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Thank You

November 24th 2011 7:06 am
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Hello to All Of Our Kitty Pals and Their Families.

Our Mewmie and All of Us here in Delaware wish Everyone a Happy ThanksGiving.


MouseBreath Blog site. *awesome site*

September 24th 2011 8:18 am
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We checked out Mao, Skeezix rocky and trippers moms MouseBreath Blog site.

Its awesome, and filled with tons of funny, fun and informative stuff. check out their catster pages and click the link to the blog site. or can go to

p.s Also Mom wanted to remind everyone, that the Fall and winter seasons are starting and we all know this is the hardest time for cats and folks that have financial issues ( foodies etc). Shelters are in need of donations, either it be donating your time, monies or food stuffs for kitties an doggies. Also Shelters are in need of blankets and toys. Please help where you can. It wont take long, just pop into local shelter and drop items right inside an leave. The shelters will appreciate it and you are helping a good cause. Mom has taken foodies that we wont eat to the local ASPCA here where we live so it didn't go to waste.

Holiday season:

Time for mewmies and daddies to start to think about making home made kitty treats. They make great stocking stuffer s for Your kitty bros and sis's and Can be sent off to kitty pals all over.

Home made cat toys are the best. Take those unused sheets and towels and get to work. If you have an old pillow Wash it and then cut it open and use the stuffing for the stuffing in the new cat toys. CAT NIP is a great add in tooo. It is sold at petsmart and other Pet retailers or You can grow it at home.

