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A Day in the Life

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Please keep in touch dear friends!

July 10th 2016 11:53 pm
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Dear Friends,

Saying goodbye isn't easy; we know we will not see some of our Catster friends again. But, we hope some of you will keep in touch. Here is our paw mail address ~

We are going to sign up at Unitedcats and give that a try.

Bye for now!

Love Bob

P.S. Remember, All You Need is Love


Thank you Friends!

June 26th 2016 7:52 pm
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Thank you for remembering me on my Rainbow Bridge Day. My mama can't believe it has been four years since I left for the Bridge. Her eyes are all leaky thinking about it. We sure do cherish the wonderful memories we made here at Catster with all of you.

My family on Earth is doing fine for the most part. Sebastian does have lymphoma but he is having a good quality of life with the medicines the vet has prescribed. He is still maintaining a healthy weight (11 lbs) and has a good catitude. He needs his kitty space though, and doesn't like to be bothered too much by his fursibs, except Marmelade...everyone seems to love Marmelade!

Love and head bonks,

Bob Angel


Thank you for my birthday wishes!

April 5th 2015 8:58 am
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Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for remembering my birthday! It sure made my mama and me happy. I wanted to take a moment to wish you all a Happy Easter and Passover, if you celebrate. Otherwise, we hope you have a wonderful Spring!

With love always,

Your Friend Bob


My Rainbow Bridge Day

June 24th 2014 8:17 pm
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My dear friends,

Thank you very much for remembering my second Bridge anniversary. It has been a sorrowful day for Mom and Dad, they miss me so much. It has also been a day full of loving memories. Mom says I was a sweet and gentle boy, full of life and love. I was also very kind to my fursiblings and even put up with Tigger's bad catitude! MOL

I want to mention that Catster has been an important part of our lives for more than eight years. Being able to visit our pages has meant a lot to my mom, and the friends we have made here are more precious than gold. Thank you again for the love you have showed us today and over the years.

Love always,

Bob Angel


Bob's Rainbow Bridge Anniversary

June 24th 2013 5:51 pm
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Dear Friends,

Thank you for remembering my sweet Bob on his first Rainbow Bridge anniversary. It means so much to me. Bob was the most sweet loving boy and his dad and I miss him very much. It's hard to believe a whole year has gone by since he journeyed to the Bridge. I have many wonderful memories of Bob. He was a gentle soul, so good with his fursiblings. I know he would have loved our kitten Indiana as much as he did Pippin, Marmelade and Midge. Again, thank you for your love and support.

Love from Bob's Mom Gina


My 1st Bridge Birthday

April 4th 2013 6:43 pm
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Dear friends, thank you so much for commemorating my birthday. It meant a lot to my mom to have you remember me on my special day.

My mom is feeling very sad today. Memories of me came flooding in...the way I used to interact so lovingly with my fursiblings, my incredibly sweet and gentle nature, my precious Tabby face. She is missing all these things and more.

Much love,

Bob Sweet Angel


First Half of Thank You List

July 20th 2012 1:52 am
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First half of the list:

Abby-In Loving Memory ~ Gold Heart
Abigail ~ Angel Wings
Abigail ~ Gold Heart
Albert (1987-2000) ILM ~ Angel Star
Angel Buddie...Always Loved ~ Gold Star
Anna and Family ~ Angel Star
Apollo (In Memory) ~ Angel Star
Autumn ~ Candle
Autumn and Family ~ Rainbow Star
Beatrice ~ Angel Wings
Beepers ~ Red Heart
Beepers and Family ~ Angel Star
Big Harry and Family ~ Angel Star
Biggles ~ Angel Star
Biggles and Family ~ Adopt a Pet Rosie
Blade (2000 - 2010) and Family ~ Red Heart Rosie
Blizzard aka The Catfather and Family ~ Rainbow Rosie
Bobcat - Fluffy Angel ~ Rainbow Rosie
Boo Boo Kitty Angel ~ Gold Star
Boogers ~ Power of the Paw Rosie
Boxie Brown Forever ~ Angel Star
Bruce the Boss ~ Candle
Bugsy and Family ~ Red Heart Rosie
Calvin - Knead On ~ Rainbow Rosie
Calvin Knead On ~ Rainbow Rosie
Casey ~ Candle
Charlie ~ Red Rose Rosie
Drifter and Family ~ Angel Star
Felix "Honey Angel" ~ Red Ribbon Rosie
Finnegan (Finney) and Family ~ Rainbow Rosie
Gimli ~ Gold Heart
Gimli ~ Red Rose Rosie
Hamlet ~ Kite Rosie
Kaci Sunshine and Family ~ Angel Star
Kibbles and Family ~ Angel Star
littleboy and Family ~ Red Heart Rosie
Louis LeBeau-Cherished Angel ~ Red Heart Rosie
Midnight and Family ~ Red Rose Rosie
Monida ~ Angel Star
Muffy and Family ~ Adopt a Pet Rosie
Muffy and Family ~ Angel Star
Muppet ~ Angel Star


Second Half of Thank You List

July 20th 2012 1:51 am
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2nd half of the list:

Norman and Family ~ Angel Star
Oliver ~ Angel Wings
Oliver ~ Rainbow Star
Platelicker and Family ~ Gold Heart
Riley ~ Red Ribbon Rosie
Rocky Ann Forever ~ Rainbow Rosie
Sammie and Family ~ Rainbow Rosie
Scooter - Our Angel ~ Red Heart Rosie
Serena Honey Girl Angel ~ Rainbow Rosie
Simba and Family ~ Candle
Simone and Family ~ Red Rose Rosie
Sissy (love you angel girl) ~ Ladybug Rosie
Sissy (love you angel girl) ~ Red Rose Rosie
Sky ~ Gold Heart
Skylar and Family ~ Rainbow Rosie
Smiley Cassanova ~ Adopt a Pet Rosie
Smiley Cassanova ~ American Flag
Smiley Cassanova ~ Red Heart Rosie
Smithwick and Family ~ Red Heart Rosie
Snipper (Rainbow Bridge) ~ Rainbow Star
Sofie ~ Angel Star
Sophie ~ Ice Cream Cone
Tate ~ Candle
Thomas - brave angel ~ Angel Star
Timmy Tomcat and Family ~ Rainbow Star
Timo Katze ~ Rainbow Rosie
Tully and Family ~ Red Heart Rosie
Wally Forever Loved ~ Candle
Zoe Kona Sunshine ~ Angel Star


Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

July 20th 2012 1:46 am
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Dear Furriends,

I just spent 20 minutes writing a diary entry including a list of all the pressie's you left on my page during my journey to the Bridge, my subsequent DOTD honor and my Gotcha Day. Catster decided it was too long, Google Chrome crashed, and I lost the entry! MOL I still have the alphabetical list and I am going to try to do a separate diary entry with it.

I wanted you to know how much your outpouring of love and support has meant to me and my mom. Without the Catster Community, my mom would have had a much harder time working through the grief and anguish over my passing. She is still going through times of sadness, but that overwhelming feeling has passed.

Thank you to all of you who sent p-mails, emails, e-cards, and special pictures of me for my page. They are so dear to us and we will keep them always.



Diary of the Day!

June 29th 2012 6:04 pm
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Bob would be so pleased to know his diary was chosen Diary of the Day. We are very happy that he is being remembered. Thank you to all of Bob's friends who have sent pressies for his page, emails and p-mails. Your kind and thoughtful words are very precious to us.

Gina Bob's Mom

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