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A cat's life.

January 1st 2006 2:02 am
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Mommy and Grandma are so excited!! My diary was one of today's featured diaries; even though this is only my second entry!
Anyways, Kat and I want to wish everyone a very happy New Year! Hopefully everyone had a good time and was safe.
My mommy had some troubles with the neighbors. It's almost 5 am and I was trying to cuddle with her in bed but they were making such a loud ruckus that none of us could sleep! She politely asked them to quiet down but, of course, they didn't. Mommy ignored it and went inside to try to get some sleep again. But, she overheard them saying nasty things about her. No one should talk about my Mommy like that!! She is the greatest Mom anyone could have. I don't think I like the humans next door now! It's too bad because they have 2 cute kitties also! We could've been friends. Hopefully, they will be nice and apologize. It really hurt me and mommy.

But I did have fun earlier today. Mom got a harness and leash for me and we went outside for awhile. It feels so funny on my body but I'm starting to get use to it. I really liked being outside. I mostly like to play in the bushes but I did get scared and tried to run under a car. Some things out there are just scary!! Mommy decided to take me inside after that. She said we will try it again tomorrow. She tried taking Kat out but he just flopped over and wouldn't move! He is so silly.

Well, I'm going to go cuddle with Mom under the blankets and try to get some sleep!!



December 31st 2005 11:24 am
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Today Mom went outside on the porch for awhile to get some fresh air. As soon as she opened the door I raced out there. I loved it. The wind was blowing in my fur and it felt so good! I was an outside cat for awhile when my Mom moved to some weird place. I liked it but I got scared at night and just wanted to cuddle with her, but I wasn't allowed in the house. How rude! Mom also got nervous having me outside. She said she missed me so much! Mom didn't know how much I liked it out there though. She's going to this place called "Petsmart" right now to buy me something special. She told me it was a harness, whatever that is! I just hope it isn't scary. She told me she's going to walk me on it so I can go outside without her losing me. I hope I can get use to that but I can't wait to go back out there!!!

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