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Life in the Cat House

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Mango was ADOPTED!!!

February 27th 2007 7:27 am
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On Sunday, my foster Mango got adopted. I was happy for him and sad at the same time becuase I miss him so much. I keep expecting to see him running around the house but he's with his new family now. They seemed like a nice family, younger but stable and two young children (one being just a tiny baby). The older child has been taught to respect animals so that made me happy. I will miss him terribly but thats all part of fostering, you love them and nurture them and then you let them go to people who will love them and care for them the rest of their lives. Now I have room for another kitty to come into my life to save.

We also had a few more adoptions this weekend. Beth who has been there for quite awhile went on a trial run to live with her sister, and Zoe, Sanabel, Kilala, and a little kitten named Precious all got adopted. Also two of our black kitties got adopted as well (Stacy and Malcomb) and two long time juniors (but these were before the weekend) so it was a pretty decent week. Frees up some space for new kitties so I cant wait to go tommorrow to see all the new residents :)


Smokey Muffin ADOPTED!!!

February 15th 2007 10:33 pm
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Well, my rescue kitty Smokey-Muffin was adopted this past weekend. I was so happy for him, he's been through so much but he's finally found his forever home. Mango on the other hand has some issues to work out with the whole adoption event setting but with patience he will be on his way as well. Until then, he's having fun at my house, terrorizing my kitties :)


First Adoption Day for Mango

February 3rd 2007 7:52 am
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My foster, Mango, went to Petsmart today to try to get adopted. He was very angry though when he got to the shelter. He hissed and growled and screamed, I felt so bad. Hopefully he warms up a little once he gets to Petsmart. He's so sweet too, and he loves my cats he just didn't like all the new kitties there. Hopefully he gets adopted. If not, there's always next weekend though :)


Foster kitty Schnapps has been adopted!

January 20th 2007 9:27 pm
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My foster was adopted by a couple today at petsmart. I'm so happy because we've had her since September. They just fell in love with her. 3 other shelter kitties were also adopted, two first timers to petsmart and one resident that had been with us for quite a while (a senior!!!) I was so happy when I found out. Next is mango's turn and hopefully smokey-muffin's when he is fully recovered. There should be more pics up soon too!


Tj and Kit Kat- ADOPTED!!!

January 7th 2007 6:25 pm
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Tj and Kit Kat were adopted! I guess on new years day they said, by a wonderful woman who needed some loving kitties in her life. I found out after the fact, but I guess it was a teary day. I'm so happy they finally got the loving home they deserved, and best of all they stayed together!!!

Eventually I will be making a slideshow for some of the adopted kitties, but with everything going on (backaches, job hunting, college major switching, Nibbler passing, Ect.) it's taking a little longer than I want. I'm hoping to be able to add more pictures as more and more kitties are getting adopted so I guess I'll need to play around with it. Also soon I want to add some of the ferals to the page and semi ferals (they are always looking for barn homes!).


Fixing Week

December 28th 2006 5:50 pm
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It feels like spay week!!! Today Mango and Schnapps, my two foster kitties went in bright and early to go get spayed and nuetered. They are home now and still groggy but more comfortable now than earlier. Also, Shamrock, Marshmallow's last kitten, is finally spayed. She was spayed on Tuesday. And finally, my newest rescue, Smokey Muffin, who is a BEAUTIFUL long haired bluish-grey cat with half of a tail is getting neutered on Friday. It's been a pretty eventful week! I need to get pics up of Schnapps, Mango, and Smokey-Muffin though, so hopefully that will be done soon.



December 28th 2006 3:28 pm
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The other day when I went to the shelter, I found out that our long time resident, Presley, had been adopted!!! We'll all miss him, but we're so glad he's FINALLY found a home. We hope it lasts, they know how feisty he can be. Wishing good luck to Presley and his new family!!! We hope you've found your forever home and you will be missed dearly.



October 18th 2006 8:41 pm
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Marshmallow has finally been ADOPTED! Ellen said on Saturday someone adopted her and I'm SO happy for her!!! I haven't gotten to meet the woman who adopted her but Ellen says she is wonderful. They said Marshmallow is already sleeping on her bed with her! I'm so happy but a little sad at the same time just because I didn't get to say goodbye. But that's alright, I probably would've been bawling my eyes out anyways. And the happy outwieghs the sad by alot!!! I hope she loves her new forever home and is happy there forever! :)


Adopt-a-thons, shelter life, and being a cat...

September 23rd 2006 10:27 am
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So I see my mommy a few times a week. I get some pettings and then go about my business. It's nice here now that I get to run around. Mom says she's adding the other shelter cats to my page too... Guess I don't mind too much just as long as I'm still the main attraction! Mid september at our adoptathon at petsmart we had a bunch of adoptions. I just wanted to sleep though. Mom kept poking me to wake up so people could see me. I didn't want any part of it though. Well off to go relax and try to avoid being growled at, some of these boys around here can be so moody!


So I'm OFFICIALLY up for adoption now

August 17th 2006 12:19 pm
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This is foster mom speaking:
I just looked on the Love A Stray website and found out Marshmallow is "officially" up for adoption. I need to call them to start volunteering again (I had surgery so had to take some time off). Some of the info on her petfinder page is a little wrong but I guess that happens when you have so many mommas and their kittens coming in, I can understand how confusing it can get. Here is her link: tid=6840682

That pic doesn't do her justice as you can see so I want to offer them some of mine as well. Well keep your fingers crossed for her!!!

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