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Diary of an Outlaw


August 9th 2008 4:16 pm
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Well last night my meowmy came home and I had a bit of a bloody nose which upset her quite a bit. I am still eating today, I ate venison and rice food and some baby food and even some dry even though I have a hard time chewing it. My cancer is on the right side of my nose and has swollen my face and lip on that side somewhat so mom says I have a funny lopsided look, she tells me how handsome I am but I know it is breaking her heart to see me like this, I am not quite ready to leave yet though....I spent the morning on the deck sunning myself, stretched out on the rug and purred kneaded my paws when she came to get me, so no, I am not ready to leave her yet.....I don't ever WANT to leave but I know my time here is almost up.....I have entrusted Sevie with watching over our meowmy and I know I have trained him well.......he is so like I was whem I was his age ......well bye for now , I will keep everyone posted on how I am feeling,
Love Niggie


Another trip to the specialist and this time it was not- good :-(

August 7th 2008 6:47 pm
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Well I have not been very good about my diary entries, my meowmy is so busy it is hard for her to find the time to write for me....
Since my last trip to Dr. Weaver I have been on steroids which helped a lot at first, unfortunately the infection had not been affected by any of the antibiotics I have had to take. Meowmy has been very concerned and had been in touch frequently with the specialist...then about 3 weeks or so ago she noticed a swelling under my right eye, after a visit to my regular vet I had to go back to see Dr. Weaver ( the special internal medicine vet) I had another scoping up my nose and x-rays as well as several got very upset because the vets told her it did not look good ....she knew in her heart it was not good but 2 weeks ago when Dr. Weaver called her with the news that I had cancer she was type of cancer is in a very bad spot and does not respond well to chemo or radiation so rather than make my last days miserable and filled with vet visits they have agreed to make me happy, comfortable which means I get whatever I want!
I know how sad my meowmy is, and I keep eating to make her happy, I am still enjoying my car rides and outings...I have had a wonderful life for these 11 years, how many kitties get to go out on rides, go to petsmart and on vacations...I love my meowmy dearly but I have had 11 years that I would never have had if she had not taken me and my siblings in....I was only a tiny 2 day old baby when I was found but she loved me from the very moment she laid eyes on me .....well we must go now, she is very sad writing this is so hard for her.
I want all of my catster friends to know how grateful I am, all of the gifts, love and support have meant more to us than you will ever know....I wish I was as strong as some of my other friends who have had to fight this battle...we will try to be better about updates and meowmy has promised to write about my younger days for me, we love you all....Nigg


Tales of a stuffy nosed kitty!

May 6th 2008 4:29 am
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For those of you who don't really know about my illness I will recap my story here:
I have chronic sinusitis most of my life, not so bad, sometimes I am stuffy especially this time of year when the pollen is high but this year I got very sick. I stopped eating and drinking , lost weight and instead of just being stuffed up a bit my nose ran profusely. Mom took me in, the started me on fluids , ran blood tests and put me on 2 antibiotics at once. By the next week I wasn't feeling much better, my kidney function was back to normal thanks to the fluids but I was anemic, not responding to the antibiotics very well and just not myself. They ran blood work for the next 2 weeks each week but nothing really stood out, finally after seeing Dr. Antz a vet who is also a good friend she said it looked like we were doing everything possible and said the next step was to see Dr. Weaver a cat specialist who could put a scope in my nose and see inside of it! So last Monday I went to my regular vet to have blood drawn yet again, they tested for everything this time so the specialist would have current blood work results and Wednesday I was off to see her! When I met the very nice assistant I felt pretty good so I acted like my old self, jumping off the table, wandering around and rubbing on legs and falling over to look cute. I did this for the nice lady vet too but mom left me there anyway! Everyone commented on my snazzy Pet Flys carrier (it is REALLY Sevies) and said what an amazing cat I was. All I know is I woke up feeling like I had a massive nip hangover and a sore bloody nose! I heard the doctor talk to mom and tell her I did very well and that they took several biopsies and a culture for fungus. The biopsies would tell them if it is benign or something very bad and malignant. Mom pocked me up , let me ride on her lap on the way home even though I sneezed bloody boogies on her, she told me how very much she loves me and that I would be fine because all of my friends were purring and praying for me. When we got home she showed my that my picture was everywhere on catster, I purred and purred , I have not known this much love ever since they wanted me to change my name, MOL!
Well after 4 bloodtests, 2 Felv and FIV tests, stool checks, a heartworm test,tons of antibiotics, antihistamines, vitamins, fluids and finally a very expensive trip to a specialist they may be getting close to finding out what is wrong with me. The biopsies they took from inside my nasal cavity were all negative for cancer ( horray!!!) but did show that I have Feline eosinophilic granuloma, it is sort of an overgrowth of cells and the vet said it usually responds really well to steroids which I have never been treated with...we still have to wait for the fungal culture to come back but mom said this was VERY good news! Maybe I will be able to breathe normally and smell my food again!
I want to thank everypurr for the kind words of support and for purring so hard for me! Thank you for all the gifts and for my Birthday gifts too, you are all the very best friends a kitty could have!..........Stuffy purrs, Niggie


I have been Tagged!

