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Que Sera Sera

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February 24th 2010 9:42 am
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Dear Friends,

We are all adjusting in our own way to Taylor's crossing. Last night I told my husband Mike that I felt like I was forgetting something. And I realized that it was the usual time for Taylor's meds and fluids. When you take care of your loved ones' needs for so long, and it had been going on two years with Taylor, it is something you miss.

I know it isn't something my girl misses; she hated it so! Poor baby did not like getting her medicines, and it seemed sometimes she was cross with her daddy for giving them to her. But we are so thankful there was something we could give her that would let her be with us for more time. I think she forgives us.

Just an update on Tigger...last night he saw Marmelade sleeping in Taylor's bed on the couch and he went over and got into the bed with Marmelade. I was happy to see that because I think it means that he is working through his grief. And, I am glad he has Marmelade; they get along well. Tigger has a wellness check up on Friday and I am going to talk with the vet about his reaction to Taylor's crossing, but I think all will be fine.



February 20th 2010 1:06 am
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Dear Friends,

I want you to know how much your caring and love have helped us to get through these past weeks. Taylor is an angel now, her journey to the Bridge was peaceful. I hope it's okay that I share some of it here in her diary.

I had called ahead of time to the vet's office and we had the last appointment of the day, which I am happy for because we had the office to ourselves. We brought with us Taylor's favorite blanket, a dark blue one with paw prints on it, that had lined her bed. I felt that it might comfort her having it, since it smelled like home and her brother Tigger, who also used to share the bed with her.

When Taylor's daddy Mike and I went into the examination room with her, the vet tech had already placed some pretty blankets on the table. I put Taylor's blanket on top so she could lie on it.

I held my girl the entire process, her daddy was by my side. As I stroked her fur and told her that I loved her, her vet, Dr. Ginny, said that her heart was slowing. I told her to look for the light and for her brother Buddy who had passed before her. In a short few moments, she left her body behind.

Taylor's vet tech took her to the back and wrapped her in the blue blanket, as I had requested. She took care with my girl, and wrapped her like a baby. That meant a lot to me.

Mike and I drove home and laid Taylor to rest. He helped me chose the spot. It's the only spot in the front yard where there is grass and the rays of the sun shine down upon it. I think Taylor will like that spot since she always loved to lay in a sunny window sill. It's also the perfect spot to plant flowers and have a memorial place.

Now, I am asking for purrs for Tigger. He is having a reaction to Taylor being gone. He will not lie in the bed they shared, though it was one of his favorite places before. He goes up to the bed, sniffs at it and leaves. It's like he's looking for his sister.

As I've mentioned in the past, he's my velcro kitty. Well now he's stuck to me like super glue. Don't get me wrong, I love having him near, it's a comfort to both of us, but he's obviously in some kind of emotional pain. I truly believe our beloved companion animals feel the loss. It makes me doubly sad for him and for us.

All our love,

Gina and Taylor


To My Dear Friends

February 18th 2010 9:53 am
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Today will be my Bridge date. My parents have done a lot of heart and soul searching about my quality of life this past week. Mom spoke to my vet's office today and let them know that I wasn't getting any better and that she would like them to prepare for my journey to the Bridge. My appointment has been moved to 4:30 pm so that we can have the office to ourselves and have some privacy.

I want to again thank you all for your love and purrs. My big brother Buddy, my beau Peepers, Sally my guardian angel, dearest Rocky Ann, and so many others, I will be with you soon.

All my love,



February 15th 2010 6:11 pm
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Dear Friends,

I wanted to let you know that my gums haven't improved since Thursday. Mom and Dad had hopes for the Cyclosporine, but it looks like it isn't going to work. I am on pain medication now; my Mom requested it, and Mom and Dad are having to assist feed me because I will no longer eat on my own.

As hard as it is for my parents to let me go, they know they must do what is best for me. Thursday is my appointment and it will be my Bridge date unless some miracle occurs. It doesn't look like one is coming my way.

I've had a great life, 17 years of love and living with my parents and my brother Tigger, as well as my siblings Buddy ^Angel^, Bob, Pippin, Marmelade and Midge. When I get to the Bridge I know my brother Buddy will be waiting for me, as well as all the friends I have made on Catster who have journeyed before me. That makes Mom and Dad feel at peace.

I send my love to you all and I thank you for your caring and friendship.



Guarded News

February 13th 2010 6:32 pm
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Hi Friends,

Mom got my blood panel results back. There is good news as far my liver and kidney functions go, they are normal. Not bad for a senior cat with Hyperthyroidism, huh?! My T4 (thyroid) is elevated, so Dr. Ginny increased my Methimazole liquid.

