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being here for my mom

January 30th 2006 6:50 am
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I have been really sticking to mom the past week and this is very odd for me to do. Dad has been getting mad becuase I am his so called cat but I have been having nothing to do with him. I am following mom where ever she goes and as soon as she sits down I am right there on her. I am headbutting her and giving her kisses. I am even letting her carry me to other rooms of the house.
Mom has been sad the last week because it is her dads birthday tomorrow and she wants to go to his grave and put nice flowers there. (he passed away about 5 months ago) When he died we all were very sad but mom really took it hard. I have been trying my best to be there for her. It has been funny because it did not dawn on anyone why I have been so close to mom until a few days ago. MOL Thats ok my mom and dad might not catch on fast but I still love them to death :)


My dear Chiefy passed away today.

January 24th 2006 6:12 pm
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Mom got on here like every other day and she saw I had a catmail it was from Chiefys mom saying she was ill and was rushed to the vets. Before I knew what was going on I got another catmail saying Chiefy had passed away.
I was hoping it was all a dream and that my sweet Chiefy was still well and was by her moms side. But as the day went on I realized it was true that my sweet had passed away.
Chiefy I want you to always remember I love you. I told you when you were having health problems then told me you lost your sight I would stand by your side and now that you are at the rainbow bridge I am still here for you. Know matter where you are you are my soul mate.

This poem is for my sweet Chiefy....

One More Day
by Shy Cry Baby

I had a wish for one more day
that our time would just stand still
but our time together has run out
it was out of our hands... this was God's will

I am broken but not angry
it's just so hard to let you go
love can make you selfish
but pain can make grow

I shall treasure every moment
every minute that we shared
I'll keep them locked in a special place
hidden beneath my tears

I will be strong, and you'll be proud
for my strength has come from you
unconditional was love
the kind only known by few

In this end comes a beginning
for we will never again be apart
your memories will live through me
as your love lives in my heart

Together we weep as one
your tears fall from my eyes
you whispered the day had come
it was time to say, "good-bye"

How could you go
when there's so much I need to say
grant me this one wish-
please give me one more day

So many years I let slip by
so many pages left unread
the love I kept inside
are the words left unsaid

A picture of your face
in a frame within my mind
timeless are the memories
of the love you left behind

I'll take you with me-
beside me is where you will stand
I'll never again walk alone
for we'll be walking hand and hand

I had a wish for one more day
that our time would just stand still
I realize now, in the love you gave,
my wish has been fullfilled.

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