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I have been Ill

October 27th 2006 10:19 pm
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I have been sick, I had to go to the Emergency Animal hospital. My Human called the Emergency Animal hospital, and rushed me out there, I was in such pain and my Human was so worried about me. I was having a really awful tummy ache and I couldn't do anything to make it go away.
At the hospital they did all different types of things to me, the first thing that they did that I really hated was that old thermometer up my butt. I would have been a good kitty and let them put the thermometer under my tongue or in my ear, but no they had to go and stick it in my rear end, I didn't even know the girl that did it to me, I was so sick I didn't really care what anyone did to me. But they took my tempeture, and then they took by urine, and no I didn't have to pee in a cup they did another invasive procedure that I didn't enjoy at all. So when they got around to taking some blood from me, i could have cared less because I was so wiped out from being poked in my butt and then being poked in other places.
I got sent home from the hospital four hours after we got there, and the conclusion was that I had something wrong with my kidney's. I was so happy that they sent me home(so was my Human) with some medicine for my tummyache and also some for a infection that they said that my kidney's had.
I went to see my own doctor, Dr. Brian was so nice to me, but they also take my temp. in my rear end. Boy, when will those doctor's learn that cats are very smart and co-operative and we'd be willing to hold the thermometer under our tongues. Someday they'll learn.
Well, anyhow I have been taking medicine for the past 4 weeks for something that the doctor's are calling,"Addison's disease". My Human was very sad when she found out that I was sick, she cried alot and still is quite sad about me being sick. She say's that she can't understand why I am sick because I am such a young cat, and that she doesn't want to lose me. I don't know how she can lose me, especially if she keeps the door closed so I can't get out of the apartment.
Anyhow, my Human says that all of my feline friends and human's should say nice thoughts for me. So that I can feel better and get healthy. The vet put me on a new diet, it's awful, it's called a low-protein diet. I hate it! My Human is trying to find out what I can eat, because this diet is driving me wacky, I have lost alot of weight, and I miss drinking milk, who knows maybe I could drink something like soymilk, ahhh that sounds awful too,but something is better than nothing I suppose. I'll try to gain some weight, oh boy that's something new for a girl, but everyone wish me well.
Hugs and lovings to all,


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