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Dear book of books...

Every once in awhile...bliss comes along.....I have 3- now....

August 20th 2010 8:57 am
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My bliss is complete- I am inside and warm or if it is raining,I am dry..and my tummy is filled with food always... I lay about on the bed at free will or take turns to look out the window on a cat perch....Since being inside I have gained weight too,mommy says I am getting as chubby as my brother...
Each morning I awaken the house for my morning meal,I guess I am a bit demanding for it,but oh the delights...most delicious food...and always a delightful variety too.... With that I do have my dry kibble to eat as I desire....Once I eat,I go off to lay on mommy's bed and enjoy my morning nap,all fed and comfortable...and safe!

My second bliss is when mommy does the laundry..I remembered something here in my forgotten memory...the laundry....when it is dry and hot from the dryer...I love to curl up in it...I use to run with daddy and the basket of clothes to hurry and dive into it,it was a game we played...Now I can be sleeping soundly and I smell the laundry and jump on the bed,waiting for mommy to dump it so I can dive into it..I lay in it for hours...HEAVEN!

My 3rd bliss is,each time I attend an event and my little daughter runs about,I find I have sheer bliss....My little angel is the joy of my life and heart....I adore Crystal....
Last night as we attended Thumper's birthday dinner,she ran about playing mother hen to Tassy and Riley's child,Todd...what an adorable scene that was....Skye played mother hen to Rose...the two did a wonderful job too...


Beautifur in Red..AKA..Happy Meowday for me

May 15th 2010 11:08 am
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Oh if I could sit before a mirror I look at my beautiful necklace..or as humans call it,a collar......shiney and red with a pretty little bell on it.

I never had a collar on,my mommy did not know how I would take to it.....I guess dancing was not her first thought,but the little bell made me do it....every move I make,it makes a little sound,puuuuurfect for dancing.

I wonder now for my next meowday wish if those crazy birds that keep flying into the window will make my meowday wish come true.....a girl could keep hoping....I'll sit here and wait....


Today was not a nice day

July 5th 2009 12:58 am
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For weeks now, a daily noise was heard, it was not thunder though it seemed to come from above, it came from everywhere.... The day started out sunny but a cloud moved in...rain so I came for my breakfast and then a place to curl up for my sleep, but HE was in here, the garage, drats!
So after my delicious meal I sat about thinking where I shall go and have my daily nap, then more noises came mixed in with thunder and ..oh dear...rain.....I better hurry and find a place to sleep...making a mad dash to the neighbor's deck and going under I stayed out of much of the rain,but now...this noise was getting worse and I did not care for that and it was strange popping and whistling and banging sounds.... even with if..sticking my paw out...rain!
I kept hearing her voice say words and Tara's name I knew she was out there,,I would make a mad dash out of my hiding place and run to her..she would coax me into the garage and drats..he was there too...hissssssssssssss!..back out I go...I would rather sit in the rain thank you!.but the noise..I think I better go under that porch again... I must of done this 3 times..each time hearing her voice coming to her, but seeing him I would go crazy...the last time he took off too,good, I think, wonder where he would go in all that noise and rain?
Oh I just hated this day....I never got my sleep...and it was a wet noisy day.....


to hunt or to......

July 17th 2007 9:55 am
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let my owners catch my dinner????

I have upon careful review and study of street safety manual for the indoor cat,have decided my humans shall go out and set forth the best hunting skills they have,and forage for my meals...I have devised a simple solution to the foods given me now,and since I had tried the check off the menu approach,and this did not work,I shall avail myself to approach method number 2...holding out!
If,they shake the box of that stuff,and I do not desire the morsels within,I shall wait till they acquire one that will suit my,I wish to have,Hmmmm,turkey,yes,that is it...they must bring me turkey.....and so,if the 1st shake of the box does not warrant the right result for them,I shall pretend,the food I am given is...awful and try to bury it upon the floor it sits,after that,I shall lay upon the floor,as if I fainted,and in near starvation,and peek with one eye,till they walk to said cabinet and bring forth,the other food....and then,only upon repeated coaxing and begging on their part,I shall slowly attempt to eat,once of course,they are out of eye sight,I shall pounce upon said bowl,throw all lady like manners out the door,and wolf down said food like the pig I can be....ahhh,to release my inner pig....MOL.....Hmmm,only 1 small minor drawback in this near perfect plan...what if they do not fall for it? what,oh heaven forbid,there is no turkey food in that secret cabinet?,or,....gulp,MOL,I do not have the fortitude nor the charm,to make them obey my every wish....or...MEEEEEOOOOOW!,there is no food for me at all!!!!!!....

oh better go to another plan.....the purr plan!


Oh my,is heaven this close?

July 10th 2007 10:26 am
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My mommie may be coming home....COMING HOME!!!,things are not what she hoped for,and well she knows when to end,before something happens....but,oh...the thought,that I will be reunited with my mommie,is,well,heck,I have to tinkle again,I am so excited....I could only imagine what Tara-Anne and Dakota must be feeling right about now too....
Oh my....this is better then cosmic catnip dipped in warm cream, filleted with fresh tuna......
oh I better start washing my hair,tis a mess,well not really,but oh it sounds good....


June 25th 2007 4:36 pm
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I was asked an impotant question,alas,by a super sweet kitty, BeauBeau, and oh so sad,I have no idea when and where events are and taken place, and had to give a,"Hmmmm" answer,I had informed said person,to contact Tayla,oh super nova kitty,who would be our best bet to give said info,she is an ace in knowing,me,I am confused,'specially of late,here I thought,I was a girl,...A GIRL,and now I am called a boy,by none other then....Tayla,,yes I know(bowing head)...oh the misfortune,the dreed,the horror,to think,I,Miss thing,must give up my title as a spoiled Miss thing princess......along with the fact,no one thinks me,adorable me,is beautiful enough,sweet enough,oh so precious(getting a cavity yet),anyhow,all those enoughs later,to be a mentor to them....I am going off the catnip wagon,I will indulge....till I am wanted....
deperate in CO.

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