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Crazy Little Cat

A few of Nips' favorite things

February 10th 2006 5:48 am
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Hey everybody! This is cool, with the power of the interent I can now annoy not only my family, but the whole world! First I'd like to talk about something I'm very passionate about: all of my favorite things!

1. Mutti. Mutti is my elder human and she's really cool. I like to sit in her lap, and not anybody else's. Once I was really excited to come sit in her lap while she was curling her eyelashes, and so I ran from across the room and dove straight into her lap, and she ripped most of her eyelashes out when she jerked. She thought I was pretty cool to surprise her like that!

2. Mutti's cup of water. Every day Mutti has a cup of water before she goes to the garage for the day. Her lips actually touch this water so it must be blessed or something! So to get the water I try lots of different methods. Dunking a paw in the cup works well, but what I really like to do is stick my whole face in it and lap it up. It's like I'm surrounded by Mutti-watery goodness! Which brings me to:

3. The toilet. That's really fun to drink out of, too! The bathroom is full of great things! Like:

4. Q-tips! Clearly the best cat toy ever invented! I just love playing with Q-tips; the dirtier the better. The best part is aqquiring Q-tips, because you get to dig in garbage and make a big mess. I really love messes, because they lead to my next favorite things:

5. Showering with my people. Get this- my people go into the bathtub and can command rain to fall, but only in the bathtub! Even in the winter they do this. It's pretty cool, so I'm always sure to watch, and a lot of the time I jump in with them and relive the day some humans found me abandoned in a rainstorm in Puerto Rico. I've had nothing but fun since day!

6. Bubblebaths. My people don't always make rain. Sometimes the bathtub just magically fills with water. And not always plain water, sometimes it has little piles of bubbles! They are really cool because they pop when you touch them, so of course I have to reach in and pop them all! They wouldn't be poppable if they ween't meant to be popped!

7. The garage. It's this special room that Mutti goes to every day. I'm always trying to get in there. The people get really mad and chase after me when I do, it's funny! It's weird though, I can never find Mutti when I sneak in while she's gone, and when she is home there is this big white thing with black wheels. I don't know, it's good cover from people who are trying to catch you and Moggie thinks the wheels smell really nice.

8. Fish food. We ahve a fish in our family, she's been here longer than anyone, even Rambo. But I think Rambo is a little older. But i think in fish years she's still oldest. I don't know what fish years are like though so I couldn't tell you. But she has really nice food. And it's really funny to chew holes in her fish food bag and then when people go to feed her little fish foods fall out everywhere!

9. Fishing the fish food out of the cupboard and knocking everything down. Self-explanitary really. It makes a big mess and when I do it my people come running shouting, "Oh, Nips!" like they are really proud of me!

10. Getting into the other cupboards andknocking stuff out of them. Still makes a nice mess, and the people look a little surprised it's not the fish food when they coem running to yell "Oh, Nips!"

11. Contractors. Soemtimes these guys come over to the house and bang on things "Fixing" them. They are all different I love to help them and inspect their work. But for some reason when I do that my people oten come get me and put me in a room and forget I'm in there and shut the door until my contractor friends leave. They're just forgetful that way.

12. The string that dangles from the ceiling fan. People are always holdin' me, something about my big floppy arms feeling good on their shoulders. All I know is that when they hold me in the middle of the kitchen I can stand up on them and swat at this evil little string! I've gotten so close to getting it, I know I'll tear it down soon!

13. Anything else that annoys, confuses or gorsses out my people. I just love their reactions. They must really think I'm great!

14. Oh, and of course cuddling with my little brother Moggie. 'Cause he lets me sit on his head and that's funny, too!

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