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My trip to Rainbow Bridge

October 28th 2009 7:50 pm
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Today would have been a usual weekday Wednesday, if it wasn't Daddy's Birthday.

We had homemade chili and crackers, and cherry cake and cherry fudge swirl ice cream. Momma tried to spank Daddy a birthday spank, but as always he is way too bigger than she is, so Mom gave him some raspberries to go with his cherry cake and ice cream. Like this - Psstp ... Psstp ... Psstp! The humans have been teasing Daddy for a year that today he was going to be double nickel. I have no idea what a double nickel Daddy is. Maybe that means Daddy is going to be two of him half his size? Would it be easier to birthday spank two little daddies? Humm ... which face would I sleep on and which would I lick the right guard out of the arm pit of?

After Daddy's birthday lunch and dessert, Daddy had to go to work. All of us furs and Momma got our round of hugs and kisses and goodbyes. Bye Bye Daddy. Have a great night at work and come home safe.

Momma got to the computer and downloaded her email as she transferred the photos on the digital camera of the four little one's 11th weeks photos. She had a fleeting thought of taking my photo. The leaves were cleaned up, but background and the Halloween kitty color was handy. Then she decided aganist it. I was so dirty and stained and she didn't feel like giving me a bath today. So Momma dismissed the idea to today.

Yes. I am a dirty and stained kitty. I haven't been my beautiful white self for two years. In my young, I was an over groomer and I would actually rip my fur out and make myself bleed. It is a job to keep beautiful pure white fur clean and perfect, you know. Two years ago, I slowly lost my desire to be a pretty kitty. I guess I was getting tired and my heart wasn't letting me have enough energy anymore. You see, I was born with a grade 2 heart murmur. It later progressed to a 3 and stayed there for a long time, then two years ago suddenly to a 6 (Some vets do A to D. My vet does 1 to 6). Momma and Daddy knew all of my life that I would eventually go into congestive heart failure and it would be time for my journey to Rainbow Bridge.

It's time for afternoon lickin's and a nap. Lickin's are kitty treats that are good for kitties. They have stuffs in them that are good for our teeth and to cut down on hairballs. I really don't have many teeth to worry about anymore as I only have 6 with no fang tooth on one side and a broken fang tooth on the other side, but I can still toss a fantastic hairball ... move on over Cy Young , Christy Mathewson , Walter Johnson , Sandy Koufax , Steve Carlton , and Nolan Ryan. I eat up my lickin's and then I curl up on the cushion for my afternoon nap. I hear Momma in the kitchen cleaning up the Chili mess as I drift off to nappy time land.

I am not sure how much time had passed. I was at nappy time and time gets away from a kitty in nappy time land. I get up to wonder around a bit and for some reason I feel a bit different. I yawn. Hey, I have all of my teeth. Even my broken fang I had all of my life isn't broken anymore. What is this? I look at my paws and my tail, and they are not stained. My beautiful white fur ... look at my beautifully perfect white fur. I'm beautiful white again and it doesn't hurt to walk anymore. I have to show Momma!

I run to show Momma. This is wonderful to be and feel like a kitten again. I run around her feet and paw at her to look at me. I can even jump high enough to paw her shoulder. Mom is so busy cleaning up around the house that I cannot get her attention. Momma is dusting and sweeping and moping but I am so excited I'm not gonna stop trying.

Finally, it's time for Momma to go to bed. Momma has to notice me now. Momma lets Dakota out to do the pee pee in the yard and Hawkeye into the garage to pee pee in his man box and puts the kittens to sleep in the crate so they don't get into trouble. It is now time for Momma to bed me down in my kitty play yard. Momma will notice me now! Look at me Momma! Momma goes to the cushion and touches something on it, and gets a very puzzled look on her face. Momma shakes the something a bit, then feels it's feet and ears, and then it's chest. Momma lifts up the something's paw and it just falls back down onto the cushion. I look at the something and it's me the way I was before I got all young and better. I look back up at Momma, and her eyes are leaking and she is so sad. Don't be sad Momma. That isn't me anymore.

Out of the corner of my eye I see a bright light. I look towards it and squinted trying to see as my eyes adjusted. While my eyes grew accustomed I started to make out shapes of young kits and young pups with beautiful wings. Out of the light come furs that looked familiar. Yes. It was Koty and Blanca and Stovepipe and Echo, and they held out their paws to me. Behind my angel furblings I see my Catster and Dogster angel furiends there to welcome me.

I look back at Momma and touch my paw to her face. It's time for me to go be an angel now Momma. I think Momma felt and heard me because she smiled. I turn and walk to my furblings, they wrapping their wings around me to help me cross over to Rainbow Bridge ...


Special Mentions:

My good furiend Biker Dude Milo posted a tribute in his Meows from Milo's Diary

Beautiful Angel Wings Pics were given to me by Dusty the PuppyCat and Jayden Noelani

Hannah put me in her Hannah's Angel Stroll

The Furmily of Edgar, Emily Felicity, Gabrielle, and Lucinda gave me a Rosette for being in Hannah's Angel Stroll

I received Rosettes from:

