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If It Ain't Moving.....Then Neither Am I

First Cat of the Day and Now Diary?!!!!

October 13th 2012 4:22 pm
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I just can express how happy to be chosen and most of all from the Catster cats for remembering me and sending me rosettes and pictures of congratulations. It's sooo wonderful and it made my mom feel so happy for me.

I love you all CATS!


Cat of the Day

October 8th 2012 10:50 pm
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I'm so honor that I was chosen Cat of the Day! My mom was so happy and surprise. I am honor in our little Community. Thank you Cats!


In Dreams

August 31st 2011 11:10 pm
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Alex (and her mom) have been talking about waiting on that special visit from any kitty that leaves us. I've been waiting for Casey to come to me in my dreams.

She hasn't really yet (although I think she left her mark on her ashes box). Last night I dreamt of losing her; not being able to find her. My ex boyfriend was in the dream. In real life, he's known Casey since I brought her home. He was in the dream and I remember calling out to Casey and a cat named Princess. When I woke up I recalled that Casey's mom's name was Princess. My niece would feed the stray/feral cat in the area that they lived. She called her Princess. When Princess had kittens - Casey was one of them which I brought home. In my dream Princess was a white cat. I'm going to get in touch with my niece to find out what color was Princess because I don't remember.

So...even though in my dream I didn't see Casey, I think in time, I will.


Casey the Cat Leaves One Last Scratch Mark

August 27th 2011 4:24 pm
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Hi! I'm writing this in Casey's Diary:

So I got my new pink stroller yesterday and this morning Dad started to put my stroller together. He had to stop because he couldn't find one little washer. So mom went to the hardware store to find one little washer but she couldn't find the exact size so she left because she had to pick up Casey's ashes at the vet.

Mom came home upset because the nice little box that had Casey's ashes in it had a scratch on it. *sigh* mom started to cry when she brought the box inside the house. She showed us the nice name plate and then she pointed out the scratch on the box. I told mom not to cry because Casey always scratched mom when she was a little kitten....and then after that when she was a cat...and then after that and after that some more.

So maybe that was just Casey's way of leaving mom a remembrance of her -- one more little scratch mark for mom. That made mom feel better.

From Savannah aka Banners! Casey's Best Friend


Thank You

August 21st 2011 9:53 am
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Casey has always been a healthy cat. When I suspected that something was wrong, it was in November and I noticed her drinking a lot of water. I had her tested and she had elevated levels that indicated that her kidneys were failing. For ten months we've kept her comfortable and hydrated with fluids and I made sure she ate as much as she could to keep her weight up.

We went thru our ups and downs but they were really not bad at all. Casey has always been a healthy indoor cat. The only time she was at the vet was when once she was in our backyard and a Tom cat got a hold of her and fought with her. Her wounds needed attention. Other than that she's never been any trouble at all. So what small issues we experience with her were nothing.

The cats on caster educated me to what was happening to Casey. The advice I got from Alex - Sweet Angel Girl was wonderful and it helped me give Casey 10 more months to live. When the fluids and the b12 didn't work this time around and she stopped eating I knew the fight was over and Casey was ready to make her journey.

I loved her so much and I know I gave her the best life I could give her. She was born wild and I rescued her from the streets at four months old. She held onto that toughness for many years and as she got older she let it go but in the end it was me who had to get tough and fight the fight for her to stay healthy and comfortable. In the end it was me who had to be strong enough to go thru the pain of letting her go.

Thank you all for your love and support and special thanks to Alex Sweet Girl.


I Turned 17 Years Old In August

August 17th 2011 9:07 pm
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I just wanted to say that I made it to 17 years old on August 1st. I'm afraid to say things are not going very well for me and my mom is thinking that my time is coming very fast. I haven't been eating and though my mom (and step dad) have been doing all they can to keep me comfortable, it doesn't seem to be working. Tomorrow I have a vet appointment.

I've been a part of my mom's life since I was four months old. I was always a tough girl and in the beginning my mom thought I was a boy cat because I walked so strong and solid and with confidence. Later at my vet visit I was deemed a girl. Good for mom for calling me Casey b/c she didn't have to change my name.

