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Life of luxury - All mine!

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June 22nd 2010 5:29 am
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Hello all,

The Mom here letting you all know that Mojo and his brothers have a blog. It is updated it about 5 times a week and I think you will enjoy reading stories of the boys there. Please come and check it out!

The Mom to Angel Mojo


Over the Rainbow

February 25th 2009 1:22 pm
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Today, Mojo passed over the rainbow bridge about 9am. He was surrounded by his family and it was a very peaceful passing. He had started having a bit of trouble breathing on Saturday, and by Monday he was more labored. Our vet came over and checked him out and we decided it was close to time. We decided Wednesday morning would be the best time to do our final act of kindness for him. Everything went remarkably smooth. He was perkier this morning than he had been in several days and even ate a fair breakfast. But we noticed he was lame in one foot from the tumor pressing on his spine, so we knew it was still time. Just one last physical reminder that we were making the right decision for him.

We took several paw print impressions after he passed, so we will always have something to remember him by. I took a ton of photos that morning and the night before as well.

After we finished what we needed to do, we drove him to the vet school, one last time. We donated his body to them for research, and hope that they can find a cure for this hateful tumor type.

I just heard from the crematory and Mojo has arrived there and will be cremated tonight. I am going over on Friday to pick up his ashes and he will be forever with me.

He was the sweetest cat ever and so tolerant of any procedure you needed to do to him. His vets at the vet school came out and spoke with us. He had such an impact on so many lives.

Mojo will always be a part of our lives and I will never forget him.

Fly High Superman!! You will be missed!


New photo added to page

January 12th 2009 2:02 pm
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The new photo at the top was taken the first week in January, 2009. You can see my tumor, a fibrosarcoma, on my side. It is a hateful thing. I am eating better now that I was during that photo shoot, but I am still losing weight. I love to lay in a heated bed, and just snuggle down in a blanket and purr myself to sleep! Life is still good for me.


Happy New Year to Mojo

January 5th 2009 10:12 am
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Well, it's a new year, and Mojo is still plugging along...this is mom writing. Mojo has had a few more bad days lately, but seems to be perking up some again. He goes up, then down, then back up again.

We tried a new drug to see if he was nauseated because he doesn't seem to be feeling like himself lately. It seemed to help some, but not a lot. He is starting to eat a bit more again, which is good. He is on a major tuna kick right now, and that is all he wants, so that is what he gets. I offer other foods, but they just don't hit the spot the way a nice can of tuna does. His taste buds seem to change about every week though, so I never know what he'll eat. He is keeping me on my toes!

He is getting super skinny, and his back is quite bony. I keep encouraging him to eat, but I don't think it is enough right now. I am hesitant about giving him the appetite stimulant because it makes him angry andhe pees inappropriately when he takes it. I am checking with the vet to try and find something else for him because he needs to be eating.

His tumor is growing, but so far his pain is still under control without needing extra doses or anything, which is good. The tumor has a small sore on it, but we trying to keep him from licking at it so much. I've bought a couple of dog tank tops to try. I'll let you know how that goes, and maybe take a picture!

That's all for now...we are all just hanging in there and enjoying our time with Mojo.


Still going strong...

October 22nd 2008 7:48 am
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It's been 4 weeks since my radiation treatment, and although I wasn't able to stop my pain medicine, my attitude has improved, and life is good. I'm taking a few more pills each night than I would prefer, but they are helping, even though I hate to admit that because I like to cause trouble when I take them. :) I suppose I should stop giving mom a hard time about taking them. My current mediciation schedule is this...

Pain medicine twice a day, morning and night
Cyclosporine twice a day lately because my mouth is a bit flaired
Antihistamine twice a day to help with my mouth itching
Immuno-therapy injection once every two weeks
Appetite Stimulant once every three days

I don't like all the meds, but they are working. I eat like a pig when I get my appetite stimulant...I just can't help myself! Eating makes me feel good though, so I'm not complaining. There's nothing better than a nice full belly and then curling up in a warm bed for a nap...what a great life!

