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Ruby- Gorgeous Feline

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I am Cat Of The Day!

May 25th 2013 7:06 pm
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Hello fur furiends! I am thrilled beyond words...I am Cat Of The Day today! I was so surprised to see my face on the Community Page this morning. Meowmy and Daddy were thrilled as well. They had just been talking about how much they missed me, and then they saw my photo as COTD, and they were delighted!

I want to purrsonally thank Rex and his family for the Ladybug, Reanan for the Heart Rosette, Milo and Mallee for the Heart Rosette, Louis LeBeau for the Gold Trophy and taking me out to a romantic dinner tonight, Midnight Son and Family for the Rose, Frankie for the American Flag, Suki and Family for the Rainbow Star, Sigmund Angel for the Tulips, Platelicker and Family for the Forever Crown, Lily, Poo, Odie, Oreo and Family for the Rainbow Star, and Mac, Ivy, and Legolos for the Heart Rosette.

I want to thank The SFF for the beautiful cake they baked, the gorgeous flowers, and the banner they made for me, and thanks to Oreo for the back pack FULL of pressies. My thanks also goes to the SFF, D Max & Furmily, Suki and Furmily, Simba and Furmily, Muffy and Furmily, and Smiley Cassanova for their sweet words of concatulations. To ALL of my furiends, THANK YOU for celebrating this great honor with me today!

I have enjoyed spending this sweet day with all of has been grand. I have enjoyed efurry minute of it. I must go darling Louis LeBeau is taking me out to a romantic dinner right now. He is always so good to me. I love him with all my heart. THANK YOU EFURRYONE! Ta Ta for now...

Love and Happy Purrs,

Ruby Fur Angel


Big Bad Irene...

August 27th 2011 11:55 am
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Hello fur furiends! I am sure if you have been watching the Kitty News, you are worried just like I am about our furiends on de Eastern Seaboard who are in the path of Hurricane Irene. Efurryone in the North East of the United States is in jeopardy. Purrlease people, if you are ordered to evacuate, JUST DO IT. This lady Irene is nobody to mess with! The weather men are calling her the Storm of the Century. HEAD FOR THE HILLS! And people, purrlease don't leave your pets behind to fend fur themselves...take them with you. I want you all to be safe. I am purraying that Irene loses intensity before she hits land...

Worried Kitty,

Ruby Fur Angel


It's my birthday!

May 20th 2011 11:14 am
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Dear Fur Furiends,

Yesterday was the most pawsome Birthday I have efur had. When I woke up, Louis treated me to breakfast in bed. After a delicious meal, he then took me to a birfday pawty at the Bridge. All of my furiends were there from the Chipmunk Posse and Hernando's Hideaway. We pawtied fur what seemed like hours, and efurryone had a good time.

After that pawty was ofur, White Boots took Suki and I down to Hernando's Hideaway fur a pawty there and a tour of the brewery that my brofur Blue II, Midnight, and Misu will soon be re-opening. White Boots landed the Hover Balloon gently onto the brewery floor, and Sooks and I stepped out.

I was amazed at the sheer size of the brewery. It was immense. There were giant copper vats filled with chocolate fur the making of chokky mice and chokky ale, the two main products that Midnight and Blue II make. Misu is the Taste Tester. After the fur men make the chocolate mice and brew the chocolate ale, Misu carefully tests each batch to make sure it is up to their high standards. All three of them have done an amazing job getting the brewery ready to re-open. Blue II has also cleared the runway of the airport, so that he and Midnight can fly their confections all ofur the world to the countries that order from them. They have a full sized jet to accomplish this.

As I looked out ofur the brewery floor, I saw a large banner that said "Happy Birthday!" from Midnight. In the larger room, I saw a huge balloon bouquet. There was also a six layer cake fur my birfday from the crew. I was speechless. They had done all of this for me, on my birfday...I was so touched by all the love I was feeling, that I blushed deeply. Midnight, Misu, and Blue II gave Suki, White Boots, D Max, Ralphie, Sedoso, Brittany, and me a tour of the facility. They explained how the organic chocolate was brewed into ale, and cooked to just the right temperature to make the chokky mice, and it was furry interesting. We all had a super time there.

After the tour was ofur, White Boots flew Suki and I ofur to Hernando's Hideaway fur anofur pawty. We pawtied with Aggie, Maggie, and CLAW. They gave me a white birfday cake with ruby red butterflies, a red cat throne, and a flower arrangement with red roses. I was so thankful. Then we had brunch with the New Orleans Kitties who had made shrimp pies for brunch. They were delicious! All of the Hernandonian's were there, and we all had a good time celebrating my birthday. THANK YOU ONE AND ALL...I had a pawsome birthday! I have nefur felt so loved in all my life...

