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Oooh, shiny!

Diary of the day? Really? NEAT

December 17th 2005 1:31 pm
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I've made a lot of new friends from being the kitty with the diary of the day. Thank you, Catster!

It's getting cold where I live, so I've been snuggling more and more with my human. She seems to like it. She plays with my little buddha belly and pets me lots and lots. She also brings out the feather toy, which I love.

Maybe later, I'll pose some more for her, I know she likes to share pictures. With the house being so clean, I have lots of places to run and play and pose.

Time for me to run - the sun is glinting off the mirror on the wall and I want to chase the shiny!


December 12th 2005 10:39 am
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My human has taken to calling me "Broken Kitty" because of how far I can stretch. You can see in one of my pictures that I almost look double-jointed around the shoulders. I love doing that, it feels so good!

My human cleaned and cleaned this weekend and I found new hiding spots, including my new favourite, under the coffee table, behind the fake door. I was there for hours before she found me!

I'm off to play and run about! Oooh, shiny!


November 28th 2005 9:16 am
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My name is Helios, which, in case you didn't know, is Greek for the God of Sun. My human chose the name before she was chosen by me, but I like it. I know she had her eye on an orange kitty, but I wriggled my way into her heart in a flash.

I'm a blue-silver tabby, the front of my coat gets a blue tint in the right light. I have spots and speckles and stripes and a very curly tail.

I love Trinity and Gabriel, my human's other two owners. I like to curl up on my human, sandwiched between Trin (my Momma Cat) and Gabriel. I like to pounce on them even more.

I also love Brain, the gerbil (Pinky died a little while ago - I miss her, we used to play nose-ies through the cage) and Hypnos, the hamster. They're more fun to watch than TV!

My attention span is a little short yet, so I'm off to romp with Gabe.

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