Also, she started me on Cyclosporine liquid for my gums. The most serious thing now is my gums, since I cannot have another dental procedure because of my poor health. Last year I had a thorough dental and Dr. Ginny removed five teeth. My gums were looking great. This situation with my gums is new. We are hoping and purraying my gums will improve with the medicine and thus my health too.

Mom keeps looking at my baby pictures, and the ones of me growing up and crying. She can't believe I'm 17 years old already. It seems like just yesterday that I was pulled out from that vacant building, a fluffy-faced tiny black kitten (rescued along with my brother Tigger) needing round the clock nursing and care.

I am so happy to receive encouragement and purrs from my friends at the Rainbow Bridge: Angel Rocky Ann, Sally my sweet guardian angel, my angel beau Peepers, my sisfur-in-law Muffy, my friends Ava Corrine, Buddie and Mea-Angel. Knowing that you are purring for me is so deeply special to me. And, should I make my journey to the Bridge soon, you will be waiting for me. You do not know how that comforts me and my Mom and Dad.

Also, my heartfelt thank you's to Drifter and Family, Karma Kitty and Family, Chrissy Pinksocks and Family, Mercedes (Mercy), Simmy and Family, Louis LeBeau, Gentleman Jack, Circles, Tigger, Hazel Lucy, Murray, Edgar, Rascal, Samoa, Scarlet of Calico Junction, Sirius Cat, Andy, Mr D, Wanda, and Gleek for their support and purrs. I hope I haven't forgotten anyone in my diary, please know you are all in my heart.




February 11th 2010 4:17 pm
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Dear Friends,

We are back from the vet. Dr. Ginny said that we have one medicine left to try for my gums. It is an auto immune drug. She said that it often has good results, but it is generally used for kitties who have had all their teeth removed, which isn't in my case, but she wants to try it. I also had a blood panel done and the results will be ready tomorrow. Dr. Ginny is testing my thyroid since I have hyperthyroidism, and also my kidney and liver functions.

Friends, this is my last fight. If the drug doesn't work to heal my gums, then there isn't anything my vet can do. I cannot have a dental procedure because I am not healthy enough to survive the surgery. Neither my parents nor Dr. Ginny want me to suffer. So, we have to wait and see if the drug works. If it works, then it could buy me some more time. If not, then I will be making my trip to the Rainbow Bridge soon.



My vet appointment is today

February 11th 2010 11:35 am
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Dear Friends,

My vet appointment is today at 2:30. I'm not doing well. My gums are starting to look bad again and I'm mostly sleeping all the time. Mom is very worried about me. She is going to have a talk with the vet about my quality of life versus further treatments. If it's time for me to go to the Bridge, my parents will be with me as well as my favorite vet.

Mom will let you know what the vet said and what happened.

Love you all,


Diary of the Day?!

January 31st 2010 9:32 pm
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OMC, Mommy opened her email tonight and there were lots of emails from Catster cats and one from headquarters saying my diary was the Diary Pick of the Day! How cool is that?!! I haven't had a chance to look at my gifties and p-mails yet. Mom has had a long day helping grandmaw come home from the hospital and get situated. But, once I have a chance I am going to read and look at them all. Thank you so much my friends!



Keeping you updated

January 31st 2010 12:29 am
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Hi Friends,

I had a good day yesterday! I spent some time up and about, and also spent time laying across Mom's legs while she was at the catop catputer. She put a space heater on for me, which I really enjoy! We had a session of grooming :) I ate my pureed food really well too. My gums look so much better, though not normal yet. I was a champ at getting my fluids! All in all it was a positive day.

Mom is so happy because sometimes the bad days seem to outweigh the good and she gets worried about how long I might have left. She seems to be doing that a lot since I turned 17. But, none of us knows how long we have on this earth. Some kitties barely get a shot at life. I've had a very long and mostly healthy life up until I got the Hyperthyroidism, and even with the disease I have my good days.

I'm taking a page from my heroes on Catster and giving this a hearty fight!

Love and purrs,



Doing better today :)

January 30th 2010 10:01 am
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Hi Friends,

My gums are looking a LOT better and the fluids are working their magic! I don't know what the long term will bring, but I am definitely feeling better right this moment. I'm doing well on my pureed food. I ate 3/4 of a can's worth this morning! The next step is for me to get my recheck on the 11th to see how my blood values are doing. Then the vet can see if my kidneys are functioning properly.

I wanted to give a shout out to Rocky Ann, Louis LeBeau, and my other kitty friends who are in the fight of their lives. They are my inspirations! I love you guys!


P.S. My grandmaw is doing alright after her surgery. She is having some hearing problems which the doctor thinks might be a virus, and she had some nausea with the morphine drip they gave her for the pain, so they switched up her meds. Please keep up the purrs for her to recover fully and for the back surgery to work as they hope!

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