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Muffy's New Heavenly Home...

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Valencat's Day 2013...

February 18th 2013 12:12 pm
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Valencat's Day was an enjoyable, romantic holiday this year thanks to my fur husband Buddy. He is the apple of my eyes. Furst, he awakened me with a home cooked breakfast...all of my favorites. After brekkie, we went to the spa, where we were each pampurred by the attendants there. We had efurry treatment available, and were massaged for an hour. We left there refreshed and rejuvenated. We felt like a million bucks!

Then we walked down the boardwalk, shopping at several of the shops along the way. We ate lunch at one of the restaurants specializing in seafood. OMC, it was wonderpurr! Buddy and I ate like little piggies.

Then we headed back home. While there, I packed us a basket full of goodies for a midnight cruise on Buddy's sail boat. I packed all of our favorite foods and dessert for our voyage.

Before we knew it, we were at the Marina, making our boat ready to sail. Buddy is an expert sailor. He navigated our way around the ofur boats in the Marina, and headed out toward our favorite cove. It was a beautifur day for sailing...the weather was purrfect. We reached our favorite cove in about an hour. The sun was just setting on the horizon. The sunset was gorgeous, and we took several photographs of it.

I went below deck and gathered efurrything neccessary for our picnic for two. I set out our favorite foods and drink while Buddy lit candles all around us on the deck. We ate by candle light, and it was so romantic. We took turns feeding each ofur and telling each ofur what we loved about each ofur. After we finished eating our food, we began to dance to the music on the radio. Buddy is the best dancer I have efur seen. He lifted me off my paws, swirled me around, and dipped me in his strong arms...he is truly a sight to behold.

We were ready for a breather, so we sat down and snuggled togefur on the deck on some huge pillows. We exchanged Valencat's gifts, and sipped catpagne. Buddy gave me a Diamond Heart was breathtaking! MOL!!! I couldn't wait to put it on. Buddy placed it around my neck, and fastened the clasp. I ran to the bedroom and glanced in the mirror...I was speechless! It was gorgeous! After I thanked my fur husband properly, I noticed that it was almost midnight. We toasted each ofur with our catpagne as the clock turned to midnight. What a magical evening under the moonlight...all thanks to my darling Buddy!




Life At The Bridge...

March 23rd 2012 11:20 am
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This is my seventh year at the Bridge. Life here is wonderpurr. I have my loving fur husband Buddie, and my son Blue to keep me busy. We live in a Victorian house at the water's edge in the Heavenly Keys Subdivision, and I couldn't be happier.

During the week I keep busy with shopping trips to the Mall with my furiend Mitzi Treasure Bird. We have a blast scurrying from store to store, looking for must-have items. We shop til we drop! After our paws get worn out from shopping, we go to the Food Court and eat like little piggies. We order our favorite entrees, then top that off with a healthy portion of dessert. After our tummies are full, we either go to the gym to work off the extra calories, or the Beauty Pawlor to get dolled up. We want to look good for our fur men, so these two businesses are a must!

On Friday nights I go to "Hammock Talk" at the Over The Rainbow Group. I let my meowmy type for me at this forum. I meet my furiends Autumn, Abby, Taz, Cisco Kid, Bill (Mr. Prez), and Snipper there, and we meow and bark about our lives, our pawrents lives, and life at the bridge. We listen and offer comfort and purrayer to those that are hurting. I look forward to seeing my pals, so I try and go efurry week.

Weekends are a time for family. Buddie, Blue, and I usually do a day trip somewhere togefur, but this weekend is different. Blue has been invited ofur to Autumn and Gato's house for the weekend. Their son Squeak invited Blue to come ofur and purrlay, so of course Buddie and I said "Okay." Autumn is like a sisfur to me. Blue calls them his Aunty Auty and Uncle Gato. Blue is really excited about his weekend stayofur. He is going to ride his bicycle and meet Squeak at the Hammock after school lets out. Then they will ride their bikes back ofur to Autumn and Gato's house fur the weekend. Buddie and I usually do family things on the weekend. This weekend we will have to purrlan something a little more "Romantic" to do. Yes, I AM really looking forward to this weekend!
Have a good one!

Happy Purrs,



I am Diary Of The Day!

April 14th 2011 11:49 am
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Dear Diary,

Meowlo fur furiends! You are nefur going to guess what happened today...I was picked to be Catster's Diary Of The Day! YIPPEEEEEEE! I don't know what to say. I am so honored to be chosen fur this. THANK MEW CATSTER! Meowmy is so furry purroud of me...she is speechless also. This is my furst Catster honor, and I am on Cloud Nine! My fur husband Buddy is going to take me out to dinner tonight so that we can celebrate this special day. He is so good to me...I am one lucky furgirl!

