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>^..^< My Meows & Purrs!!!

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~*♥ Ajax! ♥*~

May 12th 2006 6:43 pm
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I have a new BF now he's sOoOoOoOoOo nice and funny too! We have so mutch in-comen and live only an owr away from etch other, so were on at the same time most of the time!♥! I ♥ U Ajax!

LoVe: Your GF Snickers!♥♥♥♥♥♥&he arts;♥♥


~*~ Best Friends! ~*~

April 23rd 2006 1:39 pm
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I have a new friend! His name is Ajax he's sOoOoOoOo nice to me! He evan took me out for ice cream wean I was sad! He also took we to Petey and Milos wedding! He's just so nice!

Love: Always your Best Friend Snickers! ♥ !


~~~Mommys Music!~~~

April 21st 2006 9:52 am
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Last night mommy was lisaning to her Ipod and I walked up to her and purred as I usily do so she picked me up and started peting me * starts to purr remembering it * Than I herd this sound coming from thes little wight things in her ears ( witch I hate I always try to bite them wean she not using them it looks like thar hurting her and im not going to just sit thar well my mommy is getting hurt! ) Any ways back to the story yes thar was sound coming from them! I couldint make out what song it was but I liked it! I started purring louder and likeing mommys hand! So now she calls me The Musicul Mezzer! He!he! im not sher what it means but I like it!

~*~ Love: Snuckers M.! ~*~


~?~ Easter ~?~

April 16th 2006 8:05 am
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~Today was my first Easter Im not sher what that is but it was fun!!! Mommy sade that wean I was sleeping the " Easter Bunny " Would come and leave us toys and treats! * Sound good to me * I didnt relly beleav her! But to my saprize wean I woke up I found lots of toys and treats for me and Bindi! ~ The only thing that I didn't like was that we hade some friends over last night and guse what thay broute . . . . . A DOG! His name was Lucky and he likes to bug! But I sher shoud him! * Well I kinda ran and hid under mommys blankits but thats ok! * I hope thay dont bring him next year *
~ Well I hade fun * leave out the dog! *~

~I think il go and play with my new toys right now! ~
~ Meows & Purrs! Love: Snicks! ~


♥ ~Find A Cure ~ Think Pink! ~ ♥

April 13th 2006 4:31 pm
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I am in the * Stroll For Breast Cancer * Mommys grandma is fighting breast cancer and we are thinking of her all the time! I recamend that *YOU!!!* Joyin in on the fun to find a cure!

Love: Snickers!♥!


Cat Tree!♥!♥!

April 3rd 2006 9:35 am
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My mommy got me a cat tree on Sunday! I love it she put cat nip on it so me and Bindi clime up on it and play with the toys underint! It's SoOoOoOoOoOo mutch fun!

Thank You Mommy!
Love: Snickers!♥


♥ I ♥ You Smudge! ♥!

March 24th 2006 4:35 pm
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Im going out with the most handsom cat EVER! ( well at lest I think so! ) His name is Smudge but most of you alredy know him! He is a NFC just like my daddy was ! And Smudge if you read this I hope you know just how mutch I love you!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ;♥♥!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love: Your GF Snick's! ♥!!!



February 17th 2006 12:21 pm
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I found out what my new favourit toy is it's tese little pom-poms that my mommy got me i love sooooooo mutch!!!!!



February 15th 2006 4:51 pm
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I just notised somthing I LOVE Box's !!!! mommy got me a box and put some toy's in it so it's like my own play room now! I love it george tryed to tack over it but I sher fixed that! yep well you no what I think il go and play now it's almost time form me & mommys play-date! He! He! I love them! well gota jet! see ya! Love: Snickers.M!



February 5th 2006 10:43 am
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Toy's! mommy got me some new toys today and thar sooooooooo mutch fun!!!!!! I love them! I got 2 teser sticks and a Barbie* Feather Hedgehog!, hummm what els? OH YA! I got more of thows foil balls! ( thar sooo mutch fun! ) Love: Snickers.M!

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R.I.P~ Snickers!~♥


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