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The Mystery Of The Anonymous Feline

September 3rd 2006 12:00 am
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The Mystery Of The Anonymous Feline

An Anonymous Feline crept unawares into the Pure White Kitty Club dropping fleas on our Whitester members. It appears that the first of these fleas were dropped on or about August 4, 2006.

It so seems that the first fleas dropped was to peak our attention, as they were the same. Now fleas of a different rhyming nature are now being dropped on our Whitester members. We must most certainly solve this mystery!

Proclaims I, “So I, Doctor Icebox, shall ponder the night scratching these fleas for clues as I faithfully wait 'till morning for Inspector Mickey on our course of action.”

Noted by Inspector Mickey, “As always, Dr. Icebox (I presume), you are on the case ... and you have collected the clues for us in an organized fashion.

Over many weeks, and upon the cooperation and equal determination of the Pure White Kitty Club members, we have brainstormed and gathered these hopefully correct conclusions:

one white cat in family
in a cold northern climate
an indoor kitty
a dark cat in the family.
sunburns easily
slow moving kitty
Irish or Scottish name?
is tan the same as orange?
color categories to find light tannish cats - browns, chestnuts, cinnamon, champagne, fawns and sables.
could "GREAT" mean the great lakes?
this kitty is in a state (US)
is this kitty 60 miles from one of the great lakes?
what about the Mississippi River?
COLD is an important clue
CLOCK as in tick tock or
CLOCK as in time like time is fleeting fast
music on page
*!This Kitty Is Watching Us!*

As noted by Inspector Mickey above, I have spent the weeks gathering the clues and have individually deciphered them. Here are my findings:

Riddle: think a tat white cat
Clue: think a moment about a white cat

Riddle = "think a tat white cat have you a clue who sends a rose to you?"
Clue: Think a moment about a white cat. Who did you think sent this to you?

Riddle: "think a tat white cat like you tis true i am hiding among all of you"
Clue: I am white just like you. I am in your PWKC group.

Riddle = "think a tat white cat multi whites have some my furmily only has one
join with the group put together another clue most already know i am one of you"

Clue: Some of you have more than one white sibling. I am the only white one in my family. I am much closer than you think.

Riddle: "think a tat white cat i can't catch a tan but try to catch Me if you can"
Clue: A tan colored sibling. Dogs are siblings too.

Riddle: "think a tat white cat forgetting you truly cold would be put together all the rosette clues to lead to me"
Clue: Nani received this because she seemed to feel bad that she did not receive one. This cat’s name has something to do with cold.

Riddle: "think a tat white cat spending my days laid back favorite pastime not spent in the sack"
Clue: This cat loves to sleep.

Riddle: "think a tat white cat beat the weather in the mad river"
Clue: It gets rather warm on the Dog Days Of Summer and a nearby river to cool off in. This river is named Mad River.

Riddle: "think a tat white tat 60 miles into the GREAT so close missing the state"
Clue: Looking in the wrong state. The Mad River runs 60 miles and joins with the Great Miami River.

Riddle: "think a tat white cat look fast where you run named of the father is the son"
Clue: The Great Miami River has a ‘son’ river – the Little Miami River.

Riddle: "think a tat white cat where you find the senior you will find the junior"
Clue: The Great Miami River and the Little Miami River run near to each other within the same state.

Riddle: "think a tat white cat side by side, one hit by ire running northeast to south west, is the sire"
Clue: Both rivers run northeast to southwest just miles apart. The Mad River meets with the Great Miami River.

Riddle: "think a tat white cat no red heart of desire hero's medal flash afire”
Clue: Flashing hearts that are not red. Combat wounded military personnel are given medals called a “purple” heart.

Riddle: “think a tat white cat will i ever be Cat Of The Day? only my hands of time can say"
Clue: An analog clock

Riddle: think a tat white cat life's songs not always thrills loving advice for all our beautiful girls"
Clue: A song giving advice to our girl members.

As the Pure White Kitty Club has labored hard finding the Anonymous Feline flea dropper and has been cornered by Mickey Mantle, Nani, The Drifter, and Diamond - - one last poem clue on this Labor Day for a job well done:

think a tat
white cat
so good Pure White Kitty Club building the blocks
The Anonymous Feline is
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

ME … Icebox

Whisker Licks and Ice Cool Tricks. I love you all!
12:00 midnight est


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