Happy Little Kitteh,



Our Shopping Trip...

April 12th 2011 6:21 pm
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Dear Diary,

Meowlo efurryone! Buddy and Blue each gave me a Gift Card to The Bridge Shopping Mall fur my birthday on April 1st. This was an exceptional gift from them because it meant that I could purchase anything my little heart desires. Oh goody! I invited some furiends to go along with me on this shopping trip. I invited Monroe, Autumn, Abby, Mitzi Treasure Bird, and Flora Angel Cat to help me find my treasures. I also invited White Boots, his brofur D Max, and Bill (Moved On). They provided security fur me and the girls. The fur men waited in the Pub while all of the girls shopped. Then, when we were all done shopping, they escorted us out of the Mall with our large number of packages and shopping bags to our waiting cars in the pawking lot.

Furst, the girls and I started at The Black Cat Boutique. It specializes in clothing fur the black cat. Since Abby and Monroe are beautiful black felines, we thought that it would be a good purrlace to start. Monroe found a gorgeous red sequined ball gown. Abby got a red leather collar with colorful tags, and a matching red scarf. She looked splendid in them. Autumn bought an amazing diamond necklace that looked exquisite. Mitzi found a really cute Spring dress that she bought. Flora Cat ended up with three dresses. She got a red dress, a yellow dress, and an adorable pink dress. She maxed out her Kitty Credit Card when the clerk rang her up, but she was purrleased with her purchases.

I made out like a bandit. I found a purrty beige turtleneck sweater, a black leather pair of pants, and a pair of Spring sandals for my birthday outfit. Flora said that I looked "sporty" and "youthful" so of course I wanted to buy them! Flora Cat also found me a raspberry purse and a black leather pair of boots to go with my outfit. I can wear the leather boots in the Fall and Winter, so I can wear my outfit year round! I was tickled pink to find all these wonderful clothes...wait til Buddy sees me in them!

After all of us girls finished our shopping, we met White Boots and D Max upstairs in the Food Court. We ate lunch at an All-You-Can-Eat Fish Bar. It was delicious! I pigged out on Trout and Salmon. We all ate like little piggies. I think we will eat there again sometime.

White Boots and D Max entered a Dart Tournament while they were waiting fur us in the Pub. White Boots did purrty good, but D Max won second purrlace! He won a brand new Harley Davidson Motorcycle. He is going to look so handsome on that Harley! I can't wait to see him on it!!!

Efurryone seemed to have a good time on our Virtual Shopping Trip at The Mall. It was so much fun fur me, that I hope Buddy and Blue give me Gift Cards fur my birthday next year!

All Decked Out,



I'm the Birthday Girl...

April 2nd 2011 8:19 pm
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Hi furiends! Yesterday was my birthday. I can hardly believe that anofur year has come and gone already. I have celebrated seven birthdays here at the Bridge now. Boy, how time flies! Meowmy baked me a catnip cake and covered it in candles (we won't mention how many!) My fur husband Buddy, and Blue and I made little piggies out of ourselves...we ate the whole thing! Meowmy always was a good baker, and we didn't want to see it go to waste, now did we? Hehehe! It was delicious. Fur my birthday, Buddy and Blue gave me two gift certificates to the Mall so that I could pick out whatefur I wanted. I can't wait to go shopping with Monroe, Autumn,and Abby. With those fur girls helping me, I am bound to find a few really mice things! I can't wait to go shopping with them. All in all, I had a really mice birthday. Thanks efurrybody!

The Birthday Girl,



Anofur Tag Game...

February 7th 2011 4:06 pm
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Meowlo! My good furiend Mitzi Treasure Bird tagged me to name the five most annoying things my humans do, then tag five ofurs to keep it going.

Here are the five things that annoyed me:

5. I used to sleep at night right next to Meowmy's head
because it was the warmest purrlace on her body, and I
am a hairless cat. Sometimes Meowmy would get a little
bit of fur in her nostrils, and then she would move her
head away from me in her sleep, taking away my heat!

4. I didn't like the Petromalt that Meowmy put on my paw to
keep me from getting hairballs. Get a grip Meowmy, I am

3. I didn't like it when Meowmy would get up from the couch
while I was perched daintily on her knees. I would be SO
comfortable, and then she would get up fur some reason...
what's up with that?

2. I would get annoyed when Meowmy would turn off my heating
pad that used to keep me warm. It felt sooo good!

1. The number one thing that annoyed was when Meowmy and
Daddy would go on a trip somewhere without me! I always
knew when I saw the suit cases come out of storage that they
were leaving me, and I would turn my back to Meowmy and
ignore her until she left. (I always made up with her when
she came back home though!)