The Birthday Girl,

Ruby Fur Angel


Louis is an Angel now...

October 11th 2010 10:20 am
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Dear Diary,

On Thursday, October 7th 2010, at 2:18 p.m. EST my beloved Louis became an angel. He made his trip to the Rainbow Bridge swiftly. I, along with his many furiends greeted him at the Rainbow Bridge. We held a large pawrade in his honor. At the end of the festive pawrade we held a ceremony fur Louis where he was given his angel wings. Louis LeBeau was a sight to behold....he looked so magnificent with his newly acquired wings! Efurryone at the Rainbow Bridge was in attendance. Not one angel wanted to miss the chance to meet Heaven's newest angel.

We all showed Louis the finer points of flying, and before long, he was flying like an ace! He quickly learned how to do inverted flight, loop de loops, sharp left and right turns, stalls, and how to travel at the speed of light. He was an excellent student! His furst flight was back to Earth where he checked in on his furmily. He let his beloved mom know that he had made it to the Bridge safely, and that he was happy and whole again. He was happy to tell her that he had no more fevers or pain. He felt like a kitten again! To show his family how good he felt, he had a wrestling match with his brofur Ethan. Efurryone could see that Louis was a new man. After a long visit, Louis told efurryone goodbye, and headed back to his new home, the Rainbow Bridge.

I am happy that Louis and I are togefur again, and we will nefur be apawt from here on out. It is wonderpurr that he feels like he did befur the cancer made him so sick. Louis fought the battle like a warrior, and I am so proud of him. Purrlease stop by his page and console his beloved mother, she misses him so! Thank you furiends!

Louis LeBeau # 117581


Ruby Fur Angel


Louis's Last Diary Entry...

September 28th 2010 3:38 pm
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Hello fur furiends! My sweetheart Louis has been going through some rough times with this cancer. However, there was some good news included in his Diary post today, so that is good! He is still dealing with high fevers every other day, so that hasn't changed. At least he is still having good days, so I am hopeful about that. Here is a copy of his Diary posting earlier today:

When I last updated you, we were not sure how bad the anemia would get and how fast. My lab work showed that it has actually gone up from 20% to 23%! So that means I am regenerating some red blood cells on my own. I hope this continues. What a nice surprise.

The Palladia did not seem to be the cause of any problems for me so they are letting me use my prescription and then will do labs & see if a bit more time will help my white blood cells to once again become in the normal range or if that one lower reading was just a fluke. At my last lab work result they were back in the 50,000 range.

My latest problem was then suspicion that I was becoming Diabetic from taking the Prednisilone for so long and being a big boy. My glucose was in the 200s a lot of the time. My vet did the long range glucose test to see what my blood sugars had been running for several weeks or months to better get a look at what was going on. That test came back in the normal range! We were all very glad about that. One less problem for me to deal with right now. They still would like to see if I can do well on less Prednisilone to be on the safe side with the glucose. So we are kind of experimenting with that. My vet feels that to even try starting me on insulin with readings in the 200 range would put me at too much risk for low blood sugar problems.

Another thing I have started doing is licking the tumor area on my tummy. I have it a bit irritated looking. My mom read online that some cats do that as they just don't like the tumor there. My vet said she had some kind of freeze spray that might help it feel better from the way I have it inflamed now. I really don't want to wear that silly E-collar again. So I hope I can lick & somehow get away with it. Oh and I have a new addiction. I've gotten into wanting ice water all the time. I mean as cold as my mom can get it. When I see her go to the freezer I just start squealing with delight! I just love licking ice cubes or drinking ice water.

Iceman Louis

I am hoping that he can keep regenerating red blood cells on his own, and that he can get his white blood cells back in the normal range and keep them there. Would you please purr and purray for my Louis LeBeau? He is the love of my life, and I want him to have alot more time with his loving mom...


Ruby Fur Angel


He's furry ill...

June 22nd 2010 2:35 pm
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Dear Fur Furiends,

My sweetheart Louis LeBeau is furry ill. The 3 Vets that have been treating him do not know what is causing his latest pawblem. He keeps running a high fever, won't eat, and wants to sleep alot. His fever has been ofur 106 several times already! When it gets that high, his mommy rushes him into either the Vet or his Oncologist. They give him something to get his fever down, and have been treating him with two antibiotics. The following day he seems to get better and has more of an appetite. Then the following day, he has anofur high fever and won't eat. The Doctors feel it is some type of infection, but all of the tests (and they have run a bunch of them!) don't show what type of infection it might be. My love bug is furry sick! Would you purrlease purray fur him with me? His mommy is very worried, and so am I...


