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February 25th 2007 4:54 pm
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Mom's been crying a lot lately. She said My Lady died. I already knew I would never see her again. We had wanted to go see her together, but it was a far way to travel and I hate car trips. I also am not good in new places or with new people, so it wouldn't have been a good idea. I just hope she knows that I am okay.

I am actually quite happy here with mom and mommie. Mommie loves me a lot, which is good because I am Smitten with her, somehow always have been.

And I guess mom is not too bad. She tries to be nice to me, pets me and stuff. Lately she has been waking up in the night to make the other two cats stop picking on me. Sometimes she puts me on the bed. She is going to bring home two pretty pillows for me to put on the dresser just for me! She loves me, and I guess I sort of love her, but I really love my Jess-Mommie.



June 25th 2006 8:00 am
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Mom is watching something about fat people who are sick and it reminds her of my lady. My Lady is sick and can't take care of me. She is my "new mom's" mother. But I also had another mom before then and she was named Venetia. She has new kitties, hiss! I bet they're kittens! And I owned a boy before that, when I was much younger and more spry.

But as you can see, what I got out of this deal is to now be the proud owner of a new mommie to love. She is another mommie who lives with my "new mom".

All this can confuse a cat, especially one with no claws. I think the boy I lived with had my claws and toes cut off. Hiss, I am so mad. I love to bite feet that play with my belly! I hate falling off of the dresser where I eat. Why do people declaw cats!?

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