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Tony's Time to Talk!!

Rainbow Bridge Thoughts from Tony

January 20th 2014 10:18 am
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As most of you already know, I went to the Bridge on January 10, 2014, laying in my Meowmy’s arms as her tears soaked my fur. I am home now, sitting on her nightstand so I can be by her at night when she sleeps. That was my favorite place to be—snuggled up to Meowmy all nice and warm to sleep. Heaven is a wonderful place. After getting welcomed by Calvin, who fitted me with some furtastic wings, I headed straight for my daddy. Daddy was waiting for me, as he already knew I was coming. It was so good to see him. I’ve been sitting in his lap a lot. I also saw my Grandmaw and Grandpaw who are fairly new angels too. They were happy to see me, especially Grandmaw. She introduced me to their doggie Angels Aggie and Ladybug – they were pretty cool for doggies – MOL!!

I am watching over my Meowmy. The day after I crossed over, I headbutted her ankle. No other kitty was around and she just knew it was me. A couple of days later, she could have sworn she saw me jump up on the love seat, as she has seen me do so many times. She was right. It is beautiful here, Meowmy, I have so many angel friends here, I cannot even name them all. I am not suffering anymore. I don’t have that terrible CRF. Thank you for freeing me and letting me go. One day, we will be together again. I’ll be here curled up in Daddy’s lap until you get here.

I was sorry to hear about Catster. Thank you for helping my Meowmy meet so many pawesome people. The friendships will be preserved on Facebook, for those who are there,and by e-mail for those who are not. It will never be the same. Some of us still have hope Catster can be saved. Anything is possible. If not, Meowmy is making sure our pages are preserved in her own computer library. Thanks for the memories.

I send all of you much love from the Bridge,
Angel Tony


My Daddy is in Heaven Now

November 22nd 2012 9:01 pm
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Hi ev-fur-body, I am sorry it has been so long since I have written. Yesterday, my daddy went to heaven. It all started Sunday when he fell out of the chair in the kitchen. I was curled up with mommy and he came in here, laid down beside mommy and told her what had happened. As he was telling her, I saw him start rocking back and forth and snoring. Mommy was screaming at him and he didn't answer her. I got so furry furry scared and Ashley ran in here to see what was happening. About then, daddy slipped off the bed and mommy was dialing 9-1-1. She keeps screaming and then the scary sirens and men came in and worked on my daddy and then took him away. He didn't come back home.

Yesterday, my mommy found out daddy had really left us on Sunday and was something called brain dead. With the results being conclusive, mommy said she had to let daddy go to Heaven to be with his pawrents and family. She has had somebody stay here every night since Sunday. My Auntie Carol came the first two nights. She was sitting in daddy's chair and I got so excited when I heard it, then I realize it wasn't daddy and I looked at her to tell her that she needed to get up in case daddy came home.

Tuesday night, Aunt Suzi and Uncle Cory came, and then last night when they got home, they were all furry sad. Meowmy explained it to us but Ashley and I didn't really understand.

Today, Daddy's sister came and I went to her, headbutted her leg, and then flopped down. Meowmy hasn't seen me do this since daddy left here with the noisy van. Somehow, she made me feel better. Ashley and I were both happier with her here, and our cousin Shelby too. She is so furry sad cause daddy is her uncle and was like a second daddy to her.

I realize that Daddy has now gone to Heaven. I know that is a good thing but Ashley & I really miss him. We are going to take good care of our Meowmy and she will take good care of us. Our Auntie Sherry and Uncle Bill are coming to see Meowmy on Saturday when everyone says goodbye to him. Meowmy is putting pictures of us in the casket so he won't miss us, and we are included in the obituary. We are his children after all!!

Thanks for reading and listening to my thoughts. It has been a scary few days and Ashley and I really don't know how to act. Meowmy says with our Aunt and cousin here, we are feeling more settled down.

Remember, love is forever. God is good.

Your pal,



June 18th 2011 8:33 pm
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Furriends, I am happy to report that my creatinine and BUN numbers improved. My BUN dropped from 41 mg in March to 40 mg today. My creat number dropped from 3.2 mg in March to 2.7 mg today! While they were still high, those were the ONLY high values on my bloodwork - everything else was normal. There was only minimal protein in my urine too. And to top it off, I gained half a pound. I had lost some weight over the past year, but Dr. P and my pawrents were very happy that I gained a half pound!

The Prescription K/D diet is working for me!! Dr. P was very happy that the numbers had improved and that we are preserving the kidney function I do have. YAY!! Thank Cat! I don't have to go back until my annual vet visit in October. That visit won't be much fun because of the vaccinations in addition to stealing my blood and urine, but it's 4 months away.