I've been playing some in the evenings, but not a ton. I still enjoy watching my brothers play though...they are all crazy with this cooler weather we are having!

Here's hoping things just keep plugging along for is good right now...thanks for all your purrs.


Dealt another bad hand, but life is still good

September 25th 2008 10:19 am
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It's September now, but a lot has happened to me since my last diary entry almost a year ago. I had a great birthday and spoiled me, as always. Medically, I was able to go longer between my allergy shots which was great! I always feel like such a pin cushion! Everything was cruising along for me until March when I had a small cyst come up on my face. I went in to have it lanced, and the vet noticed that one of my teeth roots was coming through my gums (remember I had all my teeth removed in 07, and the roots should have absorbed), so she wanted to correct that. Mom said since I was going to be sedated to go ahead and give me my microchip too.

Not long after that, mom was noticing something on my side, but it felt like my chip, so she didn't think anything about it. In May, my allergies flairs BIG TIME, so I went back on all my favorite drugs...cyclosporine and antihistamines, and those crazy allergy shots were increased again. It took several weeks before I started looking and feeling better, and by this time, mom noticed that little spot on my side was growing. I went to the regular vet for vaccines and mom pointed it out to her...the vet was concerned about this mass, and took me in the back (never a good sign) and poked me with a few more needles to get a sample.

A few days later the results came back as a suspect Fibrosarcoma. I was on the fast track course for a trip to the NC State Vet school. Two days of testing and more pokes and prods and I'm back home...waiting. The results took almost a week, and it was confirmed...Fibrosarcoma. The worst of the worst.

Mom was told that the best treatment options are to do radiation and surgery combined. However, the surgery was going to remove my arm and some ribs. Then I'd need to spend a couple of weeks at the Vet School getting radiation. This alone, I think I could handle, but my body is getting old and I have lots of other problems affecting me now (early Renal failure, IBD, anemic, allergies). It was a tough decision for mom, but she decided not to aggressively treat this. We are hanging out and I'm loving life!

In early September, I had a Party of a Lifetime and invited all my friends over to see me again. I wanted them to come over while I was still feeling like myself and playing and eating well. I had a great time and really racked up on the loot! I'm hoping to have another party for my birthday...maybe mom will read this diary and let me.

This thing has doubled in size since July, and it is a bit uncomfortable for me right has me back on my favorite pain med...buprenex, and i'm a happy camper again. We just went in for a follow up with the vet school, and a short course of palliative radiation. This wasn't so visited me every night and brought me good things to eat, and some of my favorite toys, and my favorite bed. All the vets were good to me and gave me lots of snuggles and pets. Life was good because I love life!

Now we are in a waiting game to see if this treatment was effective or not. I'm doing well, but need to try and eat more...nothing tastes especially good to me right now. I don't know what my future holds, but I do plan to live every day to the fullest and to enjoy it while i'm here. Mom is taking tons of photos of me and video too. (She's really getting annoying with that camera, but don't tell her I said that).

Anyway, I'll try to do better about posting...thanks for your purrs and thoughts.


Time to catch up...

October 2nd 2007 10:47 am
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First my apologies for taking so long to write to you, but a lot has been going on with me. In November we moved into a new house, and that is great! I love all the space, and the bright sunshine from the windows.

In March things went down hill for me...I got a huge abcess on my face. I ended up getting really sick from all the antibiotics I had to take for that, but I stuck with it. Mom tried everything she could think of to help settle my wasn't pleasant for either of us. Finally, I got to go back and see the dentist because they felt it was related to my teeth. Well, he ended up removing all but three of my canine teeth!! This was not a fun surgery, and I was in a lot of pain, and again sick from anesthesia and antibiotics. After a few days, mom found the right combination of fluids, pepcid, and clear liquids to help me feel better. You would think my story would end there, but nope. About a week later a sore came up on my had been there all along, but I kept messing with it, and it got bigger and bigger. Mom called her friend the vet, and she came over with some fake skin, and wrapped my arm up. I ended up wearing the dreaded e-collar and having my arm re-wrapped every three days for almost a month. My arm has finally healed and my teeth, or gums, are all healed, and I am feeling good.