I hope you'll have fun purrlaying this game, and if I didn't tag you but you want to join in, then purrlease do!

Here are the five kitties I am tagging:

1. Buddy # 198917
2. Kassie # 218895
3. Monroe # 159788
4. Abby # 144471
5. Princess # 268733

Purrs and Headbonks,



An Extreme Honor...

June 5th 2010 1:51 pm
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Hello fur furiends! Something awesome happened to me, and I just have to tell you all about it. I thought that I had already written in my Diary about this great thing, but I just discovered that I hadn't. Anyway, here goes:

In the beginning of May 2010 something pawsome happened to me. I was offered an Administrative position for the Over The Rainbow Group. Most of you have already heard about this great group, but fur those of you that haven't, I will say a little bit about it.

The Over The Rainbow Group is a group fur kitties and doggies that have crossed ofur The Rainbow Bridge. It is a wonderful group that helps the pawrents of the dearly depawted to grieve. My meowmy has made several life long friends there. It is a purrlace to grieve your loss, & to share about your beloved pet with ofur grieving pawrents. It is a way to keep the memory of your beloved fur baby alive.

I am deeply honored to be an Administrator of Over The Rainbow. I will help send out the welcome letters to new members of the group, and help them get acquainted. I am purrty shy when it comes to meeting new kitties, so this will be good fur me. My new pawsition will help me meet new kitties and doggies, and I am furry grateful fur the opportunity. Thank you Autumn, thank you Kassie...I am absolutely thrilled to be pawt of such an awesome group!

On Cloud Nine,



Birthday Girl...

April 2nd 2010 11:00 am
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Hi fur furiends! Yesterday was my birfday. Twenty six years ago I was born. My darling husband Buddy took me out to my favorite Seafood restaurant for dinner. We celebrated my birthday by ordering our favorites. Buddy had the Captain's Plate, Blue had a bowl of Homemade Clam Chowder, and of course I ordered the Lobster. It was excellent! We all ate like little piggies until we were about to burst. We didn't even have room in our tummies for a little dessert...we were stuffed! After dinner we went to the movie theater and watched a Garfield movie. We all laughed our tails off! All in all, I had a wonderpurr birthday. I hope that you are enjoying the Spring weather as much as I am...

Happy Cat,



Be Thankful...

February 19th 2009 2:06 am
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Howdy fur furiends! Meowmy saw this post from Jazzi today on Over The Rainbow. She liked it so much she wanted to post it here in my diary. Read on...

Be Thankful

Be thankful that you don't already have everything you desire,
If you did, what would there be to look forward to?

Be thankful when you don't know something
For it gives you the opportunity to learn.

Be thankful for the difficult times.
During those times you grow.

Be thankful for your limitations
Because they give you opportunities for improvement.

Be thankful for each new challenge
Because it will build your strength and character.

Be thankful for your mistakes
They will teach you valuable lessons.

Be thankful when you're tired and weary
Because it means you've made a difference.

It is easy to be thankful for the good things.
A life of rich fulfillment comes to those who are
also thankful for the setbacks.

GRATITUDE can turn a negative into a positive.
Find a way to be thankful for your troubles
and they can become your blessings.
~ Author Unknown ~

Isn't it beautifur? It really makes a difference if you can thank God for efurrything in your life, even your troubles, fur He can turn them into blessings!




On My Journey Poem...

November 3rd 2007 1:39 am
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Anna left these words fur her meowmie when she had to go to the Bridge quickly. Meowmi's eyes got watery as she was reading this poem, so I know that it is good! Enjoy!

Subject: ~On my Journey Sent: Sat Oct 13

Today I left for my home far away,
I'm sorry, but I just could not stay..
Hallelujah, I'm free at last,
I'm just sad I had to leave so fast.
I'll miss you mommy all my days,
Until the day you meet me when our sweet Lord says..
Thank you for all the love you gave,
For loving me every single day!
I was so sick, I hope you understand,
Thank you for the helping hand..
I send my love ,
From heaven above..
Please don't cry too much for me,
I'm no longer in pain you see..
Now I'm gone and was given wings,
With the angels, now I sing..
All the food and water here,
Nothing ever more to fear..
Sunshine and rainbows everywhere,
Running and playing I have no care..
Friends abundant and toys galore,
I cannot wait to see what else is in store..
So goodbye my mommy, only for a while,
Let me go and play as a child..
Purrs and hugs from me to you,
Thank you for giving me a life brand new!

**Muffy dabs at a tear forming in her eye** Wasn't that just beautiful? Sniff, sniff......sniffle..

Purrs and Headbonks,

Mrs. Muffy Norris

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