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Baby's Bits of Wisdom

Diabetes, V*t Visit, and Good Mews!!!

November 19th 2010 8:51 pm
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I went to da vet and my glucose level is now 157 down furom 242 or somefing around dat last monf. It was 360 somefing in Sept. da furst time it was tested.

But a funny thing happened on da way to da vet (horrible experience as dat was). Meowmie had put da carrier out on da floor to fluff it out and get our smell on it. Den she went to grab mwe on her bed and brought me back and stuck mwe in as I purrtested loudly. She closed mwe up as I still was fighting dis whole thing and carried mwe to da car. She noted I gained a lot of weight or I had dragged books or bricks into da carrier. Da neighbor came out just den and said he heard a kitty. Den he said, "Oh, dat's Baby. I rememfur her cause she's so pretty," and mewed thank you. Den he asked are Meowmie, "are you taking two cats? Isn't that Indy?" Fur some reason, he likes Indy, too. Meowmie said she wasn't but looked in da carrier.
And what did she see? Indy was in dere, too! MOL!

She had to get him out and in da house and keep mwe in. She managed dat and da mystery of da heavy carrier was solved.


Thank mew Catster!

September 22nd 2007 9:29 am
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I was a featured Diary pick. I can't believe it! I'm sooooo happy, and it was furmy purrday entry. Dat makes dis year's purrday efen more special! I wonder how Catster picks dem, don't mew? Anymews, it's da entry furom Sept. 13 dat was picked. If mew got any thoughts on da subject of hooman purrdays and how dey diffur furom our cat ones, purrlease pawmail mwe.


My Purrday!

September 13th 2007 9:37 pm
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Yes, Catster may not haf it...I mean, Meowmie may not haf entered it right...matter of fact...she didn't...I really was born in August. Anyway, it's become a tradition to celebrate my purrday on da 14 th of September.

As we all know, if mew didn't haf da kitty furom da day it was born, mew don't know when da day is. It's funny how it's different fur hoomans dan fur us. Dey always seem to know dere purrday, don't dey?

Anyway, Happy Purrday to mwe!



July 16th 2007 3:56 pm
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Mew know, I am one of da older Ebersocats, so I should get more respect, right? Shouldn't I!
Geesh! I write a diary...who sees it? Catster has picked my brofurs, twice...TWICE, I mew. Mwe...nefur. What is so special about deir diaries? Huh?

Ok, I'm not usually upset about things. Meowmie says I am a sweet Siamese, not like Bucky in Get Fuzzy. I am a furry jealous cat, dough. Meowmie does NOT pet anofur cat more dan mwe. I am an expurrt at getting in between da ofur cats and my Meowmie's petting hand. Tee hee! It's my job! I need to be petted, so I haf to keep ofur kitties furom getting MY attention. Da attention dat should be mine!!!

I am getting Meowmie trained.
I'll keep mew posted.


Let Mwe Introduce Meowself

July 1st 2007 8:17 pm
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Ok, ok, wisdom was stretching it some. Only some, mind mew. I am a senior cat of 11...almost. Next monf, August, I will be. And in dose years, I have had one small litter, 2 kitties. I snuck out. I like to do dat once in a while. Meowmie did take mwe in fur "Da Operashun." Mew know da one of which I speak...sort of a feline liberation. NO MORE kitties. Efur. No watching ofur kitties to see dey don't hurt demself or get sick. No more teaching da ways of cathood.
Ok, enough of an introduction. What I do nowadays is guard my Meowmie. It's hard. I live wif 6 ofur cats! And I want Meowmie to be safe furom deir wiles. So I always try and get between her and any ofur cat da trys to bug Meowmie to get petted. I even sleep on Meowmie. All dis is purrty good except fur my nemesis, Indy. He doesn't know da meaning of R-E-S-P-E-C-T! He bats at mwe! He bites my neck and hurts mwe, till I am forced off of Meowmie. Often I am forced off da bed unless Meowmie wakes up. Den she purrtects mwe...mew about role reversal...and Indy is chased off da bed.
Dat is my typical night and day. Dat is what has happened so far today. I'll keep mew up to date on any unmewsual occerances.

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