The one good thing about this whole journey has been that I can now get canned food anytime I want it! The vets have said that I can eat hard food, and I do, but I love that I can guilt mom into giving me the good stuff. My brothers have figured this out too and now we all start swarming the kitchen a few times a day to see what will happen. Usually she'll give in, but sometimes we have to look real pitiful before she does.

I should go and try to get some canned food now! Until next time...


Happy Birthday to me!

October 23rd 2006 11:19 am
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I wanted to thank everyone that thought of me yesterday on my birthday...I am officially in double digits....that's right, I'm 10! It is such a grand age, I feel so dignified. I even snuggled in the bed with Tanner the other night...he isn't so bad. I just bother him because he squeals like a girl, and it is soooo funny!

Anyway, I got lots of yummy goodies for my birthday, especially since everyone remembered I am on a major fish kick! I had a can of sardines on Saturday night. Then a can of Salmon on Sunday. I shared with all my brothers, but lucky for me they didn't eat too much. I just couldn't get enough of the was sooooo tasty! I liked the sardines best.

Everything else is still going good for me. I've noticed that mom has started putting stuff into boxes again, I wonder what that is about? Let me run off and investigate some more...I'll report back later!


New Experiences!!

July 17th 2006 10:49 am
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Hello everyone, sorry it's been so long since I've updated for you, my life has been a bit hectic!

I am doing fantastic with my allergy shots...I take them like a champ. I love the treats I get afterwards. I have also been practically pill free for over a month, and I am still doing flair ups! I still take my antihistamine right around my shot, but that's not so bad. It's better than 4 pills a day!

I had to ride in the car the other weekend...that was not fun. Then to top it off, I had to hang out in a strange place for the whole night! Brother Smokey was with me, but he was rather nervous. I don't mind strange people, so I tried to love on anyone that would pet me...I personally think I was their favorite :) How could I not be, with Tanner over there growling and hissing at everyone! No one went near him...they were scared! I was laughing at them because I know he is just a big mush but they wouldn't listen to me. Then I had another car ride back to what I thought was home, but NOOOOO we went to an apartment! I didn't like it at all, so I found a nice quiet spot under the couch to hang out until bed time. I am doing fine now, we've been here a week. It's not so bad really, all my brothers are here (Tanner has stopped growling), my favorite red string, my food (although we are not having enough canned food, can someone write mom and tell her please?) I've been out on the screened porch a few times and I am not flairing up...those allergy shots are really helping me!

Other than that slight disturbance in routine things have been going great for me. Well, I won't keep you any to you all later...


Vet School Adventures

March 29th 2006 11:03 am
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On Tuesday, I had an appointment at the vet school with my favorite dermatologists. I do not like to be in the carrier or in the car. I get very car sick, but mom has figured all this out, so it isn't too bad. Extra towels, wet wash clothes, trash bag, paper towels, and we are set! I tried to be good, but there is just something about that car that doesn't agree with me. Once we got there though, it was ok...everyone loves me after all. I waited for just a few minutes before I was called back...I got to hang out in a fairly spacious room. I love to explore my room and make sure it is suitable for me. It was! Finally the vet came in and complemented my weight gain and my appearance. She carried me off to get weighed, and I still weighed 10 pounds even on her scale!!! Next we talked about reducing some of the pills I am taking and I am all for that! But now I'm wondering if that will mean the end to my canned food? If I don't get pills, I don't have a real reason to get the special food...maybe mom won't think of that! I'll just have to look real pitiful at night and she'll give in...she's a sucker for a cute face, and i've got the cutest! Well, I better go work on my pitiful a few weeks before all the pills would be done with anyway...i'm safe for now.

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