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The memoirs of a rescued kitty

Recovering from illness

November 6th 2006 7:21 pm
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I am starting to feel better now, mommy says that she thinks I may be "outta the woods". I guess my doctor said that I could very well have died because I was "john-dissed"? I guess that means my liver wasn't working so good and my skin was all yellow. But I'm not yellow anymore and mommy was really happy that I have started to get back my appetite. Of course I'm hungry, I hadn't eaten for almost two weeks! Silly mommy... I've got a little bit of the sniffles now though and I'm still feeling a bit weak. I see my doctor tomorrow and he will tell my mommy how he thinks I am doing and probably give her some more of that nasty medicine she's been shoving down my throat, ICK! I can do without that icky stuff!


My brush with death

October 25th 2006 7:47 pm
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Today I write from my cage at the animal hospital. I'll start with our recent move from my home in California to Tennessee. We recently made the big journey across country to live in a new home and as if that wasn't traumatic enough, last week I started feeling really sick. I tried to tell my mommy that I was sick, but it's hard because she doesn't speak "cat". After a few days, my mommy realized that I was not acting like my normal fiesty self and decided to take me to see a doctor. When we got to the doctor, he was telling us that I may be very sick, almost deathly sick. My mommy got really scared, but I tried to stay brave. Mommy had to leave me at the hospital and they poked me with a bunch of needles to see what kind of illness I have. I guess the doctor is still not sure, but he has hope that I will recover. Mommy came to see me at the hospital today and I was really happy to see her. She tried to comfort me by petting me and giving me kisses, so I purred to let her know I was glad to see her. She was happy that I seem to be getting along ok. I'm just resting now, the doctor says I have to stay here for a couple more days for treatment and to be observed, but hopefully then I will be able to go home and be with my mommy.

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