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Bella got her wings

May 5th 2015 12:35 pm
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I'm still in shock at knowing Bella took her last breath at 1:14 pm today. She was fine last week, or so I thought, and then on Saturday I realized she wasn't going to make it much longer. I spent most of the weekend and all last night with her. I took today off to spend with her because I knew today was the day. She was such a fighter until the end. At times I thought she was going to make it and the very next minute I knew I was wrong. I held her til the end which was all I could do.

I met Bella the day after she was born and I knew her for 11.5 years until she took her last breath. She will forever be my baby, my Bella Bella. I will never forget how she'd run to me when I called her name, snuggle up to me when I laid down, buried her nose in my neck and just purr and purr. She was the quietest kitty and occasionally would meow out of the blue. Her death was no different. She died quietly with an occasional meow.

Bella's crossing the bridge has left me feeling empty and drained. I will forever have a hole in my heart but I hope that void will be filled again someday when I cross the bridge. I hope Bella and all my rainbow babies will be waiting for me and we will be reunited for all eternity. Oh what a joyous day that will be. Heaven gained another bright shiny star today named Bella.

Rest in peace sweet baby. I know you're not suffering anymore or in pain now. You earned your wings today and I hope you fly high with them. Hopefully you'll come visit me and let me know you're here. God Speed sweet Bella. You will always be in my heart and in my mind and will never be forgotten. You are loved and will forever be loved. I know you loved me and I know you know you are loved. It was always shown and never questioned. Until we meet again sweet Bella. You took my love and my heart with you today. I love you Bella!!!


My beautiful page wallpaper

January 26th 2010 3:47 pm
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Did you see my beautiful wallpaper on my page? Wally (417764) and his meowmy went out of their way to make it for me. Isn't it beautiful? I thought that was so very sweet and thoughtful of them and just wanted to make a diary entry in their honor. Thank you Wally and his meowmy Eva for thinking of me and making this beautiful wallpaper. It's absolutely purfect and I love it!!!


Bad Mommy! Bad!!!

December 22nd 2007 12:51 am
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That's all I have to say!!! With all the excitement and anticipation of grandma and grandpa coming for Catmas today, mommy forgot all about my birthday today! Bad mommy!!!

In mom's defense, she's been working nights these last few weeks, she's been cleaning the house in a major way, and buying out all the stores (although there's no sign of any presents for me), so she does have a partial valid reason for forgetting my birthday. Do you know how she remembered it was my birthday today? Catster. She just got the Birthday email for me from Catster. At least someone remembered! You should have seen the look of confusion on her face when she opened up the email. It was the look of "her birthday isn't until the 22nd" and then she realized... IT IS THE 22ND!!! Now she feels bad :-( Thank You Catster for remembering. Maybe I should come live with you! That'll teach mommy!

All I have to say is that she BETTER make it up to me! I don't care how but she better do something! Maybe grandma and grandpa will bring me something (although I doubt it since they aren't exactly "cat" people).

Mom just checked the Birthday Stroll. I'm one of 72 kitties having a birthday today. Happy Birthday to all of us having a birthday today! To all of our Catster and Dogster family, Happy Holidays!!!


May 22nd 2007 12:02 pm
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The Rules

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write in their own diary about the seven random facts and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your diary.

My Seven Random Facts:

1. I like when mom brushes my fur

2. I follow mom around everywhere until she stops and pets me

3. I flop down on the floor right in front of mom when she's walking towards me

4. When mom tries to cut the matted fur from my under side, I go limp

5. Although Princess is my mother, I don't get along with her very often

6. I don't like being trapped in a room. I cry and cry and cry until the door is opened

7. I'm not fond of strangers. I will not come out of hiding until the strangers go away

Now I tag these 7 kitties:

1. Wheeler
2. SnowBall
3. Ozzie
4. Sissy
5. Shadow
6. Monkey Butt
7. Alex Finnegan



Fabulous Five Strikes Again

March 25th 2007 11:07 am
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Well, I received another anonymous rosette today but this one is from the Fabulous Five. They snuck right up on me and gave me a rainbow. I wasn't even notified of the rosette. That was pretty sneaky, but I loved it none the less! Of course I had to post it in the New Mystery Begins forum to let every kitty know that they're not done yet and they're not hiding. With those kitty detectives on the trail, hopefully it won't be long until their identity is known. Thank you Fab Five for the beautiful rosette. That was very sweet of you!!!



