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June 22nd 2010 5:27 am
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Hello all,

Mom has finally gotten around to posting another diary entry for me. It is to let you all know that my brothers and I have a blog. We update it about 5 times a week and think you will enjoy reading our stories there. Please come and check us out!



Life is still good

October 2nd 2007 10:55 am
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My life is great! I love the new house. I love laying in the sunny windows. I love running up and down the stairs. I love drinking out of the new sinks. I love having room to play with my favorite toys. I love mom's new bed, so I can stretch out and have lots of room. I love watching the birds. I love to eat.

My vet can vouch for that last comment. I had to go in August for my annual checkup. She wants me to try and lose weight, and called me wide bottom! I know folks are probably laughing right now, but I can't help I have a sensitivity to carbs! Mom is trying Atkins on me, so I get lots of high protein canned food...this dieting isn't so bad!

Well, I should get going and see if there's anything new in the food bowl...Until later...


Vet School Visit

December 21st 2006 8:10 am
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Last week I saw the large blue carrier come out of the closet, so I was a bit cautious. Unfortunately mom was smarter, and I was scooped up and packed up and headed off to the vet school before I knew what had happened! I do pretty good in the car, but I like to sing along with the music. It's so nice this time of year with the holiday songs playing. Anyway, we arrived and I had to sit in the waiting room for a while, but not too long. I finally made it back to the room where they decided to take my blood pressure! do you know how they check that? They squeeze your tail! I was not fond of this, first they had to put this gooey gel on my tail, and then they wrapped this cuff around it and squeezed it. I'm surprised it wasn't very high as unhappy as I was, but it was good. I was glad when that was over. I thought I was finished, but NOOOOO I had to go off and be weighed! Then mom left me for several hours while more torture was performed...they shaved my chest for my echocardiogram, they DREW blood, and took x-rays! It's a good thing they gave me a bit of my favorite happy juice or I might have hurt someone! Finally mom came back for me, and we headed home. I am now on an additional medication for my heart called Enalapril. I have mild progression, but I still feel fine! I'll keep everyone posted. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


Thanksgiving Travels

November 27th 2006 12:25 pm
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I'm back in town now, did anyone miss me? I went with mom to her parents house for Thanksgiving. It wasn't that bad, but i just don't like being cooped up in that carrier so long. She's bought me an extra large one, so i'll have a bit more room, but I'm still not a big fan. The drive is about 4 hours, but i slept through a good portion of it, which i think mom was thankful for because when I'm awake, I like to talk! I want her to know that I'm not really happy about my situation. I think she knows, but she keeps insisting I go with her...something about needing my pill still even though it's a holiday. It was neat this year because I recognized the house when we got there, and I was out and about in no time. I still don't like those little dogs that live there, but I think they are afraid of me now! Mom puts up baby gates so that I can have two safe bedrooms and a bathroom and the dogs can't bother me. I can get out though if I choose. I like to wander around the house and find plants to eat...they are actually alive, unlike our plastic plants at our house! Well, I wasn't too thrilled about all the people that came over for dinner, but I was happy to get a small sample plate! I had a little bit of turkey, part of a cracker (mom know's my weakness!), some pie crust, and a touch of gravy! I enjoyed it all, but I loved the fact that I got a whole canned of cat food all to myself. It was great being able to come and go and still have food there. I think i'll have to make the trip again at Christmas time...I'll keep you posted!

Please send good luck thoughts my way on December 15th...I have my Cardiology appointment that morning...I'll post the results as soon as I get them.

Big T


Our new house

November 13th 2006 1:06 pm
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I finally figured out why all the boxes were still packed even after we moved to the apartment...we were waiting on a house to finish, and now we've moved again! I love the new house, although I was a bit nervous at first. I did my growling thing, but not for as long this time. I'm getting so brave! It was a bit weird at first because none of the furniture was there, so there wasn't anything to hide under. It wasn't long though before the furniture and all the boxes started to arrive. It was a lot of noise and commotion, so I'm glad we were all closed in a bedroom. It was very safe in there!

I'm enjoying playing with my toys, and I love having so much room to run around in and play. I think I'll lose these few extra pounds in no time! I hope I can, mom is a bit concerned since we go back to see the heart doctor at the vet school next month. I'm doing good about taking my pill though, so I hope I'll get a good report.

Well, until later folks...



Foster Kittens and a Moving Experience

July 17th 2006 9:53 am
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It's been a while since I've updated so let me fill you in on what has been happening to me...

First off, those annoying foster kittens that kept eating my treats, and playing with my toys have been adopted!! This is cause for a great celebration. I don't think the others were as happy as I was, but I felt like I was walking on Cloud 9 for days! Mom checks in on them, and they are doing wonderfully in their new home, snuggling with their new dad, and enjoying life...I am happy for them.

