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My life's an Enigma

I was right about the big dog.

May 13th 2007 12:04 pm
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The big dog, Griffin, did in fact come to live with us. I hate him lots and swat and hiss at him. However when I hiss and run, he finds it more fun to chase me. If I just stay still he doesn't even bother me. But I've taken to staying downstairs more. That is where the kids play anyhow, and the rabbits and the hamster live down there too, so it's not so bad. I come upstairs at night and sleep with the boys, other times I'd rather sleep downstairs on the rabbit hutch.


I am not happy

March 31st 2007 5:52 pm
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My mom brought home a giant dog. I am not happy. I've taken to hiding in the basement.....somehow I don't think this dog is leaving. Now to decide when to forgive my humans.


I had a good laugh at the dog today

June 29th 2006 9:02 pm
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So I spent most my afternoon following way behind Pokey laughing at him. Mom got out the blowpens and colored him all up. He looks crazy, at least to me. I tried to convince mom to use the purple color, I used my paw and knocked it out of the box. Mom just shooed me away, so I guess she doesn't like purple.

I'm still enjoying life without two dogs around. Siren is still off at his breeders, going to shows. All I know is it's way easier to tease one dog and escape unharmed. Of course mom always yells at the dog if he barks at me or tries to chase me, so it's great fun to get him in trouble. Usually he just ignores me, which I suppose is okay.

I found a great new spot in the new house. Mom put her bed right by the window so it's level with the window. And if that wasn't good enough they put a bird feeder outside that window, so I can sit there and watch birds all day. How cool.

My mom and dad tried to convince me to step outside. At the last house we lived at for 7 years I never went outside so it was scary. At the new house they have this room in the backyard (it's part of the house I guess). It's all enclosed in walls and screen so it's like being outside but there's no grass or trees in the room and I can't get out of the room unless they open the door. They even put furniture out there. I let them carry me out there, I stood on the ground for about 4 seconds and decided I just wasn't ready for that and darted inside. However if my mom and dad both go out there, I stand at the door and cry because I want to be with them, but I'm too chicken. Sometimes they will prop the door open and I can sit on the edge...I like that. Maybe someday I'll try to go out there again. I see other cats outside all the time. We have a few neighbors with multiple cats that appear to like to be outside much more than inside. Silly cats how do you get treats and love when you are outside?

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