Wondering what to do with those empty computer paper boxes or that darn box that you got kitty foodies an toys in from a pal? Well instead of throwing it away and adding to the trash, How about creating a Hide away for your cat!! It;s recycling the box and gives Your cat, tons of fun play time and You alot of enjoyment. *material, Scissors, or sharp knife, Pencil (to make right sized cirle or square or other neat design), Water color paints(these are safe specially if your cat is a licker like mine are), Or non toxic Crayola crayons. COME ON lets bring out that artist in You. Get creative. Best thing is You can stack them and its a wonderful alternative to a cat tree. (with the small usage of some hot glue in hidden areas).****Also Sighs... what to do with all those cat toys all over the house... sometimes it can be just to much... how about making a colorful cat toy box?/// Well its economical and fun to do and cats will love it to. You have many options, cut the hole so the cat (cats) can either have easy access to the toys or... make it a challange. for them to tug a mousie out.. Its fun!! and it gets Your cat to exercise. (to get them interested place treaties or nip inside the box in cat toys or by itself.

~~~Be sure to not place these boxes next to heaters or any other heat source.~~~~~~

*mewmie* Hello everyone, I am making a kitty hideaway, when i am finished i will post pictures. I came up with the idea after seeing how many boxes we go through at work. So why not re use them.

If any one likes my idea please let me know. I am unfortunately unable to afford any cat trees so i decided to go a different route.

*ADOPT or Foster, At Your local ASPCA today! What a wonderful Halloween gift, OR Christmas gift. smiles. Check with local shelters. The time has come for the need for helpers.

Hope(mom) Thank you for reading this diary entry. I sure hope I can inspire folks to think out of the box (store). The use of materials around your home can be a wonderful alternative for cat toys. It saves money and the economy and 9 times out of 10 your cat is going to enjoy that over a store bought gift. *Just keep in mind to be safe when making your items.*


Last day for catster plus

September 24th 2011 6:47 am
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Hello to all of our kitty friends, Mewmie wanted me to let everyone know that today is the last day that we will have catster plus. But will still be on catster just with no fancy pages. We're all doing ok adjusting as can be with our new brothers. It has been a long couple of weeks with rain and lots of it. Mewmie has brought home a white box the kind that computer paper comes in and she is gonna color it with crayons and cut a hole in the side of it to make a kitty hideaway. (we like boxes) Hoping that none of our kitty pals un-friend us. we will be giving away all of our zealies today.

Snickers an Company


Whos online issue

September 8th 2011 6:29 pm
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Hello every cat. If You are like me and wondering where the Who's online feature went to well here is Catsters ruling.... ]

The "Who's Online" feature was tied to the Instant Message feature we used
to have and since the IM feature was discontinued because it was no longer
supported by the developers, we have finally had to sunset the Who's
Online feature, as well.

The Who's Online feature began having problems when the IM feature went
away, but since it was mostly working at the time, we kept it on. Over
time, however, Who's Online has worked less and less as it was designed to
do until it has simply become unsupportable.

I wish I could tell you that the Techno Cats can fix it, but that's not
going to happen because the IM feature it was designed to work with no
longer exists.

Meows! & Tail Waves!

-watch cat-


Update on Irene

August 27th 2011 8:02 pm
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Hello all our kitty friends. Irene has been upon us for hours now and its been stressful for me and the cats. I am also fostering some shelter cats that are days away from delivering and needed to be homed due to storm surge and winds etc. They will go back Monday. Just wanted to let everyone know That I and my girls are doing well. Tomorrow is a new day. I will be so happy when i can see the sun come out.


Hurricane Irene

August 26th 2011 6:26 am
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MEwmie wanted me to write this cause we may not be able to post for a bit after the hurricane irene hits us. It is supposed to be here Saturday Afternoon into sunday with Very high winds and alot of rain. Even at a cat 1 mewnie said it is very dangerous for our area. ( we live in Delaware) Mewmie has out carriers ready and foods and waters incase we have to evacuate. my Sister tempest is not handling it well i sees her being so jumpy and that isnt like her.We all are doing ok, mewmie is taking care of us. She says her work is so busy with folks freaking out buying stuff for hurricane. we will post as soon as can. Hugss and kitty head bonks to all. we love everyone.


Thank You Every One and Cat

June 4th 2011 6:23 pm
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Snickers and Her sisters wanted to thank everyone and Their purrfect Kitties for sending us wishes and comments, loves and the purrfect DD picture. Everything here has been going well. Snickers and Cali are getting along Finally with little tiffs. Found Snickers ,cali and Sun laying together in a corner grooming each other.


Animal Smarts

May 31st 2011 9:41 am
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Please visit the local Kent county SPCA. There are tons of Kittens and adult cats brought in daily, hourly even that are in need of a good loving forever Home. Adoption is easy. Please also do not forget the Hundreds of dogs awaiting a forever home. Puppies also are brought in daily. This Summer is a hot one. **Remember If You are hot Your dog and cats are hot to.* So give let them inside to cool down. Keep plenty of COLD water on hand for them and Food. *** *Please spay or neuter your dog or cat.* Stop unwanted litters. You will help prevent certain types of cancers to in female and male dogs and cats. BE responsible. * If you acts of animal cruelty Please dont ignore it., turn the person in. BE one more criminal put behind bars. If You have an animal you are no longer ABLE to care for, Do the right thing and sign it over for adotion to the KCSPCA or another Animal rescue dont just let it roam the streets. Dont tether Your animal outside on a leash or cable for long periods of time. Its a law!! Let them indoors. Remember You would not like to be stuck outside 24-7 on a leash only able to go so far in the hot or cold weather. !! BE responsible!!! Properly Vaccinate Your animals. Heart worms are a killer in canines. TEST TEST TEST, specially if they are outside dwellers. Flea and tick control for cats and dogs is a must here in Delaware. HAVE A SAFE AN HAPPY SUMMER!!



May 31st 2011 8:52 am
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So far, snickers has been having a good attitude toward calimay.
She has accepted her onto the bed again and licks and mews at cali. There was one tiff between her tempest and snickers at the food bowl which resulted in cali losing another claw. ripped clean out of her foot. So that is two missing now cause of them figting. But that was on friday. Since then they both have gotten along. I added long dark drapes to my home to help dim the rooms, it is supposed to be calming for cats. also cuts the heat down in the house. I removed the cat cage so there is more room in the bedroom for them to roam. so cali has to now be out in open and learn to adapt in her new environment so to say. * Snickers and tempest before the spaying were perfectly fine together and since then its been rocky road to recovery for both of them mentally. They both would be prime examples for a behavioralist. Cat behavior is the one of the hardest animal behaviors to analyse and understand. I have been dealing with this problem for a month now and Tell you all the truth its tiring to try to understand WHY they do something. But I have learned so much throughout all of this via advice from local experts and my own research and one on one with cali and snickers.



April 28th 2011 6:21 pm
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Mommy: Snickers came back home wed. night. She is recovering well. Her attitude right now towards me and the other cats is a rude one. Since I brought her home she has not wanted anything to do with me. She has stayed in one corner of the room and when i try to approach her she runs off. She has tried to get onto the bed and has not been able to successfully jump she has had to climb half way up. I am sure she is unhappy with me right now and pray that she will overcome this change in her life. She is 7 years old and the spaying has been way over due.... I was told by the Dr at the kcspca said, that Snickers is OVER WEIGHT. Says snickers needs weight managment. sighs I never even noticed this. and was told that owners sometimes don't notice cause they own the cat. I have opened snickers up to diabeties an heart disease and arthrities. I cried when I was told this as I am not sure exactly what to do now to help her. I was told to get active feeding toys. bUt I looked at the Petsmart and they dont have them... And how in teh world am i supposed to get snickers to play with the toys to get the food she has never really been interested in toys no matter how i play with her. It breaks my heart to know i am slowly killing my baby girl.. snickers has been with me through thick and many changes.. I feel awlful. I dont know how it would affect me if snickers is sccumbbed to any of those things but i do know it will kill me inside. Not even snickers regular vet said anything about her weight to me. ???????????????? I work crazy shifts so it would be hard to but the cats... which i would have to make all of them change.. put them on a feeding schedule... I dont see how i can do that.. I thought i was doing everyhting right. set out small bowls of food... goood food protien an stuff not that cheap cat food... and small bowls of clean cold water for them.. sighs

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