March 21st 2007 3:21 pm
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I received a beautiful rosette today from an anonymous kitty. The rosette said "a rose is not a rose unless you have a friend to give it to". How sweet! Whoever could it be from? Are there others that have received this act of kindness from this anonymous kitty? I've read about others receiving acts of kindness/catness, but I haven't read about this specific act. So, if any kitty knows who sent this, please let me know. So, to Anonymous, Thank You very much for such a pretty rosette. That was very sweet of you. Maybe you'll tell me who you are some day. Thanks again! You made my day!!!



March 14th 2007 8:05 am
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I miss my favorite room in the house. I love hiding and hanging out in the spare bedroom but I haven't been able to hang out in there for a few months. Mom has been packing all her crap up and stacking the boxes in that room. Doesn't she know that kitties like to climb? I don't understand why she has to close the door so we can't go in there. She says that she's afraid that we'll get trapped somewhere and she won't be able to get to us. She's also afraid that something will fall on us and hurt us. Does she have legitimate excuses? Maybe. I still miss my room though.

Well, last night mom opened up that door and I ran in as fast as I could. Mom couldn't catch me. So, she closed the door and trapped me inside thinking that eventually I'd be waiting at the door to come out. I've done this before and she always comes back a little while later to see if I'm ready to come out. I'm in there for maybe 30 minutes and then I'm set free to roam the rest of the house.

Usually Tigger knows when I'm ready to come out. She'll lay down in front of the door and stick her paws under the door to let mom know I'm on the other side of the door waiting to come out. Mom gets easily side-tracked and counts on Tigger to remind her. Well, last night Tigger didn't let mom know I was ready to come out and mom forgot that I was in the room. Mom went to bed. I was trapped in that room all night long with no food or water or no litterbox.

Mom got up this morning and opened up her door. As soon as she came out, I meowed and meowed at the top of my lungs! I wanted OUT of that room. Mom heard me and opened up the door and I meandered out of the room like a lady. As soon as I cleared the door, I took off! I wasn't going to get locked in that room again. Mom felt so bad that she forgot about me and trapped me in there all night! She came over and picked me up and gave me lots of kisses and kept petting me and telling me that she was so sorry. She felt really bad. She's lucky I don't hold a grudge! I'll probably still go in that room, but hopefully mom won't forget me next time. I just want to know why Tigger didn't have my back?


A Cake? For Me?

February 27th 2007 9:29 am
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Oh goody!!! I got a cake just for me too! Yay!!! Today is my 1 year anniversary on Catster!!! I guess since most of the other furbutts in the house got a cake too, I don't have to worry about sharing. Thank you Catster for my beautiful cake!!!


Thank You Treat Fairy!!!

January 29th 2007 4:28 pm
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I wanted to say a special Thank You to the Treat Fairy for giving me so many yummy treats and for giving me a red Rosette letting me know that I was visited. That was so very sweet and thoughtful and it brightened my day. I feel very special. Thank you Treat Fairy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank You Popeye for the Rosette!!!

September 29th 2006 6:15 pm
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Today is a very special day for me. I made a new friend today, received my very first Rosette, and am writing my very first diary. See, I'm the baby and I'm very timid. So today is a milestone for me. It all started when Tanner looked up a kitty named Popeye. He found her to be absolutely beautiful and wanted her to be our friend. So, we sent a friend invite and she accepted! Then she sent me a Rosette, my very first Rosette! It's so pretty! I love the color too. It think it's purrfect and mom is so happy for me. I didn't understand what all the hype was about for receiving a Rosette, and now I finally understand. I feel really special today because of Popeye and I thought I'd write my first diary and try to express my gratitude for her thoughtfulness. So, here's a special Thank You to Popeye for giving me my first Rosette and for being by newest friend. Thank you (meow, meow, meow)! I'm so glad that we're friends!!!

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