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Tails From Heaven

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Will This Work??

July 12th 2016 9:00 am
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Purrs to all with loving tail swishes and more than a few tears!

The mama of Ashlynne and Scootie Patootie and other kitties helped MY mama to get onto my page when my mama doesn't even KNOW our password and is waiting for Watchcat to have time to help her.

We are all feeling so sad. We don't want Catster to end. We have had so much REAL support here; so many gifts, and so many REAL adventures. We made new friends who became very DEAR friends. We supported each other, purred for other kitties, congratulated those where were Kitties of the Day or month or had birthdays or were DOTD..... And although we can't find our zealies at the moment, we had a blast sending gifts to others, as well.

We even learned about html tags!! (Which, all things considered, and what else was going on at the time, was phenomenal!!)

We are all imploring Catster to reconsider, and even to restore all the functionality that used to be present in Catster. We are prepared to pay our part of such an upgrade, and to pay it handsomely, at least, for each of us. (We didn't know about Lifetime Plus.)

Meanwhile, to all our special kittie friends, please know that we all, MacIntosh, Pixel and I, are staggered. We don't even know how to send purrs to you all. But we are "radiating" purrs and loves and meows and purrayers in all directions!!!!

With all purry love from,

Popka, Dearest Angel


MORE Happy Dancing!!!

March 8th 2014 12:53 am
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Hi EveryKitty Reading This,

I am SO LUCKY!! First I was DOTD, yesterday, and now, my diary is a Daily Diary Pick. Mama is writing this for me after midnight, and after she happened to see the p-mail from Catster, but she and I think that the DDP is REALLY for “tomorrow” (which is “today”, already) ~ and not for her “still today” (which is now “yesterday”).

But the timing for my mama just couldn’t be better…… She’s waiting for a return call from the on-call hospice nurse, ‘cause there are questions she needs to ask….. But it’s only the second time since last July she’s EVER called them….. and she’s kinda scared to go to sleep tonight ~ not because that would be SO bad, but because she’s afraid she might not HEAR her mama if she is needed….. Her mama doesn’t speak up any more to say she needs help.

Sooo… she sat down here while she’s waiting for that phone call back, and here in her e-mail is the lovely New S’prise from Catster…….. and sometimes, things happen so serendipitously and so “right on” that she Just Doesn’t Know How To Say Thank You ENOUGH, sometimes……. Or How To Say It “Right”.

Still and all………. Thank you. From me, and from my mama. We are blessed to have all this Catster Support back in our lives……. Like it never left!!!

I do love my mama, and I know how her heart is aching………… That makes these picks, and all the gifts, and rosies, and stars and p-mails and photos and wonderful kindnesses that I already got from so many kitties  ~  It just makes such cheery and supportive gifts Extra Special!!

[I’m learning real fast, too, not to hover over the ads that don’t have any click-off button……….. This is my second time writing this diary entry ~ in WORD this time ~ But that’s okay. Mama is still waiting for the phone call!!]

((Looks again at the Diary Central page…….. Does an Entire Happy Dance right in the middle of the Rainbow Bridge!))

  ♥  Popka ♥


Thank You, Catster!!

March 6th 2014 6:31 am
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(Singing happily....)

 ♫  Wow! Mama was up very early today and noticed that I am one of the "Diary of the Day" choices today. That is Quite An Honor, when you notice how many kitties are writing diaries! It has made my 30th Birthday That Much More Special!

   ♥   Lo ving Thank You's, Dearest Catster Kitties!   ♥

 ♫   Popka

[P.S. Can't get rid of that unwanted space!! Just not good enough at this any more...... But still happily grateful!]



March 3rd 2014 10:25 am
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Today is my 30th birthday.

Wow. That’s really hard for me to believe……….

Thirty years since my antics used to amuse my mama………… Thirty years since I discovered my voluble and loquacious voice………… Thirty years or so since my many adventures, both those described in this diary and those not yet recorded….

