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February 1st 2013 7:02 am
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Mama often sez "what goes around comes around" I wasn't sure what that meant until now. You see, Sebastian is the biggest cat in our catshold, and a man-cat at that. He takes (took?) great delight in picking fights with me, and with Maggie when she was smaller. Well! Maggie has grown, and is now more than skilled in taking down the man-cat! Now HE's on his back spewing filth and foul out of his mouth for her to let him up!!! I find this MOST agreeable!

She seems to be teaching the kitten (Emily) as well. I guess Emily is staying. I had hoped this was a temporary thing, but the crate got put back in the car's house, and Emily now has the run of our house. I am NOT amewsed when she confiscates my spot next to Mama at night. I will have to work on that.

We didn't get any mouse meat for a few days this week. Mama said something about us getting too fat, and not eating enough of our kibble. Today she broke down and gave us each a bit of mouse meat. Most agreeable. I'm now going to sleep off my pouffy tummy!


Well I never.

January 27th 2013 1:18 pm
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Okay. I put up with it when she rescued Sebastian. We had strong words when she brought home pound purry Maggie. NOW she's gone TOO FAR ... She dragged home a basket case kitten. I get NO RESPECT!!! At least Maggie seems to have undertaken the care of this rug rat. Mama has had to put back up the closet curtain at least once a day because this undisciplined excuse for a cat pulls them down. sigh.

Meanwhile, she's half way through her radiation treatment, so maybe she'll feel better when it's all over. She's in good spirits, but she's tired all the time. That works for me, it means More Naps!

purring you up to date ...


It's been awhile ...

January 2nd 2013 4:50 pm
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I do not know why we have to have another cat. I mean, *I* am Queen, and that should be enough, right? but Nooooooooooooo, Mama comes home with a young cat. The good part is she has bonded with Sebastian, so they leave me alone ... unless Sebastian needs to beat up someone and then he remembers me. Humpf.

Mama took me with her in October when she went to PA to visit with her kittens and grand kittens. I was so special! I had mama all to myself for a week and it was just heaven!!

But we all sleep with Mama at night ... so I guess that's okay.

She had her first cancer treatment today. I know she doesn't feel well, but I will purr her to sleep soon.



November 16th 2010 4:13 pm
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I am not MISSING!!! I have a blog and I write there more often than here. But I still check here! I have been wondering how my furriends are ...


forgot to post ...

September 23rd 2010 6:22 pm
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Sunday, 05 September 2010

Happy Holiday ..

Mama sez it's "Labor Day". I do not understand this. I do not labor!! I see to it, however, that she does. She must make more quilts. Making quilts is directly proportional to the amount of green paper she gets, and she uses the green paper to buy more things for ME. Pampered Pussycat that I am ...

It has gotten colder here the last two days. This means I must sleep on Mama more, to keep my furself warm. 'Bastian is on one side of her, I'm on the other. Daddy gave up and fixed up his own bedroom.

Mama also found an article on what not to feed us. Click here to read that. It's very important. While the food on your plate smells yummy, some of it is quite lethal to us.

We have updated our store on Zibbet for you to look at. It's time to think about your Catmas presents and stuff like that. And guess what, i've even joined Facebook!!


May 30th 2010 8:07 pm
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Mommy just found FOUR infant-just-been-born size mice on her bathroom rug, two intact, the others in pieces ... they weren't there an hour ago when Daddy took his shower ...
neither Sebastian nor I are divulging any information ...


Mardi Gras and Dominos!

February 21st 2009 5:48 pm
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Mr. Kipling wrote a poem about a grand ball and a domino ... Pink Dominoes

"They are fools who kiss and tell" -
Wisely has the poet sung.
Man may hold all sorts of posts
If he'll only hold his tongue.

JENNY and Me were engaged, you see,
On the eve of the Fancy Ball;
So a kiss or two was nothing to you
Or any one else at all.

Jenny would go in a domino -
Pretty and pink but warm;
While I attended, clad in a splendid
Austrian uniform.

Now we had arranged, through notes exchanged
Early that afternoon,
At Number Four to waltz no more,
But to sit in the dark and spoon.

[I want you to see that Jenny and Me
Had barely exchanged our troth;
So a kiss or two was strictly due
By, from, and between us both.]

When Three was over, an eager lover,
I fled to the gloom outside;
And a Domino came out also
Whom I took for my future bride.

That is to say, in a casual way,
I slipped my arm around her;
With a kiss or two (which is nothing to you),
And ready to kiss I found her.

She turned her head and the name she said
Was certainly not my own;
But ere I could speak, with a smothered shriek
She fled and left me alone.

Then Jenny came, and I saw with shame
She'd doffed her domino;
And I had embraced an alien waist
But I did not tell her so.

Next morn I knew that there were two
Dominoes pink, and one
Had cloaked the spouse of Sir Julian Vouse,
Our big Political gun.

Sir J. was old, and her hair was gold,
And her eye was a blue cerulean;
And the name she said when she turned her head
Was not in the least like "Julian".

Now wasn't it nice, when want of pice
Forbade us twain to marry,
That old Sir J., in the kindest way,
Made me his Secretarry ?

So I have made sure Mr. Dusty knows I will be wearing a purple domino!!!

Misty, excited!!!


I wonder when i can see him again ...

February 17th 2009 6:09 pm
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Dear Diary ... It's only been a few days and I am pining for my Mr. Dustycat ... He is so handsome, and made my whiskers twitch when he spoke to me! sigh. I checked the mail box over and over today to see if there might be a aword from him ... ah, sweet feelings ...


He sent me flowers!

February 17th 2009 5:23 am
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Dear Diary,
Mr. Dusty has taken notice of me! He has sent me flowers, chocolates, and shrimp! He is a most handsome gentletom, I met him on the valentine's trip. I think we are both going to Mardi Gras, too, and I'll be able to see him again! I have taken one of the blossoms and pressed it and saved it in my book. Oh, sweet feelings, this being in love brings! My heart goes pitter pat when I think of him.... Oh Dear Diary, he is so wonderful!


well, i guess he's here to stay.

February 13th 2009 9:58 pm
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I can NOT believe it. I mean, why do we have to have that orange yowl box in the house. I mean, he walks around here meowing all the time. and he smells funny. he's got a collar now, like mine, with hanggie down things on it. i guess that means Mama spent some green paper and got those for him, which she wouldn't have done if he was going to go away soon. humf. and now my carrier smells AWFUL. I told Mama off about it too. told her she must buy me a NEW one and give that thing to the orange cat. Orange. can you believe it ??? ORANGE. Mama says he's "marmalade". And as if that isn't enough, he used MY LITTER BOX. At least she immediately scooped it an threw away what he did.

Would anyone like to have a nice Scottish Fold kitty?

Misty, disgustedly packing her stuff to find a more peaceful home.

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