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Muriels PawNotes!

Aunties visit

August 17th 2013 7:26 am
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Auntie came up and seen me this Summer and seen us.. She brought nom treats and toys with her for us.. Soon auntie will be posting a new picture of me from this summer..

*Note from Auntie*
As I had mentioned before Muriel was my brothers furbaby. For the Last couple of years she's been living up at her grandmeowmi's *my moms* I try to keep up with her diary as I can but it is hard to do sometimes as I am 1800km away from her.

Muriel and Kitty's (1st Kitty not young Kitty) Catster page I started in 2005, it's hard to believe that so much time has went by since then..through vacations and photos I have watch Muriel blossom from a hyperactive kitten who stalked and chattered/chirped at humans, attacked toes fingers and everything else to a distinguished middle aged cat who is now more calm but still has that spark of mischievousness in her eyes .. She is quite the girl and quite smart in a way that compares to Kitty(again 1st kitty not young Kitty) and even thoug I don't see her often she seems to know that she can get away with a lil more with me and that I will give her more treats/toys than maybe I should at her request ..but what can I say..I only see her for a few weeks in a year, gotta spoil her a bit when I


Auntie Came to visit me

December 28th 2010 11:05 pm
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And she brought me up a new new Plant stand for me to lay on and some other goodies that she says are for my Grandma ... Grandma is gonna have to finds other spots to put her stuff on cause I claimed it as mine.

Oh and Auntie has A new photo of me that she will be adding soon.


Auntie Is in the process of getting some new Pictures of me!

February 21st 2006 9:27 pm
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Ive been growing so big since my auntie was here too see me. Dad said hes gonna send her some new pics soon!

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