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Can I sleep more?


February 13th 2006 7:35 pm
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I had a surgery last week to remove a thickend colon wall and biopsy my liver and lymph nodes. I have FIP as suspected. Mom and Dad aren't taking it well but are committed to doing everything they can to make me better or at least comfortable. They could never forgive themselves if they didn't. I'm their baby boy.



January 17th 2006 6:50 pm
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Mom says I have to go to the vet again!! She's upset with our vet wanting to do all kinds of tests for unexplainable reasons. They can't tell her what they're looking for with a $500 ultrasound and xray, so she's getting a second opinion and maybe changing vets. I can tell mom is really upset. She came home all shakey today.


Vet updates

January 11th 2006 7:06 am
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Well, mom and dad are pretty sure my upset stomach caused the test results a few weeks ago to havbe all those liver enzymes. I'm such a happy, playful kitty right now. We switched to this new yummy food made only of rabbit and now me and my bother and sister are eating a ton. Yum yum! And mom hasn't had to clean up cat barf since we switched foods (2.5 weeks). She's a happy mom about that. We're going in for another test Saturday and I will keep you all updated. Soon, maybe I can actually be nuetered! That would be very good for me because then all I have to think about is playing, eating, sleeping, and petting, which is how it should be for kittens.


News from the vet

January 2nd 2006 8:15 am
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The vet says that I don't have a liver problem! That's very good news mommy kitty says. However my corona virus test came back positive which means I could have FIP, which would be bad. The vet is upbeat though because I don't act like a sick kitty. She thinks my elevated liver enzymes are just an expensive food allergy. Mom likes to be safe rather than sorry, but man am I a pricy kitty! Oh well, I am worth it :)


Vet trip today

December 26th 2005 1:32 pm
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Mom took me to the vet today for the first time without my brother and sister. While it was cool to get my cat carrier in the front seat, it was scary to go without them. I got poked and prodded for all kinds of tests. I have high liver enzymes and mommy and daddy are worried. It could be FCV, a liver shunt, or just an upset tummy, but mom and dad want to make sure. I meowed and talked to mom all the way home. When we got back I quickly forgot about the vet because mom threw us a kitty party with all the toys she's had saved up in the closet we're not allowed in. There are so many new toys here!! I really love the new little balls with feathers on them. Quasar has set out to destroy his.

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