Thirty years since I caught that unmentionable bird; thirty years since my mama climbed that fence and that tree to rescue me from those Doberman Pinscher DOGS that “treed” me in their yard………… Thirty years since I first began snuggling with my mama, and sneezed all over her about 20 times a minute……… Thirty years since I discovered the vagaries and the pleasures of the inimitable twist tie……

Thirty years since I proved to mama that Cats Can, SO, FLY!!................ (with proper motivation).

Thirty years since I used to ride in the hood of my mama’s “hoodie”………… Thirty years since I became a “heat-seeking, garbage-eating solar-powered cat” (a song mama’s friend made up for me)………

Twenty-eight years since that awful accident, and mama’s Total Terror, but that eventually caused me to have a WHOLE PAGE with a HUGE PHOTO in the local newspaper………. (I was a Survivor, I was!!)

………… And a little more than ten years since I came to the Rainbow Bridge, and mama began to miss me so sadly.

She calls me the Kitty Of Her Heart.

My mama lives with our grandma, and our grandma is getting ready to pass over the Rainbow Bridge. She doesn’t remember any more………. Doesn’t remember me, doesn’t remember how important Macky had become in her life………. Doesn’t remember much. Mama takes care of her. She cries a lot.

But today her tears are for me………. Sadness intermingled with the joy of memories funny, poignant, sad, joyful………. But always loving.

  ♥ Popka ♥

From Popka’s mama:

As I said once before, Baby Cat, “I still miss you, achingly, longingly, with all my heart and soul……..

Happy Birthday, little Popka (In Sad & Loving Memory). I love you.

With sad, longing tears, but singing Happy Birthday To You!!!


Joyful Purrs of Greeting

September 29th 2012 11:19 pm
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Mama's been too sick to pay attention for awhile to how bouncily happy I've been since Thursday to greet Toulouse AND Michelle, who came here also to meet her dear kitty!

Mama is sad and has been crying, crying for Toulouse, and crying all over again, too, for Michelle................................... But she Just Doesn't Know Yet. Someday, she'll truly understand about the Rainbow Bridge.

So, although mama is so,so sad, here are skazillions of head-bonks, purrs, loves, and silly romps of joy at meeting dearest Toulouse fur-to-fur and face-to-face ~ and a whole anthem of joy from Mama to Michelle, Special Delivery from me, purringly ~



P.S. Michelle, be sure to listen ~ it's got "You" written ALL OVER IT!!


In Honor & Tribute, With Love to Miss Scootie Patootie

March 6th 2009 7:25 pm
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We met Scootie when she peered at “us” though the green grass in one of her World’s Coolest photos in 2005! Wow!! We thought we were winners until we met Scooter!!! Only then did we learn what “winner” might mean….. a standard so high that we fall far short! Scooter is a winner…. a furiend…. a dear confidante…. a kitty as well loved in our family as anyone we know.

Miss Scootie Patootie and her mama, as well as her dad and her older sister SooLing, have been endlessly kind to us through those years. The care taken, given, in guiding us through Catster, html code, music, photos, groups, forums, diaries, and extras…. meant everything! ~ and those things were, of course, in the Greater Scheme of Things, nothing. There was so much more, beyond just what can be mentioned here. Kindness was invented, or re-invented, in Scooter’s home. She and her family have been excellent, kind, caring furiends of a kind impossible to describe…. impossible to thank….. impossible to tell how dearly they are loved.

Among other things, Scooter carried us, and our mama, through loss after loss. Our grandpa, in particular, was so hard for us….. Our mama disappeared, and we had no idea why. Scooter stayed in close touch, purring, encouraging, offering loves and head bonks ~ and she kept promising our mama would come back to us!! And then, at the same time, our mama, who was staying at our grandpa’s house….. Every single morning, during months of intense caregiving and working at the same time, often sleeping no more than two hours in 24 ~ every morning, she would log on to Catster, and often, often, there would be an encouraging word from Scootie. These were the most devastating days of her life, and Scooter “loved” her through them…. How could we not mention that, when it so surely pasted Scootie and her family into the depths of our hearts and being………

