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Mimi's Mewsings

Saying Good-Bye

February 9th 2012 11:03 am
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Meowmie didn't begin to suspect anyfing until 4 days ago. I didn't eat my wet food like I usually do. Da next day, I did eat a little. Then day after that, I didn't. Meowmie suspected then that it was serious. I was supposed to go to the vet to haf him look mwe ofur, but I died in the morning. I got to die at home naturally.
I don't know da exact time, but Meowmie said it was around 6:30 am on Feb. 8, 2012.
Mimi's Meowmie:

Mimi was such a sweet cat, and had such a cute face and an expression that pictures can't catch. She always looked wide-eyed with expectation of something either good or bad. Maybe sort of a surprised expression. She had been my neighbor's cat and as is explained in her biography, she was going to be dumped, because they were moving and the couple was fighting. They were going to dump her and her 5 kitties (of which Tyke was one) and her older kitties, Bootsy and Patches. I couldn't let that happen. Mimi was also Playful's littermate.
Mimi took good care of her kitties until they were old enough to be put up for adoption. There was a pet shop that had a good reputation and I brought them there with the understanding that if they didn't get adopted, I wanted a call. They assured me that their cats get adopted. I went back to check a few weeks later and they had been.
As you can see from my pet pages, I kept Tyke, and of course, the older cats that likely would not get adopted.
I had wondered if I should have taken her in sooner, but I had a gut feeling that Mimi who was hiding under the bed and trying to avoid me did not want that.
I hope I did the right thing for her. I miss the little cat.

Meowmie Deb

Purred by: Mr D - D'boat #19 (Catster Member)

February 9th 2012 at 11:42 am

Many purrs for Mimi from our family. She sounds like she was such a sweet girl.
Purred by: MORTICIA (Catster Member)

February 9th 2012 at 1:12 pm

Purrs for Mimi & family from all of us. She DOES sound like a very sweet girl. She's so lucky you all were there for her & her kittens.
Purred by: Lucky(RIP 2003-2009) (Catster Member)

February 10th 2012 at 8:44 am

You for sure did the right thing for Mimi.
Concats on your diary honors Mimi!
Love & purrs from Lucky and family
Purred by: Blue II (Catster Member)

February 10th 2012 at 9:21 am

ConCATulations on your Diary Of The Day honors today! We hope dat you will enjoy your day in de spotlight! Rest in peace sweet Mimi...

Loving Purrs,

Blue II, Ruby, E.J., Laura Belle, & Daisy
Purred by: D-Max...In Loving Memory (Catster Member)

February 10th 2012 at 11:04 am

concatulations on being neamed Diary of the day...We are so happy for you and sad at the sasme time...Mom had leaky eyes as she read your entry but I assured her that you are now healthy and forever young watching over your mom...Love from all of the Nicholas Boys...
Purred by: North Carolina Familia (Catster Member)

February 10th 2012 at 5:02 pm

Ms. Deb, you did the right thing for Mimi, she wanted to be home when she left this life, she did not want to be at vet's. We know you miss her very much so we're sending you purrs of comfort and mom sends you healing hugs.

Fly high over the Rainbow Bridge, Angel Mimi.

Loving purrs,
Maggie, Agie & Clawdius Meowximus
Purred by: ♥Mimi♥ Now an an (Catster Member)

February 10th 2012 at 5:41 pm

Thanks to all of mew who read my diary and who commented.
Many purrs,


♥Mimi♥ Now an an


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