I didn't want to get into my carrier, of course. It was a rough ride for everyone. I quit yowling when we got there, but I still was talking to everyperson in the waiting room and their pets. There was even a dog that was more upset that me and we were unhappy in unison. MOL! There was another smaller dog there, but he was really quiet.

When we got into the exam room, I decided I liked it better in my carrier. The nice vet technician helped me out - she was gentle and sweet. I was a good boy when they stole the blood and urine but I did wander the room and hide before Dr. P came back in to tell us the good news. I started out hiding in the sink and then crawled in the corner with my back to ev-fur-one. I figured if I don't see them, they don't see me. MOL!! Dr. P chuckled at this site. She is so nice and petted me. She wished my sisfur CRANKY--MOL!!! well. She knows my sisfur very well.... My sisfur has a reptuation, I tell you...

It was hard getting back in the carrier, but I was happier on the trip home cause I knew I could get out of the carrier and enjoy the rest of my day.

Thanks for reading, furriends, and most of all, thanks for all your words of support, encouragement, and for your furriendship. I have special angels Rocky Ann, Miss Mittens, and my sisfur Callie watching over me. Your purring for me means everything!!

Love, Tony xoxo


Checkup Time...

June 17th 2011 6:45 pm
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Hi Ev-fur-body,

I'm sorry I haven't been able to get mom to write for me. There's so much going on right now.

My grandpawrents, especially my Granpaw, has not been feeling furry well. My pawrents have had to go see about them a lot and buy groceries and stuff for them. It's hard for mom to see Granpaw hurting so much and just laying in bed. He's never been like that. Grandmaw has blockages in her arteries and mom is afraid the stress of Grandpaw being sick could make her have more heart problems. Why do grandpawrents have to get older and have these problems? I've been sticking close to mom; it seems to help her feel better. I'm just glad she gets to work from home 2 days a week. I can keep a better check on her!!

Last week, some young driver in a small SUV slammed into the back of my pawrent's car when they were almost home. They were stopped at a stop light less than 2 miles from home. My mom has been hurting ever since and my dad hasn't felt furry well either. Now they are short one car while it gets repaired. Mom said something to Grandmaw about $5,100 of damage. I guess that must be a lot. I'm just glad my pawrents are ok other than hurting. My mom may have to have more physical therapy.

It's already been 3 months since my CRD diagnosis. I think that means Dr. P has to steal more blood and urine from me. They have an appointment early tomorrow morning. What I hate more than anything is my carrier and riding in a car. That's worse than getting stuck and catheterized!! I promise! They tell me I'm a good patient but mom says they just haven't seen me in action in the car. MOL.

Please wish me luck, furriends! I'll let you know how it goes.




April 12th 2011 8:24 pm
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I want to thank the nice Diary Lady for picking me – I’m in such good company, with many of my great furriends who have received this honor.

I also want to thank you for the nice notes and giftees – I like your notes and thinking of me.

I am seem to be doing pretty well right now; my sister thinks a little too well – MOL!! I kept trying to run her off the bed last night but mom wouldn’t let me and that annoyed me. Mom says one of my best qualities is that I get over being aggravated fairly quickly – well, except when she took me to get my toofies cleaned at the end of February. That was no fun. I guess I was mad at her for longer than I’ve ever been. I can’t stay mad at her though. I just like to be a loving boy – I get petted more this way, you see. One drawback is that mom likes to kiss me on top of the head. I usually duck if I can. Daddy says I’m a “chick magnet” and “chick magnets do not duck sugar”. Well, ok, Dad, then she can kiss YOU on top of the head and YOU can be the “chick magnet”.

Thanks again everyone – mom is sorry she just found out and is late with sending out thanks from me.

Love, Tony


My First Diary

April 5th 2011 3:28 pm
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Hi furriends,
I finally sweet mewed my mom into doing a diary for me.
My pawrents found out on March 19 that I have Chronic Renal Disease. My vet feels very good about how I will do on this new diet I have to eat, and we are hoping for good numbers in June. My mom says that would be the best turning 50 present ever!!

I like this vet, even if she is the one who found my sister – MOL. She is so good and gentle with us cats, and seems to understand so much about us. She’s about the only vet my sister will behave for, although that vet called her Cranky the day we were there. My dad laughed so much. She can be cranky, but that’s the topic for another diary. I actually like all the vets there. There is the other nice lady vet who has the same first name as my sister, and the other vet, whom I like too, is a guy with a gross name. His name is Dr. Gross – MOL!

I got medicine for a kidney infection the day I was there, and I am feeling friskier. I am chasing my sister more, which really annoys her. I didn’t like taking those pills, though. Mom put the pills in treats for a couple of days and then when I caught on to her, I had to have those pills given to me with a pill shooter. You know where your mom pries your mouth open. I didn’t like that at all.

I will keep you updated on how I’m doing. Thanks for reading.
Love, Tony

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