Too, Scooter even gave loves to our dearest elder brofur, Popka, who was already at the Rainbow Bridge. Somehow, that was another lasting grief that Scooter made bearable for our mama….. She encouraged Popka to write his stories!! [And he has, at least, made a good beginning.] Popka was in front of the throng of kitties gathered at the Rainbow Bridge to ‘specially greet and love Scooter as she arrived there on February 5th. Scooter’s spirit is soaring, as her mama said; and when Popka can catch up, he romps and plays with her, and his joy is more complete as they wait there at the Bridge for the rest of us to catch up with them.

We loved the Summer of Scooter….. and the next Summer of Scooter…… and her diaries, and p-mails, and videos, and music…. But mostly, we have loved, and love, Scootie herself.

We have no words, no whispers, even, to really tell Scooter and her family how much she has meant to us; how much we each adore her; how much more than she / they know we will miss her bright face and remarks…… How much the silence and space ache in our hearts, and how much we know that the aches are the merest shadow of what her mama and daddy have experienced. Maybe it is because of our own multiple griefs that she has come to hold such a dear and special place in our hearts. But we think it’s really “just because” she’s the one-and-only, quintessential, beloved Scooter!

Words that we think of when we try to think of how we love Scootie Patootie……. [Note: These were written in three columns, but Catster won’t let us format it that way!]


Gener ous
Baby Food
Beacon of Light
Dearest Furiend
Inspector General
Gifted & gifting
Clever & Cunning…..
(Possibly also “Specialist”)
SIAMESE!!! If you please (and if you DON’T please…..)

Our dearest furiend…… We love you, completely. We wish to comfort your family, and to thank you, dear heart, for all that you have meant and continue to mean in our lives.

“Loviest purrs” to you, Angel Scooter…. backatcha, from whence the concept first came into our lives…… May your spirit, indeed, soar free, with gladsome song and joy, until we meet you some day, with great delight, to romp in a meadow filled with rainbow light, dear love, and warm peace…….

MacIntosh & Pixel
[ & Katharine ]


With Dearest Lovey Purrs From MacIntosh, Pixel and- Popka

May 27th 2008 8:43 am
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To all our dear Catster Furriends,

Today is the day that our grandpa went away to heaven, one year ago. It has been a sad and hard year for our mama and her / our whole family. That means we haven't been 'specially good furriends to anyone on Catster. But we WANTED to be! It just somehow didn't happen; mama didn't have much time to type for us.

But we, all three, want you to know how much we love you all! We especially thank the following kitties for so much love and support through all these long difficult couple of years:

Mocha Latte
Frankie A Sinatracat

The worst part about "Thank You's" is knowing that we're leaving someone out . . . We wouldn't do that for anything. Even Catster H.Q., and especially Russ (oooh, hope we've got his name right!!) were SO kind to us during that awful time. If we've left YOU out, please let us know . . .

And meanwhile, dearest lovey purrs and deepest gratitude to you all.




Happy Birthday, Sweet Kitty!

March 3rd 2008 11:22 am
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Best of all Popkas, you were the dearest, best boy ever. I miss you with all my heart, mind, and spirit; I wish I were sure of the Rainbow Bridge. Happy, happy 24th (TWENTY-FOUR; WOW!!!) birthday, lovey kitty!!

From the mama who adored you and weeps for you still, with gratitude for the many, many years that you made such an incredible effort to stay with me ~



Thanksgiving Journal ~ Tagging For Gratitude

November 24th 2007 1:23 pm
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Mama says it's about time I got to writing in this journal again. Today Albert tagged me in a Thanksgiving game that's going around. I have to name 5 things I am thankful for and tag 5 kitties and say something nice about them. When Pixel was tagged by Mocha Latte, he thought it was an easy game, because it's so very easy to be grateful right now. He's right. Many, many kitties and their families have had such sad days recently; I am profoundly grateful for Catster and Catster support. Everykitty is so kind. [And I would tag Albert, if I could, because he is one special and dedicated, loyal, ever-so-kind kitty who is Very High on my Gratitude List! But he got to me first, so there you are.]

