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Hammock Talk...

July 25th 2010 1:02 am
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Dear Diary,

Hello furiends! I did something different Friday night...I went to Hammock Talk. It is a Group Forum in my Over The Rainbow Group. My big sisfur Muffy is usually the only one that goes to Hammock Talk because she has alot of furiends there. It's a great purrlace to meet lots of nice kitties and doggies there, and there is ALWAYS lots of delicious food there cooked by my Auntie Autumn to eat.

Last night there were Shrimp, Scallop, & Chicken Kabobs, Beef Kabobs, Bacon Wrapped Pork Kabobs, Veggie Kabobs, and for dessert there were Fruit Kabobs. Auntie Autumn always cooks something fur the kitties and something fur the doggies, so efurryone is happy. To drink, there was Catnip Ale fur the kitties, and there was Beef Jerky Ale fur the doggies. For the kittens there was a bowl of Sweet Cream.

I met my new furiends Baby Dot and Baby Tuxie there. They are two brofurs that joined Over The Rainbow in the middle of June 2010. Last night was our furst purrlaydate togefur. I was at the Hammock fur just ofur an hour before they came along. Once they got there, we pigged out on Shrimp Kabobs and bowls of cold sweet cream. I had already downed two Chicken Kabobs before they got there, so I got rather full! After we pawlished off our bowls of cream, we were ready to purrlay.

We decided to purrlay Hide and Seek. I was "it" and they ran off to hide. I counted to twenty five, then I raced off into the meadow surrounding the Hammock to find them. I looked high and low, and I was unable to find them. There are a lot of purrlaces to hide in the meadow, so I had my paws full. I looked under the bushes surrounding the meadow...nothing. I looked behind the trees on the outskirts of the meadow and in the meadow....nothing. Then I walked ofur to the dining area next to the Hammock. As I was walking past one of the dining tables, something brushed against my butt. It scared me, so I called out to Auntie Autumn! After I calmed down, I got down on all four paws and looked under the table...and then I saw Baby Dot hiding there. Aha, I found you! I shouted. Then I tagged Dot and he was "it."

I was just going to go hunt fur Baby Tuxie again, when I had to leave. My typist had to leave to go eat dinner, so I had to go back home before I had found Baby Tuxie. I said my good byes to efurryone there and headed home. As I was walking past one of the trees near the meadow, Baby Tuxie was giggling and laughing so hard that he almost fell out of the tree. He swung down off one of the branches, and slapped my tail as he landed near me. I spun around and saw him standing there holding his tummy. He had been hiding in one of the tall trees, and had been watching me hunt for him all along! He was laughing so hard his tummy hurt!

I had the best time at Hammock Talk last night with Baby Tuxie and Baby Dot...I hope I can purrlay with them again real soon! They are so much fun to purrlay wif!

On Cloud Nine,


Purred by: Blue {In Loving Memory} (Catster Member)

June 5th 2011 at 5:05 pm

Baby Dot & Baby Tuxie,

Meowlo pals! I would LOVE to keep in contact wif you...but how? I miss you guys, and want to purrlay more wif you. Do you efur go to Hammock Talk anymore? The only time I went was that night because you were there...




Blue {In Loving Memory}


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