Ruby Fur Angel


The Cancer Is Back...

May 27th 2010 2:22 pm
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It is with extreme sadness that I make this Diary entry today...I recieved word last week that the cancer is back in my beloved Louis LeBeau's abdomen. His mom was faced with three choices on how to proceed...1. To do nothing. 2. To increase the dosage on the Chemotherapy that he is currently on. 3. Try a drug called Palladian that is used to treat cancer in dogs. His mommy chose Number try an increased dose of the Chemo that Louis is currently on. The Chemo hasn't stopped the cancer from spreading, but maybe an increased dose might do the trick. This is a furry RARE kind of cancer. It is hardly efur seen in cats. Efurrything being done right now is experimental. Would you purrlease join me in purring and purraying fur Louis and his pawrents? His mom will be spending all her time with Louis, getting in some quality time right now. She needs your prayers as much as my Louis does. Thank you for all of your support and prayers fur furiends! I can't thank you enough!

Purrs and Leg Rubs,

Ruby Fur Angel


Queen Of De Tracks...

May 6th 2010 6:51 pm
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Dearest Diary,

Waaaaahhhhhoooooooooo! You'll nefur guess what happened to me...and I just found out about it Tuesday night. I have been picked to be Meezer Junction's Honorary Engineer! That's right fur furiends, I am May 2010's Queen Of The Tracks! I am the furst member of my furmily to be awarded this prestigious award. I am speechless! I cat find the words to express my extreme happiness about this happening to me...I am ofurwhelmed with gratitude! Being the Honorary Engineer this month means that I get to drive the Meezer Junction Train to a wonderful purrlace of my choosing...I get to take all of my furiends on a trip! This is ofurwhelming. I know just the purrlace to take all of my furiends, but I don't want to announce it just yet. I will announce it later when I have picked out a date and time fur this all to take place. I cat believe my good fortune! I keep pinching myself to see if I am dreaming...

On Cloud Nine,

Ruby, Queen of the Tracks


Almost There...

April 29th 2010 7:19 pm
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Dear Diary,

The love of my life, Louis LeBeau, went back to the Oncologist this month, and there still is NO NEW CANCER! Isn't this GREAT MEWS? Louis had his 3rd Chemotherapy treatment on Friday April 23rd without any major problems too. My handsome fur man sleeps alot after one of his Chemo treatments, and sometimes he doesn't want to eat furry much, but the Oncologist said this is normal. He said that if Louis just eats a little bit, that it is okay as long as he is eating something. The Doctor said that if my honey quits eating altogether, to contact his office right away. He said that if Louis lost a little bit of weight, it wouldn't hurt anything. I don't know what he meant by saying honey was the purrfect weight, he doesn't NEED to lose any weight! Louis is PURRFECT just the way he is!!!

Guess what the best mews is of all? Louis is almost done with his Chemotherapy Treatments...he only has to have one more for sure! He might pawsibly need to have a fifth or sixth treatment, but the Oncologist will let his mom know furry soon if that is needed. Isn't this GREAT? My honey is almost done with this yucky Chemo...he is almost there...

On Cloud Nine,

Ruby Fur Angel


Good News!

March 26th 2010 1:21 pm
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Dear Diary,

There is good news to report in Catsterland: Louis LeBeau went to the Oncologist yesterday, and there is no new cancer in his body! Hip hip HOORAY! Hip hip HOORAY! Hip hip HOORAY Louis! I am handsome fur man is doing better! Thank you God fur making him healthy again.

Your prayers are working fur furiends. Keep up the good work. Louis is bothered by any type of loud noise, and barking dogs really send him in a tail spin. While we were in the Waiting Room yesterday not one single dog barked! Thank you fur your prayers regarding this issue, it worked! And your prayers regarding his health are really working...NO NEW CANCER to report! Thank you fur furiends!!!

Another bit of good news is that Louis was chosen to be DDP fur the day yesterday...isn't that great? He had a wonderpurr day! I couldn't be happier...when my honey is happy, I am happy...

Happy As A Clam,

Ruby Fur Angel

P.S. As most of you already know, my dear furiend Theo lost his beloved mommy last week on March 18th. Meow Mummy's Memorial Service was held this Monday the 22nd. Please keep Theo in your prayers...

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