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HOLY CATNIP! Love is Grand when you're an Old Furt!

The Path to Heaven

September 21st 2009 9:12 am
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Meows Everyfur,

I have arrived at the Rainbow Bridge! Holy Catnip! This trip was amazing! With each step I took up the stairs I felt better. My fur started to fluff, my body started to feel healthy, and the spark came back into my eyes!

I cannot believe how many Angels met me on the way! Muffie was number one in line, and she licked me all over I purred and purred! Next was Barney, who licked me too! Then my brother Jesse James - we headbutted and we were so happy to see each other! My brothers Sassafras, Conan the Bavarian, Willie and my sisters Miss Ghost & Cinderella. All the piggys were wheaking to see me, my mouse Stewie, and my hammys. What an amazing family reunion!

So many Angel Friends greeted me along the way! Isaac, Biscuit, Blackjack, Amanda, Tyler, Buddie, McKenna, Edie, Baby, Jessica, Fuzzy, wow! So many friends I cannot even name them all!

I haven't received my wings yet - Jesse says I have to go to Angel School and learn first. That's ok - I heard Isaac teached Angel Bling - and maybe I can get a job in the future helping him.

Thank You to Everyone for your love and support! You are the best friends any guy could have! Special Love to my Elsa.

Lots of Love from Heaven,

Angel Maxie

Maxie's Mom here - Maxie passed peacefully to the Bridge at 9:45 AM this morning. He went peacefully on his favorite pink blanket. He'll always be a Man In Pink! He stopped eating this morning, and the Doc said his kidneys had failed. He was very fragile, but not in any pain.
Maxie was buried in the front Creature Garden, along with Jesse Jame's ashes. They were always together their whole lives, and now the brothers are together for forever.

Erich and I are very grateful for 18 1/2 years of mischief with the little Red Devil Cat. Maxie was always unique, always into something, always the chief mischief maker. We know his spirit is with us, and he will always have a very special place in our hearts.


When It's Time To Say Goodbye

September 18th 2009 9:39 am
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Meows Everyfur,

It's been a while since I have written a diary.

Meows hates to post anything that will make the humans sad or worried.

As some of mew know, I have been losing lots and lots of weight lately. I had my blood checked and all was good.

Meowmy tried giving me anything I liked to eat - from macaroni & cheese, to peanut butter, to chicken and ham. Sometimes I eat it - sometimes I don't - but I still eat my cat food. I look lik a scrawny red chicken now - but Elsa still thinks I am handsome.....sigh.....

I now have Kitty Alzheimers - I zone out a lot - I am really chasing rats in Grand Central Station with my love Elsa. When I ignored chicken the other night, and yet kept looking fur more - the humans realized how confused I am now.

I have not used the litter box in weeks, and now I even walk through the mushy poops and leave poopy paw prints from one end of the house to the other. Meowmy can now follow my prints to see where I am. I try to climb up the couch, and I fell off this morning and conked my little head.

Meowmy, Daddy and I talked this morning and we all agreed that the best thing fur me is to journey to the Rainbow Bridge on Monday.

I am not happy feeling this way - and they love me enough to let me go and be with all of my Angel Friends.

We all agreed that I would stay with them for one more weekend - so we could do yard time with the doggys, I could have all my favorite treats, and they could smother me in kisses and hugs.

I am so excited that I will be seeing my brother Jesse James, my doggy Muffie who raised me, my doggy Barney who washed me, my kitty brothers Conan, Sassafras and Willie who I grew up with.

Please do not be sad for me, I have lived a furry long and happy life! I have never been sick, and I have been very much loved by my pawrents and all my fur siblings.

Purrlease do not leave me rosies & presents - uses them for happy occasions like Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Know how much I treasure each and every one of your friendships - and hope we will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.

I love you all furry much!



I've been Tagged

November 9th 2008 1:53 pm
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I've been tagged by my mnew friend Bo, so I had to play. He's a furry cool cat!

I has to tell 7 furbulous tings 'bout myself then tag 7 friends - hope no one minds that I don't tag anyone else?

Here I goes!

1. I am a pest. I like to hop on Mom's lap and Scream in her face like a Harpy.

2.I am beyond a very friendly cat - the first one to welcome guests at the door, and I refuse to leave their laps. If they put me down I just keep hopping back up.

3. I love to eat!!! I weigh about 5 pounds but eat like a horse.

4. I like to get dressed up and pose for photos.

5. My favorite past time - is sleeping on the kitchen window, .

6. I have lived in 4 places. My breeder, the mall, Brewster and Bethel.

7. I love to snuggle into Gypsy and take naps.


My Love - the Ultimate Goddess Elsa

February 8th 2008 6:19 am
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Meowlo my friends! As many of you know, my beautiful and amazing Elsa and I are quite an item on Catster. She is the most amazing lady - and quite the flirt. She's given many an Old Furt the flutters, and we now all keep Nitro in our pockets.

But this is the ultimate in happiness for this little Old Furt Kitty! Read what my beautiful amazing Goddess has written for ME!!!!!!!!!! Needless to say I needed 2 Nitros before I finished reading it!


A flash, a molten breath of gold
Streaks Maximus like Apollo bold
Raising Dawn from Night's dreary cold.
My Bright Love, you have brought
An end to dreary cramped aged thoughts.

My blood runs warm and warmer still
I wake to taste the lingering thrill
Of dreams of you chasing over merry hills.
We romp like kittens, dance like youths
And share a smile knowing Love' s Truth.

We shall waltz until the End of Time
Tending our Love, forever Sublime
You are my Maximus! So Divine
I revel to know that you are all Mine!


Elsa Elsa Elsa - we will be together furever!!!!!!!!!

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