When I was a young cat I use to play fetch with my mom. I like pipe cleaners and I would play with them. Mom then would roll them up and throw them and I would actually jump from her bed to fetch them and bring them back to her. Where did that come from? I did that for many years and one day I stopped.

My mom had a rabbit named Vago at the time of my arrival and I often hung out with Vago when he could come inside the house. On the large patio we would hang out together. He was nice.

I was tough on my mom. I wasn't very affectionate and she had a tough time trying to hold me. Everything was in my time and when I was done napping on her lap, I would let her know...not always in a nice way. I scratched her up pretty bad and I would bite her too. Mom said we have a love/hate relationship but no matter what, she took care of me and fed me and loved me all these years.

I didn't even get upset with her when she brought a dog home in the year 2002. Oh...right..that was the year she got married too. I don't mean to say He was a dog. Although my "step dad" didn't like cats, he didn't mind me around cuz I was quiet and clean and didn't fuss much. I was talking about that other dog named Talker. Now he was alright as a pup, but he soon got big we had to sort out who was in charge of the house. He backed off and realized that I was Top Cat and he was Top Dog. We both compromised and that's how we got along. Sometimes he would annoy me and I was swat his face with double punches and mom would laugh because my punch had no pop and Talker would just give me his quizzical look and walk away which is what I wanted him to do in the first place.

Then we moved and mom and dad got another pup -- Savannah. Now she's always been coole wiff me. She likes me and doesn't bother me. She whimpers at me when she's distress or when she's worried about me. We touch noses and say hellow to each other in the morning.

I love my family and they love me. I cherish the years we've had together. When my time comes I will go with a feeling of fullness in my heart because I have had a full and loving life.

Forever and Always I will love you Mom for choosing me and not letting my scratches and bites deter your love for me. Thank you.

Casey the Cat


I'm 14 Year's Old

August 2nd 2008 2:07 pm
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August 1st I turned 14 year's old!! Mom can't believe that I've been in her life for so long. I'm a permanent fixture and I have seniority over those two pups that live wiff me.

Where's my cat nip? Where's the cake? Where's the fanfare?????

Happy Birthday to Me!


Fair Share of Time

March 16th 2006 10:38 pm
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I'm not getting my fair share of Catster time! Those darn Dogster dogs take up all of my mom's time and she can't seem to find time for me to make new friends.

I'm feeling a bit neglected. Although I'm not one to beg for attention, but every once and awhile I would like a nice head rub and some typing time from her.

This is a pet peeve of mine: I hate when my mom moves just when I get cozy on her lap or on the couch. She says that I take sooo much time to get cozy that by the time I do finally settle in, she has to get up. What's with that? I can't help it if I'm OCD and have to do my rituals. First I have to sniff and sniff and then I have to do the muffins on her belly or on her lap...and I have to do at least 200 of those kneading paws before I can settle in...

Mom sez I'm OCD but I just think it's the norm of being a CAT. Right?


My First Website

February 23rd 2006 10:46 pm
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Well I can't believe it. My mom actually found time to create me my own living space outside of this house--Catster.

Well here I am. My name is Casey. My mom thought i was a boy cat because I walked like I owned the place. I was only about 4 months old when she rescued me. She said I had a toughness when I walked that made her believe I was a boy cat until I went to the vet and my chart was changed to Female with an Attitude.

I was an only child until along came a DOG. Having lived inside almost all my life, I had no idea what my mom was bringing home. Five years ago, a pup arrived and since then my life has changed.

I use to be able to move about as I pleased. I ran the house and I admit, I wasn't the easiest cat to get along with, but my mom was persistent and I finally gave in.

Now I co-exist with two basenjis and a mom and dad and my dad's son. The boy likes me. I know he does cuz he watches out for me. He likes to come over and try to pet me. I don't mind really and I like that he gives me some attention. I think he's a little scared of me cuz I wasn't always nice to him. It's the nature of me, I guess. But I'm getting to a point where I'm softening up to him.

Well, I'll write more another time. This is my first time ever expressing myself and I must admit, I do have a lot to say. But I'll save it until next time.

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