My Gratitude List:

1. I was hit by a car at 14 months old (1985), probably deliberately. I am thankful that mama found me, in the middle of the cold, rainy night, and paid the thousands of dollars for my recovery, and never allowed me to go outside again off a leash. (I STILL spent hours basking in the sun in the rose bed, ON a leash, which I adeptly tangled until it took her HOURS to get it undone . . . "hours" MORE that I spent outdoors in the sun!!!

2. I am thankful for Gerber Baby Food!!! I mostly lived on Ham baby food for the last several years of my life, after developing fatty liver (for which I had to have a feeding tube for awhile ~ why didn't they show me this baby food stuff SOONER?!?) Scootie Patootie likes it, too, only she eats chicken ~ and my little brofur MacIntosh gets Ham Baby Food as a treat. I WONDER whether Gerber knows they feed a whole pawpulation of us???

3. More than he could ever know, I am grateful for my grandpa (my mama's papa). He died May 27th this year, so of course, I knew him well. Now, I have to admit, he was not a person who warmed up much to kitties Up Close, so I kept my distance, respectfully. But he was a dear, dear man, and people from far and wide loved him immeasurably. Mama still cries and cries for him.

4. I am very grateful for my two little brofurs, MacIntosh & Pixel, who came to live with mama a year after I came to the Rainbow Bridge. She cried and cried and cried, hour after hour, and had nightmares and sad dreams until they came. She still cries, and still has sad dreams, but not nearly so much. They keep her Plenty Preoccupied!!! She has to wade through demanding cats to try to get ANYthing done, and it often seems like there are 2 X 2 X 2 cats ~ to the second power!! (She loves them dearly; I am SO glad they came!!!)

5. I am grateful for the so many members of mama's family whom I lived long enough to know and meet, who came to the Rainbow Bridge before me, but whom mama loved dearly: Nama-Petty, Bill, Patsy, Julie (J.A.), Emille (who never met me, but who Dearly Loved kitties), and others. Mama was so happy to have a large family. And although many of us are at the Bridge or beyond now, we still are loved and remembered. And I am grateful for that!!!

I am tagging the following kitties:

1. Toulouse, who is the administrator for the SIAMESE LOVERS Around The World Group, and one of the kindest and most capable kitties I know ~ one of our dearest furriends!!

2. Bitu, who has been so kind and worked so hard on the KittyWhiskas for Catsters Group, and the KittyWhiskas For Catsters Memorial Wall, both of which are wonderful groups for so many kitties!

3. Sonatina Champagne Seranade, who is such a pretty kitty, and had such pretty babies! (Plus, she almost lives in my mama's backyard!)

4. Sara, a particular D-O-G furriend of my family's ~ the ONLY Dogster (or Catster!) we've ever met in person, because she is very kind, and because she hasn't been tagged since May!!

5. And Theo, because he wears the Royal Crown so gracefully!

Lovey purrs to all kitties (and a few pups!) ~ I am grateful for you all!!


Sadly Missing Popka

October 4th 2007 9:01 am
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Dearest Kitty,

I love you more than I can possibly express. I am missing you so much this week, since you went to the Bridge four years ago. It's hard to believe that it's been that long, and that your younger brothers have actually turned three years old!!

I cannot help the tears from time to time this week. Your loss is weighing heavily on my mind. Thank you so much for staying nearby, and loving thanks for the 19 1/2 years that we spent together. They were the best years ever.

I miss your purr, your snuggles, your patience. I miss seeing you fly. I miss seeing you on your fur, and going places with you. I miss everything that you were, and everything that you represent to me. Most of all, I miss your dear little face and your self.

I hope you are having fun at the Rainbow Bridge. It is hard to wait to see you there.

Dearest love to you from,


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Popka, Dearest Angel


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