this vet office. So, mom was put on hold for several minutes. When the vet tech came back on the line, mom was told that she'll be given 3 weeks of Clavamox pills (one pill twice a day) and to keep going with the single drop of Metacam daily. After the completion of the antibiotics, they'll do a urinalysis and go from there.

I'm not saying that I still won't have to be referred to a specialist, but you should only do that when you've actually tried everything that you can. So does anyone have any suggestions for us? Anything that can help us would be greatly appreciated!!!

Keep your paws crossed for me please. Maybe the third time's the charm! Hope luck is on my side!


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