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Another day more scraps to fight the dogs for..

December 3rd 2005 6:12 pm
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I do believe i have been replaced. Julie came home with a new kitten, then we moved to a strangle tiny apartment and guess what she brought this evil thing home, called a dog! Well i used to be able to beat him up but he started growing and growing and my god he's bigger then me now! Then two months later she brought home another evil dog! That one isent so bad, the first one is evil tho. I must admit I do love running around chasing him and smacking him. He knows i wont take any of his crap hahaha Hannah the devil, he calls me! Well now we are in a new apartment and I got lots of cozy places to sleep and The dogs dont mess with me as much. I even started to like that cat Daphne, she isent so bad. I hate when she kisses my mom tho. OOOOOH that makes me angry, she is mine, doesnt she know that? She needs to lay off or else! Well Time to leave, I have a window to lay in!

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