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I didn't get much time...

Anything we want.. At Rainbow Bridge

October 26th 2006 5:09 pm
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Hi everykitty,

I have good news.. But first, let me give you some history..

If you've read my bio, you can see that I didn't have much time on earth. I came to the bridge when I was wee little. I didn't have a real name and the nicest kitty ever gave me my name... Maggie.. I came to love this kitty as my Mommy since I never really had a kitty mommy. Her name is Kassie. I loved her from the day we met and I always called her "My Kassie". My Kassie never had any babies of her own when she was still on earth and she took me under her angel wings and helped me here at the bridge.

Now the good news.. As of today, My Kassie has officially adopted me to be her little kitty girl. I now have a Angel Kitty Mommy! All of my own! I love you My Mommy Kassie. Thank you for wanting to be my official Mommy!


I wasn't here long enough...

February 7th 2006 8:25 am
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.... to learn many things or experience much. My life was saved my my human Mommy and Daddy, I was fed by my human brother Jesse and I was loved and watched over by my canine brother Rowdy. Thats about all I know. The only doggies I ever knew was Rowdy and Butch and they loved me. I thought all doggies was nice but they aren't.. At least not all of em are nice to kitties. The neighbors dog Elvis and his pack came over and I didn't know that they were mean doggies so I didn't run and well... here I am at rainbow bridge. My life on earth was short but the time I was there, I was loved. Now my doggie brother Rowdy is here and he LOVED me on earth and still loves me sooo much. I have other kitty friends here now.. I have Kassie, Baby, Autumn to mention a few. They have taken me under their angel wings and I feel safe now. I'll wait here for the rest of my family till we are all together again.

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