Secondly, all my brothers and I were sent off to a Pet Hotel for the night. This was not fun at all! Be warned everyone, I do not recommend this! I was so unhappy, I just had to growl at everyone and hiss as often as I could. I don't understand why they had to come at me with gloves up to their elbows when it was pill time, it's not like I would really bite anyone. Well, it's over now and i'm back at home...but wait that's my third bit of news...We moved!

When mom picked us up at the hotel, we didn't go back to our normal house, we went to an apartment! Whoa, I didn't see that coming! I was not too happy about this at first either, but now i'm ok with it. I get lots of play time and all my favorite toys are still around! I've made up with Devon now (he was my roommate at the hotel) and apologized for growling at him like I did. He's my best friend again!

I have noticed that there is still a huge stack of boxes in the dining room...I wonder what that is all about. Why aren't they unpacking everything? Are we not staying here? I'll keep my ears open and let you know if I hear anything suspicious!

I almost forgot to tell you about my strolling experiences. Devon got a new pet stroller so mom thought we'd all like to take a turn. I was a bit afraid at first, sitting near the back, but after awhile, I started to actually enjoy it! I've been out and about a few times now, and it isn't so bad. I'm looking forward to the weather cooling off so we can check out the new neighborhood.

Later dudes!


New Photo - Group shot!

April 17th 2006 7:16 am
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Hey, I just wanted to let you know who was in my newest photo...these are two of my brothers! Aren't we a handsome group? :) I am, of course, the orange one in the siamese bed. Smokey is laying next to the pillow, and Devon is laying at the foot of the bed. I'm not exactly sure where Mojo was during this time...he doesn't always like to lay with us. I need to work on making him feel more welcome. Well, seeing this photo reminds me that I need to be napping...later y'all!


Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me!

April 10th 2006 12:56 pm
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My birthday was Friday, in case any of you missed it, and want to send gifts :) I turned 4 years old! I don't feel a day over 1! I still love to play, although as I've stated earlier, I don't like to share my play time. I got some cool new toys for my birthday though. My favorite is a cool stick toy from Foster and Smith. It is a black stick, with an elastic string, and a cool octopus looking thing on the end. His legs are made of ribbon, so that's extra string fun for me! I love to jump and grab the octopus, but my favorite thing is trying to chew the elastic string in half before mom comes and takes it away! She's getting pretty good too. I think she is trying to make it last more than a few minutes...I am notorious for chewing strings in half. I even ate one a couple of years ago! Luckily mom was right there, called the vet, and they said to just watch me...she found it a few days later in the box :)

I also got a new leather mouse, a catnip dynamite stick, some rattly mice, some new treats, and some canned food! Thanks to my wonderful brothers who gave me my favorite things (or were they their favorites?) Big Brother Smokey has a birthday next Friday, I'll have to find him something nice.

Well, I better get shopping, us men have a bad rap for waiting until the last minute...Later dudes!


Still here...

February 23rd 2006 12:31 pm
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The kittens are still here and making me crazy. My latest antic is running and hiding when it is time to take my pill every morning and evening. The two-legged critters get real upset with this, but i'm not improving until those kittens are gone. To be honest, the pill taking isn't bad, it's so tiny that I hardly notice. I am just trying to make a point. Mom even bought my favorite treats to try and entice me more...but you know what? I can be strong and stand my ground. I'll not let justice go unserved over a small, tasty morsel of yummyness. I'll resist. I'll sit back and watch the others eat them up, with my mouth watering, but i'll not give in. No sir, not me. I wonder if I had just one if that would matter? I could eat one then not eat anymore for the rest of the week....that's the plan. OR, I could eat one a day, but only in the morning then refuse them at night...that sounds like a better idea! I'll do it...she'll think she's winning this battle, but really it's just my evil plan to get more treats :)

One a side note about these treats...I once found the canister on the counter with these treats, so I knocked it off to see what would happen. It opened! I ate the whole can of treats, every last one of them. And you know what happened? My stomach hurt real bad until I finally vomited all over the floor. Let this be a lesson to you other matter how good something is...moderation is the key! I have learned my lesson well. :)


Tantrums and Treasures

February 8th 2006 7:56 am
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My life is good, most of the time. We have these kittens in the house, called 'fosters' by mom, and sometimes they annoy me. They are always butting in while I am trying to play! I don't like to share my mom time, she makes up the most fun games for us to Pokey Stick. I go wild when that stick slides back under the rug....I just have to know where it went! This playtime is a treasure in my life and I don't want anyone to interfere. Sometimes I get real upset at the kittens, when they steal my attention, and I act newest thing is peeing on the desk! I get lots of attention when I do this. One day it backfired though, and I had to spend the whole day cooped up in a cage at the vet's office! Nothing was wrong, it was just madness. Mom is sneaky...she put out these puppy pads, and doesn't get mad at me now because it isn't hurting the desk. I'll have to come up with a new way to get attention...a new quest has begun!

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