The wonderful furmilies of Ciao-Li, Jean Louise Weezer, Sheba, Katie, Arlo, Junie Moon Brossart, Bizkit, Sluggo, Sneakers, Emilio, Madison Brossart, Liam Brossart, and Megan Brossart; - and - Sassy and Pepper; - and - Lady Sophie, Bonnie, Spike, Fuzzy, Rambo, Lexie, Lady Red, Clyd, and the Okie Gang; - and - Rocky, Duchess, and Lucy; - and - Nük / Anük, Taag, Sweets, Gabby (TN), and Gabby; - and - Toni, Rusty, Eleanore, and Neko; - and - Blackburn's Good Times Charlie, Odie, Xena, Tinkerbell BlackburnTugwell, Snuggles, Rags, Skeezics, Misty, Precious, Tycie, Ozzy Blackburn-Winn, King Louie and Charlie, Peanut, Butterball, Stoney and Triston Noelle; - and - Toffy and Vanessa; - and - Miss Sable-Kitty, Max and Charley; - and - Klemy Q-Tip, Kira, Sweetie, Spit Fire, Sadie Boo, Stormy B. Loved AKA Stormy B. Naughty, and Sophie Bean; - and - Humphrey Lee, Roger Bleu, and Greta; - and - Jobél, Princess Zoe, Jasper, and Jillian Grace; - and - Alex, Annie, and Bugsy; - and - Gysmo, Felica, Mylo, Bootzie, Kohl, Raga Muffin, Lil' Luie, Shylo, and Lacey Lu; - and - Simon, Hamlet, Punkin, and Pepper; - and - Dusty Miller, Ernest Hemmingway, Jennifer, Sasha, Curly, Gabby, Noah, Yugi, ode to the outside kitty, old man kitty, Jinx, Louis, silver tiger kitty, and Rusty; - and - Keisha, Sylvester, and Merlin; - and - Ava Corrine, Andy ( Anderson Montgomery), Arli (Arlington Mackenzie), Lilah Alexis, Gracie, Minka (Cupcake), and Augie ( August Miller); - and - Tessa, Percy, Sawyer, Murphy, Nicky, Coconut, Sunday, Flash, Hitch, Omega, and Little Grey; - and - Prissy, Harley, Tao, Teddy, Slater, Tori, and Tabatha; - and - Pinkie, Biggles, Nonny, Buddy, Fluffy, Wriggley, Stripey, Bunka, Dice, and Xena

My loving furiends Morgan The PirateGato, Arnold P, Rufus,
Kittanna, Sky, Cinder, Flower, Isabella Blu Heart, Kally Kat, Baby In Loving Memory, Nala Sue, Freckles, Katrina, Soc, and Tipper


Purred by: Ava 4 ever Mommy's Angel (Catster Member)

October 30th 2009 at 5:37 pm

You are so pretty. I hope we spend time at the bridge together...Mommy can't believe we became friends the very day you went to the bridge....we were reading your poem that night and had no idea what was going on in your life....Purrs to you...Ava and family
Purred by: ZEEKE dreamboat #40a (Catster Member)

October 30th 2009 at 6:35 pm


We were sad to hear of your passing, but happy you are now at the bridge playing in fields of catnip and chasing butterflies. Your families love for you will last forever.

Zeeke and the crew
Purred by: Angel Soc Dreamboat #56 (Catster Member)

November 1st 2009 at 9:54 am

Hello sweetheart, you sure do make a beautiful angel, so pretty,we are so sorry you left for the bridge,we sure bet those angels there were so happy to see you, god bless sweetheart, fly high
Purred by: Cali, sweetest angel (Catster Member)

November 5th 2009 at 5:43 pm

Oh, sweet Icy, we will miss you so much! I hope your journey was peaceful.

Augie, Beckham, Cali, Daisy, Little Emma, and Perla

(just a few of the many whose lives you've touched)
Purred by: Annie Spokescat Calico Juncti (Catster Member)

December 1st 2009 at 9:33 am

Yes I can leave a comment here but the other we talked about does not come up for some odd reason???????
Purred by: Baltster 1990 ~ 2011 (Catster Member)

December 13th 2009 at 10:40 am

Purrs purrs and more purrs. It's the best way to go (napping). I hope I go that way too. Many purrs to your family. We hope you have a great Christmas holiday.
Purrs the fur gang.
Raza, Sam, Mr D and Balty
Purred by: Angel ♥Kally Kat♥ (Catster Member)

January 1st 2010 at 3:57 pm

Sweet bootiful Icy, We all miss you soo much here on Mother Earth. As my Mommy is typing this, yup she's beez krying again :( :(......

She read yur last "Icebox Idioms" dated October 28th 2009, so she's beez sad.

On a happier paw note, ♪ we all know that yur at a furry speshil place wiff lots ob ☼ sunshine & bootiful cotton clouds, meeting upps wiff all ob our sisfurrs & broffurrs. Whole, Healthy & furry Happy once again honey.

We will always wuvs yew & miss yew furr always.

Lubbs & (((( huggs))))
Kally Kat ;) ♥♥
Purred by: Tiger (Catster Member)

October 25th 2011 at 7:17 pm

Dear Beautiful Icebox,

It made me and mom sad to read about your trip to rainbow bridge. I hope your trip was just as peaceful as you explained. I also hope your mommy and daddy know you are happy where you are. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.

With love and sympathy,
Tiger and Mom
Purred by: Annie Spokescat Calico Juncti (Catster Member)

October 26th 2011 at 12:08 am

Girl human read the story again and it is such a lovely one. I'm sure peace was bliss. After all, a lot of kitties dream of an end here on earth that way. Curled up in a nice comfy spot hearing the one's they love around them. What a wonder tribute this was and still is. Sad no, tears yes. What a wonderful life what a beautiful end and what a super powerful beginning at Rainbow Bridge. Time has passed but the same feelings are still there. The Humans must still tell those wonderful tales about all the smiles IceBox brought into their lives. Don't be sad Tiger and Mom.


Icebox (Rainbow Bridge)


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