December 5th 2007 3:57 am
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Caviar tagged me ! I am supposed to write down five things that I really want for Christmas so here goes:

1. I wish all people would spay and neuter their cats so we could stop having to rescue kitties! Not that we don't love kittens but mom has been very blue about the fact that after 20 years of helping rescue there is still a never ending supply!

2. I wish that everyone who does not live in a safe place would keep the kitties inside, it is sad and senseless to read about kitties being hit by cars and killed by other animals. We know that sometimes if the kitty is wild it is out of the persons hands and then all you can do is feed and love them but PLEEZE if thet are not and there is danger outside , don't let them out!

3. I wish I could spend more time talking to the beautiful Loki..

4. I wish everyone would realize how fantastic black cats are and go out and adopt one ! (maybe then we would not have the 5 hellions running around our house then!)

5. I wish my meowmy would stop taking Severus everywhere and take me instead! ( OK that is a little selfish but he is almost 5 lbs. now and he doesn't NEED to be fed every 2 hours anymore!)

All of us here wish all of you the Merriest Christmas , Happiest Holidays , Joyful Hanukkah and oh we can't forget Kwanzaa!!! ( *wink*)

I am Tagging:
The Lovely Loki
Sasha Manx


Another day without my Loki

September 25th 2007 5:55 am
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Well another day has begun and Loki's beautiful face is still missing from Catster, I haven't even had any response to my letters to Catster HQ. I guess this is the way it is going to be and I am not sure I really want to be here any more. I know I am not the only one who feels this's very unfair when the people who support this site and pay to be here are treated like second class citizens.....I am just very depressed over the entire ordeal...I can't write anymore I am too sad..............


I am blue today...

September 24th 2007 12:43 pm
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Not only has my beautiful friend Loki been suspended from Catster but her brother Bastian and dog siblings have been taken off as well. How can this happen in our wonderful cat community, it was such a nice place before that awful person complained about my name. All this just just because of a name, I must say that plenty of human names offend me , many are just ridiculous but I don't judge them by that. A friend of my meowmy's works in a library and one of the kids is actually names Mylady, kid you not! But do I think she should change it or be persecuted for it of course not! Maybe the people who have complained about my name and it being on Loki's page should be spending their time educating children in their OWN community about the N word and telling them not to use it instead of picking on Loki and I for my name which NEVER had anything to do with it. Maybe they should target the rappers and actors who use the N word so freely or maybe they should get involved in getting rid of role models like Michael Vick! The only thing these people have accomplished is to create angst and mistrust in people like themselves! I find it hard to believe that we the cats of catster and the BCCOP are not at LEAST as important to Catster than a couple of self rightous fools with nothing better to do than pick on us !


Loki has been suspended from Catster!!!!

September 23rd 2007 4:30 am
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Early yesterday I received a catmail from the beautiful Loki. I thought it would be about our short but wonderful time on the BCCOP Luv Boat Cruise the night before. Imagine my surprise when I opened it and instead Loki told me that my name had been removed from her header on her Catster page as well as her diary entry! The worst part was she was never asked about any of this or warned at all for that matter!
So let me get this straight , now we are not allowed to write our thoughts in our diary's because the truth might offend someone? We are not allowed to write about our feelings of injustice because "someone" might take it personally! Let me tell you I took it VERY personally when this close minded person with nothing better to do than pick on me because of my name caused me to have to change it! I was targeted and now so is Loki! I have a sneaking suspicion that this same small minded person now is out to get us! Maybe this makes her feel important because she has nothing better to do with her time, or maybe she has enlisted other people to search through catster with her to find material that is offensive to her. It is obvious, she is the only one who could have possibly have been offended by Loki's diary because she saw herself in it!!! Honestly, what is wrong with these people, do they get some sort of perverse pleasure from ruining what was once a lovely community of cats and people.
We are not just going to lie down and take this! I will have you know, Loki and I have many friends in many groups and already a call to arms is being answered........are they going to kick us all off catster??? As a good friend said better to go down with a fight than not fight at all!!

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