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I am now in Heaven

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At the Bridge

December 21st 2015 5:27 pm
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It has been 9 years today since I came to the Bridge. Mawmy still misses me, but I have gramma and a a grampa !ap to sit on.


Thank you!

May 14th 2013 9:35 am
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so much for the Birthday remembrances...we SO appreciate it!


4 years ago...

December 21st 2010 7:17 am
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I came to the Bridge. Even with the new cats and kittens Smokey and I have sent to our earth family, my mawmy still misses me very much, and still cries. Thank you to all my furriends on Catster for your love and rosies. We cherish each one of you!!!



June 14th 2009 8:22 pm
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As you can tell from the photo, Tory and I tied the knot in Catlas Vegas last Wednesday, June 10. We shared our elopement with Sparky & Precious and Jethro & Rose...what a GREAT time we had...and a purrfectly lovely 3 night honeymoon at Circus Circus. We will (as long as Tory approves) move into a new house, so she can be close to her sisters, and we new brothers-in-law can be close what brings us together today...and forever!



June 8th 2009 10:01 am
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After going steady for over 2 years, I finally got up the nerve to ask my Torycat to marry me, and HOORAY she said YES! She already has her engagement ring, wedding ring and eternity ring showing on her page. I am the happiest cat at the Bridge!


My Mawmy is Crying

February 20th 2009 8:08 pm
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She is crying over that little kitten that was cruelly killed in the microwave, and the fact that there is no justice for that kitten. She is crying about all the cats who don't have homes. She is crying about the cats who are harmed by humans with no feelings. She is crying because she wishes she could have kept the stray kitten she and daddy found just before they went on vacation, and hopes that stray found a loving home. But most of all, she is crying because she misses me, and wishes I was still with her. Mawmy, I love you and miss you too...but I am happy and healthy here at the Bridge...and I am watching over you....purring for you...and shedding some tears too over the animals that need more love, more food and more care. Thanks to ALL of you who care for animals as members of your families. Thanks to ALL of you who strive to find loving homes for homeless animals. Thanks to ALL of you who work for justice for helpless animals. Blessings on you!



June 29th 2008 7:18 pm
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OK, so I am told to write 5 great things about me, and tag 5 other kitties... here goes!
1. When I was littler, I would not just chase a ball, but fetch it and bring it back to my mawmy or daddy.
2. I was "trained" MOL to stay on the front porch or back deck...and mawmy could even leave me out there alone for a few minutes (keeping an eye on me through the window) and I stayed!
3. I greeted EVERYONE when they came to the door, and especially liked those who were allergic or afraid (HUH?) of cats.
4. I was always very good at taking the fluids (when they were warm enough).
5. I would sleep in between my pawrents, in the crook of my mawmy's arm...and purred alot to gently put them to sleep.
NOW.....I tag
Mr Pink
Mr Sam


It's been over a year now

December 23rd 2007 7:10 am
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My Bridge annifursary was on year ago this past Friday, I left my earth family and came to the Bridge. While my pawrents and I were very sad to part with each other, and miss each other terribly, our Catster family of feline and human friends have helped so much. We have made so many wonderful friends here...thank you to each one who pmailed or gave a gift, or sent prayers and purrs (and kitty angel dust) our way. We love you all, and cannot thank you enough....Ginger & Earth Family


I've been tagged by Lucky!!!!!

July 5th 2007 12:34 pm
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Here is my "tag" information.....

Please write 7 things about yourself on your diary, and tag more cats...

1. I loved bananas.
2. I have a lopsided moustache, orange on one side, white on the other.
3. Laying on my back was my favourite position.
4. I was very patient with my mawmy giving me sub q fluids every day.
5. When my pawrents sneezed, I would meow (saying bless you!).
6. When my pawrents told me "I love you Ginger", I would meow back at them.
7. I miss my mawmy and daddy, and am glad for ALL MY FURFRIENDS ON CATSTER.


I've been at the Bridge over 6 months!

June 30th 2007 7:29 am
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Well, I have to say that my mawmy cried on June 21 (my 6 month annifursary at the Bridge)...cause she misses me, and I miss her too....but we've made so many friends here, and I was even groomscat (woo hoo) at Albert and Squirty's wedding!!! Check out that suit I wore! Well, I've got a Baking Pawty to host...mawmy, please just KNOW that I am happy and healthy, and having a great time....luv to all cats everywhere in the world and your pawrents....from Ginger (& Mawmy)

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